The FedEx Cup playoffs are in full swing, and Tiger Woods’ golf game is once again on fire. After an underwhelming end to the PGA Tour season, the former world number one has returned to form, and has looked like the best golfer in the world all year. Unfortunately for fans of the sport, Woods’ last opponent, the 72-hole BMW Championship, was not televised, so many people don’t know how he played.

The FedEx Cup is already a very interesting event. The difference now is that it’s even more competitive for the title of FedEx Cup Champion. With the arrival of Tiger Woods, the FedEx Cup Playoffs are now set to be even more enthralling, as the highest ranked player in the FedEx Cup standings will be carrying the bag for Woods in the two week period.

It’s no secret that Tiger Woods doesn’t really like his caddie, Joe LaCava, but the world is still amazed by the way the PGA Tour pro treats his pal. This past weekend, LaCava was there for Woods when it mattered most, carrying the golfer’s bag in the PGA Championship. And though LaCava is not one to seek the spotlight, Tiger decided it was his duty to make the caddie feel special, by letting him know he was watching him.. Read more about tiger woods caddies and let us know what you think.

Joe LaCava, Tiger Woods’ longtime caddy, has been without a PGA Tour employment for the last eight months. Obviously, it wasn’t his fault; LaCava’s employer broke his leg in several places after a terrifying automobile accident in February and has no plans to return to professional golf.

But, ahead of the Northern Trust this weekend, LaCava has agreed to fill in for Patrick Cantlay, one of the favorites to win the FedEx Cup next month.

Don’t worry, he double-checked it with Tiger beforehand.

Joe LaCava has been out for almost a year due to Tiger Woods’ injury.

Tiger Woods' caddie is back on the PGA Tour.

Tiger Woods' caddie is back on the PGA Tour. During the Masters at Augusta National Golf Club, Tiger Woods and his caddy Joe LaCava wait | Jamie Squire/Getty Images

For the last decade, LaCava has occupied one of the most prestigious positions in golf. In 2011, he partnered with Woods and has been on his bag ever since.

However, there have been some drawbacks to the position. Over the past several years, Woods has lost significant time due to a variety of ailments. When the 45-year-old drove his vehicle off the road in February, he sustained numerous fractures in his right leg and ankle, one of his most serious injuries to date.

LaCava hasn’t been able to loop since Woods hasn’t been able to play on the PGA Tour this year. In June, the famous caddy picked up the bag for his former employer, Fred Couples, in a PGA Tour Champions tournament, although he hasn’t played on the PGA Tour since the unofficial PNC Championship last December.

It’s been a long time since LaCava has been paid, so he’ll be back on the golf course this weekend for another great player.

At the Northern Trust, LaCava is back on the bag for Patrick Cantlay.

At the Northern Trust this week, Tiger Woods’ caddy Joe LaCava is on the bag for Patrick Cantlay.

Cantlay’s full-time looper, Matt Minister, is out with COVID-19, so this is just a fill-in job.

August 17, 2021 — Daniel Rapaport (@Daniel Rapaport)

LaCava certainly didn’t expect to be called into action any time soon, given that his employer is still months away from ever contemplating a comeback to the PGA Tour, but as a professional looper, you have to be ready to go at any moment.

Matt Minister, Cantlay’s caddy, tested positive for COVID-19 before of this weekend’s Northern Trust at Liberty National Golf Course. Because he won’t be allowed to carry a bag during the FedEx Cup Playoffs’ opening round, Cantlay named LaCava as his substitute.

According to ESPN’s Bob Harig, LaCava stated last week, “I ran it past Tiger first.”

Cantlay’s caddy is looking for a $1.7 million payday from Woods.

LaCava is simply glad to be back on the PGA Tour this weekend, but he wouldn’t mind seeing his new employer put up a good showing.

Cantlay will earn $1,710,000 if he wins the Northern Trust. With caddies typically getting 10% of a player’s weekly salary, LaCava would be on the hook for $171,000 for the replacement job. And if Cantlay wins the FedEx Cup Playoffs, you have to believe a portion of the $15 million reward will go to LaCava.

Cantlay is now placed third in the rankings going into the first round of the playoffs, putting him right in the mix with three events remaining.

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As golfers tee it up in the FedEx Cup Playoffs, three players will be hoping Joe LaCava is carrying some special talismans on his bag. For Rory McIlroy, LaCava has had something on his bag since the first day of the first round of the first event of the first year of the first six-event playoff. For Rickie Fowler, LaCava has carried something since the first day of the second event of the first year of the first six-event playoff. Rickie Fowler, no stranger to seeing his bag carried, last week saw LaCava carry a special offering for him too.. Read more about joe lacava net worth and let us know what you think.

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