The Denver Broncos enter the 2018 NFL season with a great opportunity to improve on their 5-11 record from last year. They have an established quarterback who has been in the league for years and is still at his peak, but lacks any type of reliable backup. The team could draft or sign anyone this offseason, but should focus on improving defense first so they can contend sooner rather than later.,

The “who is russell wilson” is a question that has been asked many times this offseason. Russell Wilson of the Seattle Seahawks is the better option for Denver Broncos because he would be cheaper, younger, and more durable.

Why Russell Wilson, Not Aaron Rodgers, Should Be the Broncos' Focus This NFL Offseason

Vic Fangio was sacked by the Denver Broncos, and a new head coach has been hired. Fangio’s time with the Broncos was not very successful, especially when he was forced to play quarterback year after year.

The list of unsuccessful Broncos quarterbacks is vast, and Aaron Rodgers rumors swirled this summer, with the Green Bay Packers star undecided about his desire to stay in Wisconsin.

However, the Broncos should abandon their Rodgers pipeline fantasy and concentrate on Seattle Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson.

After the Packers’ disappointing season, the Aaron Rodgers rumors may be unfounded.

The MVP will be Aaron Rodgers. If the Packers win the Super Bowl as well, he would have the second-most MVPs in NFL history, behind only Peyton Manning.

He’d have more Super Bowl rings than Peyton Manning, John Elway, Bart Starr, and Jim Plunkett combined.

This playoffs, no player has a bigger legacy line than him.

— Peter Bukowski (@Peter_Bukowski) January 11, 2022

The Rodgers speculations persisted throughout the winter. Nobody knew whether he’d return to Green Bay, and the Broncos were mentioned many times as a possible landing site for #12. He eventually returned and orchestrated another outstanding season.

The Packers are the NFC’s top seed, Rodgers is a leading contender for the NFL MVP award, and he seems to be happy in Green Bay after the summer drama.

Rodgers seems to be happy in Green Bay, particularly if the Packers can bring home a Super Bowl ring. While the Rodgers-to-Denver rumors continue to circulate, the more success the Packers have in the playoffs, the less probable Rodgers is to leave Green Bay.

The Broncos need to pivot and go after Russell Wilson.

If Dan Quinn is named the Broncos’ next head coach, you have to believe they will be in the race for either Russell Wilson or Matt Ryan this summer.

— Charles Goldman (@goldmctNFL) January 8, 2022

Whether or whether the Broncos employ Dan Quinn as their next head coach should be a topic of discussion.

Wilson and Quinn have a history together dating back to their Seattle days, but Denver should attempt to trade for Wilson nonetheless.

The Seahawks look more and more inclined to get rid of Wilson this offseason and begin a rebuild. A report in December from Jordan Schultz listed the Broncos as one of the teams Wilson would waive his no-trade clause for.

The New Orleans Saints and the New York Giants were the other two teams, but the Broncos made the most sense for a variety of reasons.

Wilson, as much as he denies it, needs to consider his future in Seattle, particularly if the Seahawks cut ways with Pete Carroll and start over.

If that’s the case, the Broncos need to call Wilson right now and make an offer.

Furthermore, The Athletic’s Nick Kosmider said that the Broncos might be aggressive in the trade market this offseason, particularly for an All-Pro player.

“The Broncos have the draft capital and salary-cap flexibility to get an exceptional quarterback while still fitting his deal into the team’s financial plan.” Denver will be intrigued if an All-Pro star becomes available. That much is almost certain.”

The Athletic’s Nick Kosmider

Wilson could, after all, be available.

The Broncos should forget about Aaron Rodgers and go after Russell Wilson.

The Broncos should forget about Aaron Rodgers and go after Russell Wilson. Aaron Rodgers, Russell Wilson, and John Elway | Nic Antaya/Norm Hall/Katelyn Mulcahy/Getty Images Aaron Rodgers, Russell Wilson, and John Elway

Yes, the Fangio period was a disaster. Worse, Denver has a poor quarterback history, with the Teddy Bridgewater experiment failing miserably.

Denver has the option of drafting a quarterback in the 2022 NFL Draft, however none of them are projected to be as good as the top quarterbacks from the previous year.

Wilson, on the other hand, must be a top priority for the Broncos, particularly with Rodgers’ prospects of returning swiftly dwindling. Denver’s defense is outstanding, and the team spent a lot of money on Tim Patrick and Courtland Sutton to provide a swarm of pass-catchers for the next quarterback, similar to what the Tampa Bay Buccaneers did to land Tom Brady.

Although Melvin Gordon is ready to enter free agency, Javonte Williams and Melvin Gordon created a potent 1-2 punch at running back. Jerry Jeudy just needs a quality quarterback to throw him passes, and Noah Fant has developed as one of the NFL’s most underappreciated tight ends.

On offensively, the weapons are there, and the defense has displayed its strength several times this season. All that is needed now is a quarterback and a skilled head coach.

Russell Wilson and the Broncos’ defense will be a difficult battle, to say the least.

— Computer Cowboy (@benbbaldwin) January 10, 2022

Consider the following scenario: With Fangio at the helm with Drew Lock and Bridgewater as quarterback, the Broncos ended 7-10 this season. What would the record have been if Wilson had been in the starting lineup?

After years of quarterback limbo, bringing in Wilson would be a breath of fresh air for the Broncos and their fans. Sure, Rodgers has always been the ideal, but Wilson isn’t a terrible backup option.

It may be a better choice. Wilson is younger, more mobile, and has a Super Bowl ring. He also has a lot less turmoil in the media.

The Broncos must do this before someone else calls to get Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson.

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