The ascend double charge quest guide is the ultimate guide for the ascend double charge quest which is a single player quest in The Ascendant Double Charge. The ascend double charge quest is a quest which is available to all players in the game and requires players to find 10 ascendence chambers and then use them on the 10 ascendent monsters to assist the player in defeating the final boss of the Ascendant Double Charge.

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The Ascent Double Charge is a new device that allows climbers to access their gear while on the trad route.

You may pick up a sidequest called Double Charge early on in The Ascent. This is a simple task with a fantastic payoff in the shape of a cool new augment. With our guide to completing the Double Charge sidequest in The Ascent, we’ll make sure you don’t miss out.

This sidequest may be started early in The Ascent. When you initially arrive in Cluster 13, the game’s first settlement, go west and search for the yellow mission sign.

Beezelchek is located within a tiny structure. He wants you to use something called Stasis Overcharge to kill 10 opponents for reasons that aren’t quite clear.


The Ascension: How to Overcharge Stasis

It takes two steps to achieve stasis overcharge. First, opponents must be afflicted with Stasis, a helpful status effect that freezes foes in place for a short period of time. After that, you must do enough damage to the opponents while they are in stasis, forcing them to explode.  

At this point in the game, the simplest method to do so is to visit the Cyber merchant, represented on your mini map by the Eye symbol, and buy the Stasis Drone. This tactical ability sends out tiny autonomous robots to put opponents in stasis in close proximity to you.


How to Finish Double Charge in The Ascension

Once you’ve equipped Stasis Drone, you’ll need to wait for your energy to replenish. Stasis Drone should be activated near opponents to load them with gunfire. In normal opponents, it doesn’t take much damage to trigger Stasis Overcharge. Rep until you’ve accumulated 10 Stasis Overkills.  

Return to Cluster 13 and look for Beezelchek after you’ve completed all of your kills. To turn in the mission, interact with him.

You’ll get 2200 experience points and the Stasis Stomp Augmentation, an AOE ability that propels opponents into the air and afflicts them with statis, as a reward for your efforts. You may use this to build up additional opponents for Stasis Overcharge.


That’s all; just follow the steps and you’ll have some delicious new power and a big chunk of XP. Check out our game center for all things The Ascent for additional information on how to be the greatest cyberpunk killing machine.

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