The Bills are set to sign Tyrod Taylor to a two-year deal worth $30 million with more than $16.5 million guaranteed according to ESPN’s Adam Schefter. This comes just days after Daniel Jones was selected in the NFL Draft, making it clear that he will be taking over as QB for Buffalo.

The “where is tyrod taylor now” is a question that many football fans are asking themselves. Tyrod Taylor has signed with the Buffalo Bills, which means Daniel Jones will be left without a starting quarterback.

Tyrod Taylor Signing Signals Bad News for Daniel Jones

The New York Giants have given no hint that starting quarterback Daniel Jones would be replaced. That was the case until late Tuesday afternoon, at least.

Big Blue has a new quarterback after reaching an agreement with veteran Tyrod Taylor. With Taylor’s arrival, Jones will face genuine competition for his position as New York’s starting quarterback for the first time since becoming the team’s franchise quarterback.

While Danny Dimes should still be the favorite to start Week 1 in training camp, his hold on the job is shaky at best. His long-term status as the G-franchise Men’s quarterback is also in jeopardy.

Tyrod Taylor has signed a two-year contract with the New York Giants.

Finding a backup quarterback for Jones was one of General Manager Joe Schoen’s top concerns. The 24-year-old has never started a complete season, so New York will need someone more reliable than Mike Glennon or Colt McCoy, their recent backups. Taylor, a highly sought-after free agent, enters the picture.

On Tuesday, New York revealed its arrangement with the 32-year-old. Taylor’s agreement is for $11 million ($8.5 million guaranteed) over two years, according to Art Stapleton of, with incentives worth up to $17 million.

Taylor, who is in his 12th season, has played for five different clubs, including the Houston Texans most recently. The Buffalo Bills, on the other hand, were his most famous residence. Between 2015 and 2017, the former Virginia Tech standout was Buffalo’s main quarterback, tossing 51 touchdowns and rushing for another 14.

Despite the fact that Schoen and incoming head coach Brian Daboll are both from Buffalo, they don’t have as much experience with Taylor as you would think. Schoen joined the Bills as an assistant general manager in 2017, and he was in charge of Taylor for a year until he was moved to the Cleveland Browns. Daboll, on the other hand, did not arrive until 2018.

According to sources, the Giants are interested in signing Mitchell Trubisky, a former Bills quarterback, to compete with Jones. The 2017 second-overall selection, on the other hand, has agreed to a two-year deal with the Pittsburgh Steelers, enabling New York to focus on the seasoned Taylor.

The Giants’ deal with Taylor is a clear indication that they aren’t sold on Daniel Jones.

Tyrod Taylor isn’t only a backup for Daniel Jones. His 2-year contract also gives the Giants a QB who can start for them in early 2023 should they decide to move on from Jones and possibly draft a new QB next year. He’s played that role graciously for rookies Mayfield & Herbert.

— Tom Rock (@TomRock_Newsday) March 15, 2022

Jones has received the full backing of the organization since taking over for Eli Manning as the starting quarterback in 2019. Despite injuries and repeated turnovers, New York has made it clear who will be the starting quarterback going forward.

Taylor, on the other hand, signed away any hope of Jones being the long-term solution with a stroke of the pen.

To begin, consider the Giants’ disastrous salary cap predicament. Due to multiple miscalculations by previous GM Dave Gettleman, the Blue Jays’ budget had very little wiggle space heading into the summer. Yet here they are, guaranteeing $8.5 million to a “backup” quarterback.

Daniel Jones’ cap hit for season is $8.36 million, for reference.

That either implies Schoen has gone insane after just two months on the job, or the Giants actually feel Taylor is as good as, if not better than, Jones as a starting quarterback.

Taylor’s two-year contract is also worth analyzing. We knew the Giants were unlikely to activate Jones’ fifth-year option, which would pay him a guaranteed $22.3 million in 2023, even before the 32-year-old arrived.

Now? Fuhgeddaboudit. Unless Jones makes a significant improvement, the Giants will move on next spring and choose a quarterback in the 2023 Draft. They’ll have a strong, trustworthy vet in Taylor to teach the young gun the ropes, which is good for them.

Jones has a higher ceiling than Taylor, but a considerably lower floor. The newcomer offers an advantage for a Giants squad yearning for stability and success.

Don’t count out the possibility of the Giants selecting a quarterback in this year’s draft.

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The Giants are almost certainly set at quarterback in 2022, with Jones and Taylor at the top of the depth chart. But, as we all know in the NFL, the unexpected is always present.

The quarterback class of 2022 has a number of interesting options, but it lacks the star power of last year’s stellar bunch. Guys like Malik Willis of Liberty and Kenny Pickett of Pittsburgh may easily make the top ten or slip into the second round. While choosing a quarterback with the fifth or seventh selections is still doubtful, the Giants might be in position to grab a first-round talent with the 36th pick in the second round or possibly later, depending on how the board shakes out.

It would be surprising to choose a quarterback so early in the draft. Schoen and Daboll, on the other hand, would be hand-picking their own person. Not inheriting a franchise quarterback (Jones) or a fully fledged veteran (Taylor). While that quarterback may not play anytime soon, it would make the team’s 2023 intentions quite obvious.

Meanwhile, Jones and Taylor will compete for the job of leading Big Blue this summer. Even if the incumbent prevails in that struggle, Tyrod’s signing indicates that Danny Dimes’ time in New York is drawing to a close.

Football Reference provided all statistics, while Spotrac provided contract information.

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The “tyrod taylor injury” is a sign that the New York Giants are not looking to draft another quarterback. This means that Daniel Jones will be the only QB on the roster, and if he doesn’t perform well, it could lead to his release.

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