After an offseason of waiting, it finally happened. NFL MVP Deshaun Watson signed a 4-year deal with the Texans for $87 million contract that shocked the sports world and left some in disbelief. The other shoe dropped on Thursday when Lamar Jackson agreed to terms with Baltimore. How will this affect two rising stars?

The “deshaun watson contract” is the shocking news that Lamar Jackson and the Ravens received. The contract will pay Deshaun Watson $26 million over two years. This means that Lamar Jackson’s future with the Ravens is uncertain.

What Deshaun Watson’s Shocking Contract Means for Lamar Jackson and the Ravens

In the winter, the Cleveland Browns were anxious to find a solution to their perplexing quarterback situation. They decided to go all-in on Deshaun Watson instead quarterback Baker Mayfield. The hefty, fully guaranteed deal might have a significant influence on Lamar Jackson’s contract talks with the Baltimore Ravens.

Even though he’s entering the last year of his rookie contract, the former MVP hasn’t looked to be in any hurry to sign a new deal. The Ravens’ front management has said that they are prepared to speak with Jackson whenever he arrives. This new development may encourage the two parties to reach an agreement sooner rather than later.

Deshaun Watson’s deal with the Browns was a one-of-a-kind move. wQ

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The Cleveland Browns made the most audacious move of the offseason. Deshaun Watson was not only acquired from the Houston Texans, but he was also well compensated. The three-time Pro Bowler agreed to a new five-year deal for $260 million in completely guaranteed money.

The agreement was unexpected, particularly given Watson’s present legal status. His status for the 2022 season is still unknown. Despite this, the front management felt confident in offering him a substantial deal.

In the NFL, fully guaranteed contracts are rare, particularly for a quarterback with 22 civil claims pending against him. The problem has yet to be resolved, and it’s uncertain how many games Watson will play in 2022, if any.

Nonetheless, quarterbacks like Lamar Jackson of the Baltimore Ravens and Kyler Murray of the Arizona Cardinals may be affected by the unprecedented deal.

The Ravens’ owner discusses the Watson contract’s ramifications.

Deshaun Watson’s $230 million guaranteed deal, according to Ravens owner Steve Bisciotti: “He shouldn’t have been the first man to earn a fully guaranteed contract, in my opinion. That, to me, is a game-changer, and it will make negotiating with others more difficult.”

— Jamison Hensley (@jamisonhensley) March 29, 2022

Many folks were taken aback when they learned that the Browns had agreed to pay Deshaun Watson $230 million in a fully guaranteed deal. According to NBC Sports writer Peter King, NFL owners were dissatisfied with Cleveland’s decision to pay Watson so much money and use him to alter the quarterback market.

Steve Bisciotti, the owner of the Baltimore Ravens, has expressed his displeasure with the huge deal.

According to ESPN’s Jamison Hensley, Bisciotti remarked, “I’m trying to address it when I had a response to it.” “And you’re thinking to yourself, ‘Damn, I wish they hadn’t guaranteed the whole contract.’” He shouldn’t have been the first player to obtain a completely guaranteed deal, in my opinion. That, to me, is a game-changer, and it will make negotiating with others more difficult.”

The team’s longstanding owner admits that Lamar Jackson will have to be paid at some point. Negotiations are allegedly stalled by the former MVP. Although his motivations remain unclear, Bisciotti and general manager Eric DeCosta have said that they are ready to cooperate when the time comes.

What are the advantages of the deal? Lamar Jackson is a rapper from the United States.

Browns QB Deshaun Watson in action for the Texans; Ravens QB Lamar Jackson smiles during a game

Browns QB Deshaun Watson in action for the Texans; Ravens QB Lamar Jackson smiles during a game The Houston Texans’ Deshaun Watson watches the game against the Tennessee Titans | Carmen Mandato/Getty Images ; Ravens’ Lamar Jackson reacts against the Broncos | Dustin Bradford/Getty Images

There’s no questioning Deshaun Watson’s talent as a football player. When he’s on the field, he’s unquestionably a top-10 quarterback with top-five potential. However, the Browns’ brass should have paused because of the ambiguity surrounding his off-field status.

Watson became the first quarterback in Cleveland history to be given a fully guaranteed deal. He was out for the full 2021 season and might be out again in 2022. Now, a quarterback like Lamar Jackson has to be looking at this as a huge opportunity.

He’s a former MVP from Louisville (2019). In 58 games, he has accumulated 9,967 passing yards, 3,673 running yards, and 105 total touchdowns. As a starter, Jackson has an incredible 37-12 record. Because of his dual-threat abilities, he is a frightening menace that opponents are losing sleep over. Above all, he is a man of good character and a leader.

They’ll have to play ball once Lamar Jackson informs the Ravens that he’s ready to chat. His worth is recognized across the company. He is entitled to a contract of equal or higher value than Watson’s. That’s the game, and Jackson stands to gain from the Browns’ hazardous move.

Pro Football Reference provided all stats.

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