This is a complete guide for how to reclaim all of your lost memories in the game, Vampire: The Masquerade – Bloodlines. There are many ways to do this and it’s up to you which way you want to go about it. You can also just download my save if that works better for you!
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Introduction: With the release of Fate/Extella Link on PS4 and Switch we have seen fans clamoring more than ever before over what will happen with their favorite characters from Eva Ouma Shirou Emiya-kun, Rin Tohsaka Saber Lily (Class), or Gilgamesh! This article will attempt at answering some questions as well as provide suggestions on where anime crossover possibilities lie when watching games like Fate!.

The “vampire: the masquerade” is a role-playing game, which has been released in 2004. It is set in an alternate history where vampires have risen to power and humans are now the oppressed minority. The game has gained popularity since its release due to its unique setting, interesting story line, and complex lore.

The Tremere are terrible, as long-time players of the tabletop game Vampire: The Masquerade are aware. This is continued in Swansong, the most recent Vampire video game adaption, when your efforts to bargain with one of Boston’s Tremere factions result in being ensnared in an absurd “memory trap.”

Simple escape from the trap is all that’s required, but if you don’t properly investigate the location, you can wind up leaving some memories behind. In the future, this might significantly complicate Emem’s life, particularly if you want to wrap up any of her personal subplots.

Here’s where to look for Emem’s jumbled memories in Swansong from Vampire: The Masquerade. There will inevitably be huge scene 4 spoilers in this.

Swansong: Recovering All of Emem’s Lost Memories

You are sent to a circular corridor each time you successfully locate one of Emem’s memories. To proceed, locate the door that has light emanating from underneath it. The majority of the time, all you need to do is observe what occurs.

These memories are titled just for convenience of reference and are numbered roughly in the order that they may be located. Both the number and the name are unofficial in any manner.

First: Getting to the Chantry


This is one you can’t miss. As soon as you cross the bridge close to your starting place, it instantly begins. There is nothing else to view or do while you are doing this expedition; all you have to do is use Blink to get from point A to point B.

When this process is over, Emem returns to the jail with a new trait: amnesia. Her education and deduction skills are virtually nullified as a result. Thankfully, you don’t need either to complete the scenario, but it does hide one potentially significant asset.

#2: Accept


Turn around and gaze in the direction of the central tower when you arrive at the Tremere’s reading room. To its left is a secret leap point for Blink. It allows you to descend and go to a little ledge that has a lighted candle at the end. To go back to the hallway, interact with it.


Simply follow the road until it comes to an end in this memory, then go back. Emem’s (moderately NSFW) memories of the night she was transformed into a vampire will be returned to you. Then, when the luminous doorway emerges, enter it after sitting through the subsequent procedure.

3. Departing France

Since the game doesn’t provide you many hints about it, it’s incredibly simple to overlook this recollection. Before the Amnesia trait takes effect, you may examine Emem’s cell door at the beginning of the scenario if you have at least two dots in the Education skill to determine that something other than a lock is holding the doors closed. You may even see the magical seal on the opposite side of the cell bars using Heightened Senses.

Nevertheless, some creative thinking is needed for this. When you go to the reading room, you’ll see two levers on the wall that, when pulled, open the portcullis on each side of the door and let you inside the cellblocks. Additionally, you’ll get an oddly timed instruction on how to utilize Emem’s Fleetness skill, which is a component of her Celerity Discipline.


Emem can move rapidly enough to slip below the relevant portcullis before it descends if you use Fleetness before throwing one of the levers. You may enter and explore the remaining undamaged cells since the portcullises are down and the Tremere wards on each cell’s entrance are removed.


Lift the right lever, activate Fleetness, and then lower it once again. Now that you have access to the left side of the cellblock, you can quickly exit the reading room and hang a left.


A table with an antique radio is located in the cell that is second from the door. Emem will recall a memory from World War II if she interacts with it. Wait it out, then go through the portal.

#4: The Split


Leave the cell and make your way to the end of the corridor while you recall the previous memory. The last cell has a few rats, a corpse carrying a piece of important equipment, and a location from where you may Blink to another secret area of the jail. Examine the impact crater on the wall by continuing along the trail until it ends.


The Amnesia Trait may be cured by recovering four of Emem’s memories, in any sequence. If you have even one education point, you may go back to the beginning of the level and Blink into the partly collapsed cell, albeit this doesn’t provide you any immediate advantages in this scenario.

A lockpicking tool and a weird coin are on a table inside; you have the option of taking the mysterious coin if you examine it first. Later on in the game, this might be useful.

#5: Disco


Open the portcullis to the other cellblock on the right after leaving the reading room. Use Fleetness once again, pull the lever, and run through before the portcullis completely descends.


Another prisoner is inside the fourth intact cell to your left—hey, more free blood—and there are numerous empty bottles lying on the ground along the base of the far wall. To retrieve a recollection of Emem’s relationship with Journey, engage with them.

#6: Seize


Walk all the way to the end of the cellblock’s corridor after leaving the cell from the previous recollection. From here, you may Blink to a different far ledge, climb down, and Blink across the opening to a questioning area. Blink once more inside the bloodstained cubicle, going back if required to fill up your Hunger meter.

Examine the bed in the cell to get a painful recollection of Emem’s earlier encounter with the Tremere.

#7: Trial

Take a time to look at the poker poking out of the lighted brazier when you reach the fourth level of the tower after resolving all three elevator riddles.

You will be taken to another significant recollection of Emem’s via this, which reveals yet another significant bone of contention between her and her daddy. It also goes a long way toward explaining why no one really appears to appreciate the former prince of Boston, if you’re truly going into the narrative.


The How could I forget? game can be unlocked by finishing all seven memory sequences. trophy/achievement. The remainder of the game will be heavily influenced by Emem’s ability to recall every detail of her life.

Emem will lose two very important pieces of personal information if you don’t recover memories #4 or #6, on the other hand. If she skips step four, she won’t remember that she and Hilda split up 30 years ago, and if she skips step six, she won’t know who Journey is.

The Allies in short supply trait, which gives a 10-point discount to the experience cost the following time you upgrade your Social Attribute, will become available to you if you speak with either of them later (assuming you didn’t encourage Journey to flee in scene 1).

And Swansong is where you may discover all of Emem’s memories in VtM. Keep an eye on our main tips center for the game for additional guidance on Vampire: The Masquerade – Swansong’s riddles and other topics.

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