In Vampire: The Masquerade — Swansong, the elevator puzzle is a dark mirror of the titular novel. Unfortunately for its players, that’s not all it does. One prominent example of this problem can be found in episode 2 when you first enter the hospital and are asked to solve an elevator puzzle with a corpse inside! What happens next? You have to stop your fellow PCs from killing each other because they think only one of them will survive (of course). This same issue occurs later on in Episodes 4-5 where there is yet another emergency room scenario involving more than one patient.

The “vampire the masquerade bloodlines walkthrough” is a video guide on how to solve the elevator puzzle in Vampire: The Masquerade — Swansong.

Emem Louis performs the role of diplomat in Scene 4 of Vampire: The Masquerade – Swansong, when she is sent to speak with the Tremere sorcerers that stalk the Jefferson Library in Boston. The Tremere, on the other hand, are not known for their hospitality, and Emem finds herself in a strange jail. Here’s how to overcome the elevator challenges and escape while also learning one of the Tremere’s most tightly held secrets.

There will be some minor spoilers for the events of Swansong in this guide. It also purposefully avoids discussing any other aspects of the level, such as the different side objectives.

How to Get Out of a Memory Trap

The first task is to go to the center tower. Fortunately, this is a simple procedure that essentially entails using Emem’s Celerity Discipline to hopscotch over the gaps. Along the way, you’ll have to devour a few rats and drain a few of your fellow inmates, but the journey is mainly linear.


You’re nearly out after you’ve reached the Tremere’s strange small reading room. You may leap over the gap to the center tower, where the first step of the elevator puzzle can be found.


It’s not immediately evident what you’re attempting to achieve, as is typical with Swansong, but it’s also a lot easier than it seems. To raise the elevator platform, you must answer three riddles in a row that link the grooves on the floor to the altar’s blood flow.

The answers you need are listed below, and after you figure out which parts are the most important, the rest should fall into place easily.

1st Floor


Because the dais only has one movable portion, this is simple to do.

2nd Floor


This is a bit more difficult, but there are only so many ways to solve the challenge.

3rd Floor


The 3rd-floor problem has a lot more moving components, so it may take some time to figure out.

You may escape the jail by going through the shining door on the 4th level. You’re not quite free, but you’re getting there.

How can the Tremere’s prisoner be set free?

You may have seen a few of files throughout the jail that reference another vampire being kept prisoner here, the most prominent of which is on the wall behind the elevator’s control console on the first level.


You have the option of reaching out and freeing the prisoner as a form of retaliation against your captors. This is typically the appropriate attitude to adopt toward the Tremere, as aficionados of the tabletop game know.


This will need you to return to the first level through the elevator shaft and rearrange the puzzles once again, this time linking the center altar on the platform with one of the runes painted around the room’s perimeter. You’ll find the rune you’re seeking for on the pedestal you’re standing on.


On the first level, link the rune at around 9 o’clock to the center altar, as seen below.



On the second level, you must link the rune at around 12 o’clock to the center altar. It’s worth noting that it’s not the same rune to its right.


It’s possible that you’ll have to wriggle the puzzle a little before it joins. The outer ring isn’t fond of cleanly locking into place.

You must link the rune at around 2 o’clock to the center altar on the third level. Some of the weird patterns on the outer ring really come in helpful here.


You’ll be able to reach the 5th level of the tower after completing all three optional tasks, where you’ll have a decision to make.


You have the option of returning downstairs or erasing the symbols on the floor that keep the Tremere’s vampire hostage hidden.


If you remove the marks, you’ll get the Friend or Enemy? characteristic, which is a mixed bag: it offers you a 10% boost on Psychology ties during a talk but a 10% penalty on Rhetoric ties.

This would be quite useful for Leysha, but Emem won’t get nearly as much use out of it; nevertheless, it does provide an additional incentive to prioritize Psychology over Rhetoric when investing your experience. If you previously obtained A sin confessed in scene 1 by encouraging Journey to run and telling Hazel the truth about it, that attribute will wipe out the disadvantage of Friend or Enemy.

More significantly, finishing the elevator problem and selecting this choice prepares Emem for a confrontation later in the game that is necessary to gain the Face the Music achievement/trophy. Visit our Swansong guides site for additional information.

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