The NFL has decided to implement a policy, the league believes will save players from brain damage and improve player safety. The question is how this relates to esports?

“We Just Can’t Be Throwing People out There Just to Play Games” is an article that discusses the fallout of the NBA’s decision to implement a new policy, which will require players to be 18 years old. The article discusses how this change has impacted professional athletes and their families. Read more in detail here: charles barkley net worth.

'We Just Can't Be Throwing People out There Just to Play Games'

This NBA season has been unlike any other in the league’s history. COVID-19 is raising its ugly head more than than before, causing clubs to resort to extremes to complete their rosters. While that procedure has resulted in the welcome return of a number of renowned veterans, Charles Barkley is a professional basketball player. issued a dire warning, criticizing the NBA’s credibility for playing these games in such extreme circumstances.

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Greg Monroe made history last week. In 2021-22, the experienced big man became the record-541st player to participate in an NBA game after signing with the Minnesota Timberwolves on a 10-day hardship exemption.

That number has climbed significantly in little over a week.

On Thursday night’s episode of Inside the NBA, Ernie Johnson noted that a total of 580 players had featured in a game. And, given that we’re just halfway through the season, anticipate that figure to continue to rise.

Many teams have been affected by the Omicron variety, some more severely than others. It has resulted in G League players as well as numerous renowned veterans of the league seeing action. Monroe, Lance Stephenson, Joe Johnson, Isaiah Thomas, and Mario Chalmers are among the major stars that have returned to the league this season.

Charles Barkley is worried about the league’s decision to play games with rosters compromised by COVID.

Charles Barkley shared a take about Lance Stephenson and some other new NBA players.

Charles Barkley shared a take about Lance Stephenson and some other new NBA players. Lance Stephenson (R) and many other players entering the NBA and deciding important games are causing Charles Barkley (L) problems. | AFP/LISA O’CONNOR/Getty Images | Getty Images/Andy Lyons

It’s been wonderful to see guys like Johnson and Monroe return to the NBA. It’s even sweeter when select players roll back the clock, like Stephenson did Wednesday against the Brooklyn Nets with 20 points in the first quarter.

On Inside the NBA, though, Barkley quickly put an end to the jokes when he expressed real concerns about what Omicron is pressuring clubs to do.

“However, Ernie, I am worried. Because games have a sense of fairness to them. There are playoff seedings and other such things. Listen, this is all about COVID. I’m not sure how this film — this nightmare — will conclude. I believe we must exercise extreme caution because, first and foremost, people wager on sports. The elephant in the room is… We can’t simply put folks out there to play games with. I honestly have no idea what the correct or incorrect response is. However, when it comes to these games, we must exercise extreme caution.”

Charles Barkley

For what it’s worth, Kenny Smith, another analyst on the squad, understood where Barkley was coming from. But, in the end, he was pleased to see some familiar (and unfamiliar) faces given chances.

“If you’re a season ticket holder, you’re purchasing tickets to watch certain individuals because that’s the team, and you’re nowhere near it,” Smith said. “However, I’m content….” Now you’re getting people that have had a taste of the NBA… “Perhaps we’ll track down the ‘next’ folks.”

Should the NBA have put the season on hold for a while?

“This infection will not be eliminated, and we’ll have to learn to live with it,” NBA Commissioner Adam Silver recently told ESPN’s @malika andrews.

December 21, 2021 — Howard Beck (@HowardBeck)

The last thing anybody wants is a stop, especially after the impact the 2020 closure had on the NBA and other sports leagues. However, the Omicron variety was unlike anything we’d seen before, resulting in many game cancellations in the weeks preceding up to and after Christmas.

Despite the increase in positive cases and the impact on the season, NBA commissioner Adam Silver has stayed steadfast in his determination to see the league through.

“At this time, there are no plans to suspend the season,” Silver told ESPN on December 21. “Of course, we’ve looked at all the choices, but we’re having difficulties figuring out what the rationale would be behind halting right now while we investigate these instances that are literally tearing the nation apart.” Putting aside the rest of the globe, I believe we’ve arrived to a point where we’ve been anticipating for some months, namely, that this virus will not be eliminated. We’ll have to learn to live with it, and I believe that’s what we’re seeing in the league right now.”  

Chuck’s argument makes sense. Players with little NBA experience in the previous several years or none at all are deciding games, records, and whole seasons. However, he overlooks the argument made by Silver. Finally, the NBA realized the dangers of playing basketball in the midst of a pandemic. And the gamblers Barkley mentions should have been aware of the danger.

Coronavirus will have an influence on the 2021-22 season, just like it did the season before… and the season before that. That’s how life is during a pandemic.

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