DeAndre Jordan is back with the Dallas Mavericks, but it’s clear that he wanted to stay in Philadelphia. Despite his glaring flaws on defense, the 76ers believed they would be able to overcome these mistakes and turn their gamble into a long-term success story.

The 76ers believe DeAndre Jordan will surprise some people this year. He is coming off of a season where he averaged 11 points and 12 rebounds per game. Read more in detail here: deandre jordan stats.

The 76ers Believe DeAndre Jordan Will Surprise Some People This Year

When the Philadelphia 76ers traded Andre Drummond to the Brooklyn Nets in exchange for James Harden, they left a gaping hole on their roster. The Sixers have been experimenting with the backup center position since then, with mixed results.

Despite his diminishing productivity in recent years, Philly signed DeAndre Jordan to fill the void. Team members feel the 33-year-old is the right fit for this squad.

DeAndre Jordan was signed by the 76ers to help them solve their backup center situation.

DeAndre Jordan and James Harden watch from the bench.

DeAndre Jordan and James Harden watch from the bench. The Philadelphia 76ers’ DeAndre Jordan and James Harden watch a game against the Miami Heat | Mark Brown/Getty Images

The 76ers have been rushing to find a solution to their backup center situation since losing Drummond at the NBA trade deadline. Although Joel Embiid is as good as it gets at the position, the backups haven’t been as remarkable this season.

Doc Rivers has lately turned to veteran power forward Paul Millsap as the de facto backup center, but he’s struggled immensely on defense against larger, stronger opponents. Millsap has been the only other option since young centers Paul Reed and Charles Bassey haven’t yet won Rivers’ faith to contribute on a night-to-night basis.

Jordan, who was recently dismissed by the Los Angeles Lakers, was signed by the Sixers earlier this week to solve the problem. Jordan only played 12 minutes a game for the Lakers this season, and his numbers were among the lowest of his career, but the Sixers feel he still has something left in him.

The Sixers’ addition of Jordan is praised by James Harden and Joel Embiid.

Jordan is mainly a rim runner and rebounder at this stage in his career, but the 76ers are interested to see what he can add to the squad as a bench player.

Harden told reporters earlier this week, “I believe he fits in nicely with us.” “He’s a veteran who’s played on some pretty excellent teams, and it seems like he hasn’t yet achieved his objective of winning a championship, so he has a chance to do it here.” The system is rather simple. Just go out there and rebound the basketball, communicate defensively, and we’ll get him the ball for some easy dunks, but he has the right mindset.”

Jordan just needs to rebound and communicate on defense in his limited minutes with the 76ers. He can’t possibly be worse than what Rivers spits forth every night.

“He’s going to guard the rim,” Embiid said of Jordan’s rebounding and defense. “That’s exactly what he excels at. They’ll place him in such situations so he can succeed. When it comes to rebounding, we need a lot of support, particularly when I’m not on the court defensively. That’s what he does, so I’m looking forward to that.”

Doc Rivers, on the other hand, offers a different narrative.

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Harden and Embiid may be ecstatic to have Jordan join the team, but Rivers does not seem to share their enthusiasm.

“We’ve got a number of backup centers now,” Rivers said this week. “He’s just one of them, but it’s fantastic to have him.” “I’ve known him for a long time. I’m hoping he can relive his lob city days. For us, it would be terrific. All we needed was more space. Getting him should be beneficial to us.

“It’s funny receiving him, and I’m not sure what DJ is going to bring us.” He hasn’t played much in the previous several years, but I know he’s a significant player. You’re either 7 feet tall or you’re not, and he’s seven feet tall.”

Rivers’ words don’t inspire faith in Jordan’s ability to contribute every night, but all the Sixers need him to do is be “big.”

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