Quarterback Trevor Lawrence, the first-ever freshman to start at quarterback for Clemson University, has been benched after throwing three interceptions in his first game.

The where is trevor lawrence from is a question that has been asked for years. Trevor Lawrence was the starting quarterback of Clemson University and will be playing in the National Football League this season for the Denver Broncos.

To say the least, Trevor Lawrence’s NFL career with the Jacksonville Jaguars is off to a rough start.

In his first two NFL starts, the former Clemson standout is 0-2 with no touchdowns. His completion record is dismal, at just 50%. He’s already thrown five interceptions, and his head coach (Urban Meyer) has been linked to retirement rumors since he first entered the league.

Obviously, the NFL season in 2021 is still in its early stages. Lawrence has plenty of time to right the ship and establish himself as the Jaguars’ franchise quarterback. When you’re considered in the same sentence as Tim Tebow when it comes to quarterbacking, though, things are clearly going in the wrong way.

Trevor Lawrence and Tim Tebow have an uncanny resemblance.

Through two weeks of play, the NFL’s highest off-target pass rate since 2009:

Trevor Lawrence has a 35% chance of winning. Tim Tebow is in second place with 34.4 percent of the vote.

September 22, 2021 — Josh Hermsmeyer (@friscojosh)

Tebow became the buzz of the town in Jacksonville even before it was known Lawrence would be joining the Jaguars. The former collegiate football standout and minor league baseball player was trying to make a return in football as a tight end. Urban Meyer leapt at the chance to bring Tebow in, a move that resulted in Tebow generating so much buzz that his Jaguars jersey went to the top of the sales leaderboard.

Lawrence and Tebow’s resemblance has nothing to do with the fact that they both spent the summer in Jacksonville. In reality, it has little to do with their common academic achievement.

Through two NFL starts, Lawrence and Tebow have shown to be two of the least accurate quarterbacks since 2009.

Trevor Lawrence is finding it difficult to adapt to life in the NFL.

For what it’s worth, the tweet posted above is somewhat inaccurate. Seneca Wallace, who played in 2010, has a 34.5 percent off-target throw percentage. Lawrence, on the other hand, does not seem to be doing any better, as his 35 percent rate remains the lowest since 2009.

Lawrence is clearly having trouble adjusting to the NFL’s fast pace. At times, he seems anxious and erratic, and he is often seen trying dangerous passes that might have succeeded at Clemson. Unfortunately, in the big leagues, cross-bodied passes of more than 20 yards downfield aren’t allowed.

The Jaguars aren’t out of the woods yet.

Trevor Lawrence during a Jacksonville Jaguars' loss.

Trevor Lawrence during a Jacksonville Jaguars' loss. Getty Images/Sam Greenwood/Trevor Lawrence

The Jaguars’ executive staff is frustrated with Lawrence’s Tebow-like start to his NFL career. By no means, though, is all hope gone.

In college, the recent No. 1 overall selection seemed to be a generational talent. While he has five interceptions on the season, he only has four touchdowns. Lawrence isn’t delivering balls to the defenders on a regular basis. He’s already shown he’s capable of leading an offense and scoring points on a regular basis.

Because of the nature of the Jaguars’ roster and the uncertainty surrounding Urban Meyer’s head coaching job, Lawrence’s first season was always going to be difficult. However, when the dust settles in Jacksonville, Lawrence is expected to no longer have numbers comparable to those of Tim Tebow.

Pro Football Reference provided all stats.

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