The NBA Finals were a hot topic of discussion on social media, with many people wondering why the Golden State Warriors seemed to be playing more games than they won.

The pats pulpit is a term used to describe the end zone of the football field. It is where players stand and make speeches after winning a game.

Mac Jones, a rookie quarterback for the New England Patriots, seemed to be on his way to his first NFL victory. In the final seconds of Sunday’s season opener against the Miami Dolphins, it seemed like the Patriots were going to seize the lead. Then the unimaginable occurred.

With less than three minutes remaining and the Patriots down 17-16, running back Damien Harris lost the ball at the Miami 11-yard line. The Dolphins won the game on the road by running out the time. Ivan Fears, the coach of the New England Patriots’ running backs, was not pleased.

In Week 1, the Patriots made an unusual error by allowing one to slip away.


Patriots-1-1024x683 On September 12, 2021, in Foxborough, Massachusetts, Mac Jones of the New England Patriots looks to pass the ball to Damien Harris during the first half against the Miami Dolphins at Gillette Stadium. | Getty Images/Adam Glanzman

When the Dolphins went to Foxborough on Sunday for an AFC East game with the Patriots, all eyes were on Jones. It had only been a week since the Pats announced the rookie quarterback from Alabama as the starter. Tua Tagovailoa, another former Alabama quarterback, was his opponent.

In the third quarter, Tagovailoa broke a 10-10 tie with a 3-yard touchdown throw to Jaylen Waddle. Jones completed 29 of 39 throws for 281 yards via the air. Jones led his team to a pair of field goals after Tagovailoa’s touchdown throw, bringing them within a point at 17-16.

Jonathan Jones intercepted a tipped Tagovailoa ball with eight minutes left in the game, putting the Patriots near midfield. Jones and the Patriots patiently drove down to the Miami 11 yard line, when Harris coughed up the ball, sabotaging Jones’ debut.

Jones handled the defeat with aplomb, taking full responsibility.

According to ESPN, Jones said, “Definitely wasn’t good enough, beginning with myself.” “We didn’t win, therefore it’s not enough.”

Ivan Fears, the Patriots’ running backs coach, was open about the defeat.

Despite the blunder, Harris had a great day. With 23 carries for 100 yards in a crowded backfield, he was obviously the go-to man. He also made a pair of 17-yard catches. It was all for nothing, since his blunder was the game’s deciding factor.

Ivan Fears, the Patriots’ running backs coach, was questioned about the deadly play on Tuesday. He didn’t keep anything back.

According to WEEI, Fears stated, “We threw the goddamn game away.”

“Ball security is the one thing we emphasize more than anything else in the world. It was the typical thing that you wouldn’t expect to happen: we’d throw the ball away, the goddamn game away, by giving the ball over in the last minutes of the game when we were in scoring position.

“That was a difficult one. That’s a difficult one to swallow.”

Damien Harris, according to Fears, will bounce back.

Harris’ 100-yard performance was his fourth in his brief professional career. He was upset with the result, but he already has a short memory, like any successful player.

According to ESPN, he remarked, “It’s simply a difficult play.” “It’s all part of the fun. I’m not going to let this blunder define who I am.”

Fears thinks Harris is a player who can bounce back fast after a fumble.

“How about Damien? According to WEEI, he responded, “That hurts, dude.” “That hurts like a bullet in the head. The whole team has gathered around you, placing their trust in you, and he must ride that wave. That’s something he’s had to deal with. He’s the kind of person that, in my opinion, will come out on top. But that’s a difficult one. That’s a tough one.

Fears said, “I am sure that Damien will stand up to the bat on this.” “I really believe that. We’ve never had any issues with him. I believe we’ll be OK. I really believe that.”

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