At first, the New York Jets souped up their defense by trading up and grabbing Jamal Adams; a talented and -accurate safety out of LSU. Now, they have replaced Adams with arguably the best player on the board. Despite a down year from Adams, the Jets still have the best defensive backfield in the NFL. His addition only strengthens the team, and allows him to play the run better than he ever had in New York.

A trade deadline has passed and the Seahawks are apparently one of several teams that should have avoided trading for the New York Giants’ defensive back. And yet, the Seahawks did exactly that.

In a series of moves in the past few weeks, the Seattle Seahawks have been making it crystal clear that they’re not afraid to make bold, (potentially) misguided and potentially life-ruining decisions. In a somewhat shocking move, the Seahawks traded away the best player on their defense, Malik McDowell, in the Minkah Fitzpatrick deal. While McDowell was a solid player, he was not a great fit for Seattle’s defense. The Seahawks had already started to implement their new defensive philosophy, and McDowell was not a natural fit for it. But the Seahawks had other plans, and dealt McDowell to the Philadelphia Eagles in exchange for a third-round pick. The Seahawks then traded up to the No. 13 overall pick to

The Seattle Seahawks did not see All-Pro safety Jamal Adams winning the team’s second Super Bowl championship. Understandably, the club envisioned a future in which Adams snatched interceptions and sacked quarterbacks for years to come.

For the time being, most of that notion is just that: a concept. Instead, the Seahawks are perilously close to regretting their decision to sign Adams in the first place.

The Seahawks are allegedly refusing to negotiate with Jamal Adams on a contract.

Seattle Seahawks All-Pro safety Jamal Adams in 2021.

Seattle Seahawks All-Pro safety Jamal Adams in 2021. Jamal Adams, an All-Pro safety, is allegedly refusing to sign a new contract with the Seattle Seahawks | Alika Jenner/Getty Images

Adams exceeded all expectations in his debut season with the Seahawks. For the third consecutive season, the LSU product set a career best with 9.5 sacks, the single-highest total by a defensive back in league history, and was named to the Pro Bowl. 

However, statistics only reveal half of the picture. The Seahawks sent two first-round choices to the New York Jets in exchange for the dynamic safety, knowing that he might leave after the 2022 season. Adams, the sixth overall selection in the 2017 NFL Draft, has his fifth-year option picked up by Seattle.

Seahawks fans may want to start prepared for the possibility of Adams donning a different uniform next season. The Seahawks are “not budge[ing]” in their contract stalemate with the fifth-year safety, according to The Seattle Times.

The Seahawks reportedly offered Adams a four-year deal for $17.5 million in total yearly pay and $38 million in guaranteed money, according to the Times. With that deal, he’ll be the highest-paid safety in the league. Adams’ side, on the other hand, responded with $40 million in guarantees and a demand that all bonus money be shifted into the first three years of the contract.

Adams was at Seahawks camp and attending meetings as of publishing, but he was not participating in practices.

The Seahawks may have completely messed up this scenario.

Since 2013, the Seahawks have traded four first-round picks:

Harvin, Percy (Traded after 7 games played in 2014)

Jimmy Graham is a well-known figure in the (left as free agent after 3 seasons and 45 games played)

Jamal Adams (two first-round picks,??? on contract extension beyond 2021)

August 12, 2021 — Field Gulls (@FieldGulls)

On two fronts, the Seahawks have good news. To begin with, Adams is still in his prime and is still one of the league’s most effective defensive backs.

The Seahawks, on the other hand, hold the franchise tag. Adams may play under the tag in 2022 and 2023 even if he doesn’t agree to terms on the new contract. According to the New York Times, the cost of a safeties franchise in 2022 is expected to be $12.4 million. In 2023, that figure is expected to rise to about $15 million.

The franchise tag and higher pay, however, do not guarantee that Adams will play for the Seahawks next season. He’s already used his voice and Twitter account to help the Jets get out of one sticky situation. No one should be shocked if he pulls a similar trick in the future months if he doesn’t receive the deal he wants.

All of this begs the issue of why the Seahawks didn’t sign Adams to a contract extension when he was acquired a year ago. Last summer, all of the first-round selections in the 2017 NFL Draft were eligible to sign new contracts. The Seahawks had no reason to agree to table contract negotiations with a guy who had already established himself as an All-Pro safety.

The Seahawks may have given up significant assets for an exceptional young talent who may not stay around, and this is already shaping up to be another catastrophic signing. Adams has already shown to be more useful than Percy Harvin, who the Seahawks acquired in 2013 for a first-round pick and two additional draft picks and only got eight games out of before selling him to the Jets, of all teams.

If the Seahawks win the Super Bowl this season, Adams can make things seem a lot better.

If there’s one thing that makes the Harvin trade forgivable in retrospect, it’s the fact that the Seahawks won Super Bowl 48 despite Harvin missing almost the whole season. The explosive receiver’s 87-yard kickoff return in the Super Bowl also helped.

In Seattle, a comparable chance may present itself for Adams and his legacy. Although there has been no indication that the fifth-year safety would miss regular-season games due to a lack of a new deal, it would be difficult to blame the Seahawks if that concern materialized in the coming weeks. If the Seahawks want to contend for a second consecutive NFC West division championship, they will need Adams in the secondary.

But imagine Adams comes to the Seahawks without a new contract, performs at a high level, and the team wins the Super Bowl. Whatever happens after that, whether it’s a new contract, a trade, or him signing with the San Francisco 49ers in free agency, it comes with the proviso that the Seahawks did win a Super Bowl during his time there.

We recognize that money is king, particularly in today’s NFL. A well-earned Super Bowl ring, on the other hand, typically speaks the loudest.

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