Simmons’ future in Philadelphia is uncertain, with the 76ers increasing their asking price for him. As a result, Simmons has already begun talks to sign elsewhere when he becomes a free-agent next summer.

The “ben simmons trade rejected” is a recent article that talks about the Philadelphia 76ers asking price for Ben Simmons. The article states that the Sixers should reconsider their asking price because of how quickly they are getting rejected.

The Philadelphia 76ers Need to Quickly Reconsider Their 'Growing' Asking Price for Ben Simmons

The Philadelphia 76ers have made no secret of their desire to trade franchise player Ben Simmons. The dissatisfied point guard has sat out the whole 2021-22 season and is expected to do so for the rest of his Sixers career.

The trade deadline of February 10 is approaching, giving Philadelphia just a few weeks to make a move. However, before time runs out, the squad must reconsider how much Simmons is truly worth.

The 76ers of Philadelphia are decent, but not great.

Joel Embiid is the only 76er to score seven consecutive 30-point games, joining Allen Iverson and Wilt Chamberlain.

Philly is 7-0 during this stretch 🔥

— NBA on ESPN (@ESPNNBA) January 11, 2022

The 76ers went 49-23 last season with Simmons on the floor, which was the best record in the Eastern Conference. Philadelphia has improved from.500 to 23-17 this season, courtesy to a recent seven-game winning run. It is presently in fifth place in the Eastern Conference, barely 4.5 games behind the Chicago Bulls for the top spot.

The Sixers, on the whole, haven’t shouted “championship quality.”

Philadelphia’s offensive and defensive ratings were placed 13th and 14th, respectively, as of Thursday. The offense, which used to be led by point guard Ben Simmons, is averaging 107.2 points per game, which ranks ninth in the NBA. The 76ers are also ranked 13th in Basketball Reference’s Simple Rating System, which considers average point differential and overall strength of schedule.

By any means, it’s not awful. However, when compared to last year’s squad, which featured a top-10 defense and a fifth-ranked SRS, it’s clear that Simmons is missing.

Joel Embiid, whose individual stats could earn him a sixth All-Star berth, remains the team’s leader. Tobias Harris, on the other hand, is mired in a shooting slump. The team’s potential is just restricted now that Harris is acting as the number two option.

Ben Simmons’ asking price has been raised by the Philadelphia 76ers.

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The 76ers are well aware of the sort of player Simmons is when he is totally engaged. Since being picked first overall in 2016, the 6-foot-11 facilitator has earned three All-Star appearances, two All-Defense honors, and an All-NBA distinction at the age of 25. Simmons is still recognized as one of the best young players in basketball, despite an almost non-existent jump shoot.

For all of these reasons, the Sixers are unlikely to deal their premier player for pennies on the dollar.

According to ESPN insider Wojnarowski, Adrian’s latest report, no movement has been made toward a Simmons settlement. The great guard has shown little desire in returning to the floor in the near future, and Philly’s asking price has remained high. It’s really rising higher.

“The Sixers are looking for top-25 players in trades, but such assets have yet to be made available to them in proposals, according to sources.” Sources tell ESPN that some clubs have interpreted the Sixers’ asking price for a Simmons deal as increasing rather than decreasing.”

Wojnarowski, Adrian

In other words, as the trade deadline approaches, Philly hopes that clubs will approach them with a Godfather-like offer that they will be unable to reject.

The 76ers must face reality when it comes to Simmons.

The Sixers have been re-energized by their current seven-game winning run. Even while the underlying metrics imply they’re still closer to average than great, what was initially a disastrous season has suddenly turned around. They can definitely improve if they cut the cable and relocate Simmons for whatever reason.

The 25-year-old All-Star is still worth something. Actually, quite a bit of stuff. As previously said, his various honors provide a picture of what a club would be getting. His worth, on the other hand, will never rise. In reality, with each passing day, Simmons’ value diminishes, particularly as he gets farther distant from his last NBA game.

Even if the Sixers attempt to raise their asking price for Simmons, clubs are wise enough to realize that they have the cards in the end. After all, they aren’t the ones who are stuck with an unhappy star who refuses to play for them again. Unlike a Philadelphia squad that loses everything the second the clock hits 3 p.m. Eastern on February 10, they gain nothing by waiting it out.

The 76ers will have to accept the fact that the ideal offer they’ve been hoping for will never materialize. Instead, they should cut the price, entice many teams to participate, and then create a bidding war amongst them. Philadelphia will therefore get players capable of winning right now, while also putting a stop to the Simmons saga.

Ben Simmons is one of the best players in the NBA. Even if the Sixers approach these trade talks as if he’s simply average, they’ll be significantly better off in the long term.

Basketball Reference provided all statistics.

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The “ben simmons defense” is the Philadelphia 76ers need to quickly reconsider their asking price for Ben Simmons. The Sixers have already lost out on a number of players, and they are not going to get any better offers than what they currently have.

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