The Halo 2 Scarab gun isn’t easy to get, but it can be done with a bit of ingenuity and a lot of skill. First off, the best place to get the Scarab is in the lobby of the hotel that’s the home base in the Campaign. When you get there, you’ll have to find a way to get inside, since the hotel is guarded by the Flood and Snipers.

Halo 2 is one of my favorite games in the series. While many played it for just the single player experience, there’s a fun Easter egg you can get in the multiplayer that’s fun to play with other players. If you’re new to Halo 2 multiplayer, you may not have known this unless you were one of the first players on at launch, but if you’ve got friends, you can start a match with them and get the Scarab Gun (a weapon your character will ride into battle on). They will get the gun for a short time, but it will only be good for that one player.

There are many things that makeHaloa great series, but what makes it stand out the most is the extensive catalog of Easter Eggs. The series has no shortage of them, and one of the most popular, the Halo 2Scarab Gun, is arguably their best. If you only want to play with one hidden legendary weapon or unlock the Scarab Lord achievement in the Master Chief Collection, getting that weapon won’t be easy. The traditional method involves luring a Banshee through an entire Metropolis tunnel, while the new method makes use of Pero’s skull and rocket launcher to load the cannon. But in this Halo 2 Beetle Gun guide, we’re going to approach this Easter Egg in a much more coherent and cool way.

How to get a scarab gun in Halo 2

word-image-8659 The Scarab shotgun is on top of a very tall building in the Metropolis level. The method we are going to use requires two joysticks in split screen modeon easy difficulty. They’ll use the pelican to fly to the skull. Pelicans are traditionally not flown, but thanks to a bug called Arbitrary Unit Possession, you can have the game make you appear as a marine who can fly a pelican.

How to be born a sailor

Start Metropolis on Easy difficulty in local split-screen co-op mode with the Envy skill enabled. This skill replaces the flashlight with a cloak, which is desperately needed to make it work. When the level is loaded, step into the warthog on your right with player 1 and wait for the two foot soldiers to jump in. It is very important that you do not shoot, throw grenades or honk at any time. Jump into the scorpion with the second player and lead it to the left, to the corner between the concrete wall and the edge of the bridge, as shown below: word-image-8660 Make sure you are aligned as shown in the image above, then hold your hand forward and point about 45 degrees to the right and up. This allows you to reach part of the wall, although it can be a little tricky. At the top of the climb, turn left so that the scorpion is leaning against another wall. Take your hand off all the keys and the scorpion will slide down the wall partially. Step out of the vehicle. This places the scorpion at a slightly upward angle against the left wall. word-image-8661 Leave the player with the beard with the first player and stab the second player six times, but be careful not to pick up his grenades or weapons. After each death, move a few feet to the side so they are reborn far from their previous corpse. You also don’t want them to pick up old drops. After the last respawn after six kills, let the second player carefully pick up two grenades from the ground and nothing else. Move the second player to the scorpion and ask him to go under the scorpion, then to the lowest point of the tank. word-image-8662 Jump to the top of the scorpion with the first player, then jump over the edge and fall off the bridge to your death. If you do it right, you shouldn’t spawnbecause there’s no room for it around the second player. Pause the game and start the mission again. Get in the Warthog and collect the infantry with player 1, then go to the corner where you previously placed the Scorpion. Get out of the Hog and stand on the ledge, but don’t jump off the ledge yet. Now, you have to cross the bridge with player 2 without getting shot. This means that opponents are not allowed to shoot at all, so you have to be smart. If at any time you hear a gunshot (including Wraith, Marines, etc.), return to the checkpoint. Continue on the right side of the bridge, to the right of the overturned truck. When you’re past it, immediately activate stealth at the spot shown below and run on to the next overturned truck. word-image-8663 Keep moving! You have to ignore the ghosts. As soon as you passed the cabin of the red truck, activate the camouflage a second time at the location indicated here. word-image-8664 When you get to the next red truck, press the right side of the truck and wait for the cover again. This should be the first time you stop the movement completely. word-image-8666 Activate it and run forward and to the right for the white truck. Jump down the ramp to the right and hide behind the huge bridge support, as seen below. word-image-8668 Throw two grenades from the cliff, wait for the cape, activate it and run to the second cable. Sit here, out of sight, and wait for the disguise to return. Reach the fourth cable, then repeat up to the sixth cable. Wait for the camouflage, then ask the player on the warthog to jump off the cliff. As the player jumps, he activates the other player’s disguise and begins to jump and attack while continuing to run across the bridge. Stay to the right of the cables and, even when the cape ends, keep moving forward past the ghost. After passing four cables, stop jumping and attacking, but keep running. If you don’t have an opponent called to shoot, your second player behind you must appear as a marine. Now the hardest part of the trick is done. At this point, you can shoot whenever you want. Get in the Raiff with the Chief, kill the driver, then get in the Raiff with the Marine. Since you’re playing as an NPC, the Wraith’s automatic turrets will fire for you, and you can increase your speed much more often, which is nice. word-image-8669

How do you fly aPelican?

Continue until you are in a tunnel and see a warthog on your right. Get in the turret with the Marine and in the driver’s seat with the Chief. Go up the slope in front of you and around the roadblock. The game will try to kick you out of the Warthog because the marines shouldn’t be there right now, but go back. It is necessary for a marine to be in a warthog when you pass thisloading zone, otherwise he may be despawned. Guide the pig through the debris in this area, then go right up the slope at the end, past the second large blockade. Go through it, right into a small room, then through the tunnel on the other side and left. Continue on the level until you reach at the section with two rafts. Kill the Wraith, then the snipers who will drop the Phantom, and the snipers. At this point, the pelican should hover and fly over the bridge closest to the building you need to enter. Go up the stairs to the bridge with the sea pelican and wait until the pelican flies over the bridge. When it stops, stand under the front of the turret, look up, and hold down the reload button to release the pilot. Confirm with the same button and you’re ready to fly! word-image-8670 Use the jump button to fly up and the crouch button to fly down. For the rest, the controls of the plane are the same as those of the Banshee. Go straight ahead until you reach the building pictured below. Atop the building should be a small orange pylon with an unusual plasma gun mounted on it. Fly to him. word-image-8671 This is the Scarab pistol, the most powerful weapon in the series. You can then return to Earth with your new superweapon and survive the rest of the level. word-image-8672 Here is how to get the Easter Egg Halo 2 Scarab Gun in the easiest way. Sure, it’s always complicated, but it’s the most efficient way to get a gun. You will even receive a benefit for all your efforts.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you get the scarab gun in Halo 2?

The Halo 2 Scarab Gun Easter Egg is not a difficult Easter Egg to obtain, but it can be a bit challenging, at first, to find it. The Scarab gun is one of the most difficult Easter Eggs to get in Halo 2. It is a powerful weapon that shoots purple bolts of energy that are neutralized by shields. To get the gun, you have to get a helmet, and the easiest way to get a helmet is to join a team that has a member with the scarab gun. Once you have joined the team, you have to use the team’s spawn room. To do this, you have to bring a friend with you and sit in the spawn room as if you were going to play a game. Once you have entered the spawn room, you must turn on the TV and wait for the match to begin.

Can you get the scarab gun in the Master Chief collection?

In the Halo 2 multiplayer map “Halo” a Scarab Gun can be found by the name of “Scarab Gun” at the top of the map. It is a large silver gun that is very similar to the Halo 3 Scarab Gun. As with all Halo 2 Easter eggs, the Scarab Gun needs to be unlocked by finding the weapon on the map, and then playing a particular level to complete the necessary task. In Halo 2, the Scarab Gun is located in the first level of the game, Cairo Station, where players must fight their way to the top of a train. Once they have reached the top car, they will need to clear out the rest of the train to find the Scarab Gun.

Where can I find a scarab gun?

Halo 2 is an incredibly popular game. Over the years it has introduced numerous easter eggs, one of the most coveted being the Scarab Gun. But how do you get it? You can’t just pick up the gun and hold it, it’s very rare. You have to find a gun, manage to get it onto a deserted island where the ship carrying the gun crashes, and then you have to go back to the island and finish the game. Once you have the gun, you can redeem it for a scarab to complete the Halo 2 Easter egg. As a kid, I was obsessed with the Halo PC game series and I loved it when the Halo 2 scarab gun was introduced. I dreamed of getting it, but it was always a dream, since the only way to get it was to find it in the game. But now, it’s finally possible to get the scarab gun in real life! …Sort of. Here’s how to do it. Note: This is an Easter Egg.

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