Charles Barkley is one of the most accomplished basketball players in history. However, his career was not without its share of controversy and controversy followed him into retirement. Despite all this, some people haven’t forgotten about what he considers to be “the best compliment” Michael Jordan ever gave him…

Michael Jordan is the best basketball player of all time. He is also known as “The Greatest Of All Time.” However, he was not always the best at basketball. In fact, when Michael Jordan first started playing in the NBA, Charles Barkley was already a veteran and one of the best players in the league.

Confidence reigns supreme in the world of sports. Let’s use Michael Jordan as an example. The living NBA icon took matters into his own hands, smoking victory cigars before ever entering the floor, and dominating the opposition. While most athletes lack that kind of natural ability, they must have faith in their own abilities. Consider Charles Barkley.

Chuck Daly informed Barkley during their time on the Dream Team that he was the world’s second-best player, following only His Airness. Sir Charles enjoyed the compliment, but he still thought he was better than MJ. Everything, however, would alter the next summer.

In the NBA Finals in 1993, Barkley’s Phoenix Suns faced Jordan’s Chicago Bulls. The forward eventually conceded defeat at that time. But it doesn’t mean he didn’t appreciate the praise.

Charles Barkley was dubbed the world’s second-best player, but he fell short of Michael Jordan. 2g

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Charles Barkley received a lot of praise during his time on the court. None, however, surpassed the news he received from his Olympic head coach.

On The Pivot podcast, Barkley recounted, “Chuck Daly asked to me, ‘Charles, can I chat to you for a second?’” “‘Yes, Chuck,’ I answered. Anything.’ ‘You’re the world’s second-best basketball player,’ he adds. ‘Who better than me,’ I answered. ‘That motherf***** right there [Michael Jordan],’ he adds. ‘You’re correct about that,’ I respond. “However, thank you,” I say. And, as I’ve stated before, that’s the nicest praise I’ve ever received.”

Chuck may have agreed at the moment, but he wasn’t about to give up. In his perspective, the 1992-93 NBA season was his opportunity to show that he was better than Jordan.

“I replied, ‘I genuinely agree with you, but next year, I’m going to put a stop to that nonsense,” Barkley concluded. “I said, ‘We’re going to the finals against those motherf*****, and I’m going to bring it.’ I’ll be in Phoenix the next year. ‘I got Dan Majerle, Kevin Johnson,’ I added. ‘We’re going to the f***ing finals,’ I said. And the first day I arrived in Phoenix, I told those guys, ‘Guys, we’re going to the finals, and we’re going to play that motherf***** from Chicago.’ ‘I’m tired of people telling me he’s better than me,’ I reply. ‘I simply didn’t have any assistance in Philly.’

The Suns did reach the NBA Finals in 1993, when they faced Michael Jordan and the Chicago Bulls. However, Barkley failed to demonstrate his supremacy. The Suns lost six games in a row, and Chuck had to admit that he wasn’t the best player on the team.

Sir Charles said, “We got there, and they defeated us.” “And it was the first time in my life that I thought, ‘Damn, I believe there’s someone better than me at basketball.’

Being dubbed the second-best player after His Airness seems like a fairly decent bargain with that newfound information.

Barkley may come off as arrogant, but he was a terrific talent.

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Given Barkley’s humorous prominence on TNT and Michael Jordan’s (relatively) uncontested standing as the GOAT, it’s easy to believe Chuck was exaggerating. While there was certainly some truth to his own hype, the forward was a competent player in his own right.

Sir Charles averaged 22.1 points, 11.7 rebounds, and 3.9 assists per game throughout the course of his 16-year career. While those stats don’t place him in the GOAT conversation — and his lack of playoff success doesn’t help either — they’re respectable figures, particularly for someone who didn’t dominate the competition. Barkley was remarkably athletic, despite his nicknames relating to his bigger body; in many ways, his ability to grab a rebound, dribble down the floor, and finish at the rim predicted today’s NBA.

Returning to Chuck Daly’s remarks, Barkley also performed well during the 1992 Olympics. Although the strength of the completion may have had a role, the forward’s stats were still remarkable. He outperformed Michael Jordan in the competition and shot an incredible 71.1 percent from the field on his way to a gold medal.

Few persons can compare to His Airness, as Sir Charles learnt. There’s no shame in coming in second to the GOAT (or wherever you place Barkley). provided the statistics.

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Charles Barkley is known for his height and weight, but Michael Jordan was still taller. The “charles barkley height weight” is a fun fact about the NBA legend.

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