The original Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles game was released in 1989 and became one of the most popular arcade games to date. After 25 years, a sequel is finally here with Shredder’s Revenge! This updated version features better graphics, smoother gameplay and some new characters that fans have been begging for. The reviews are mixed so far but things do seem promising.

The “turtles shredder’s revenge release date” is a game that is set in the 80s. The game features new turtles, and has an old school feel.

In the new millennium, the traditional arcade brawler hasn’t actually held up too well. These once popular games, in which one to six players choose their warrior and headed to the streets to beat the living daylights out of primarily faceless bad guys, were quite popular back then.

Our quarters were devoured by Final Fight, Double Dragon, Bad Dudes, Ninja Warriors, X-Men, and numerous more games. However, Konami’s 1989 Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles still has a particular place in the blipping, pixelated affections of many arcade residents of the late 1980s and early 1990s.

One of the greatest instances of four-player arcade action ever is created by the bright, vivid colors and cartoon-style visuals that wonderfully complement the game’s crazy characters and over-the-top action. Of course, nostalgia is a delicate thing, which is why so many remakes, contemporary sequels, and reboots of classic 1980s video games often fail in this peculiar contemporary setting.

We (as in, those of us older gaming types) got thrilled anyway when Dotemu revealed they were creating a direct successor to the first TMNT arcade game.

Review of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Shredder’s Revenge: A New Flashback 

Dotemu has several reasons to be trusted with our childhood memories. Retro PC, console, and arcade games have a long history of being ported by the publisher to contemporary hardware. With their magnificent Streets of Rage 4 (really, it’s a brilliant brawler with a classical theme), this dynamic team showed they could carry the heavy weight of childhood expectations while working with developer Tribute Games. Grab up and get it. 

The reason TMNT: Shredder’s Revenge is so successful is because it’s obvious the creators not only like the original work but also know exactly how to replicate that cherished nostalgia in a manner that feels both true to form and advanced. This seems like a game that might have genuinely been found in an arcade from the 1990s.

TMNT is a classic delight in terms of presentation. The 2D pixelated visuals are flawlessly retro while yet appearing fantastic. The 16 levels seamlessly blend with the vintage animation and transport players across Manhattan as well as inside, outside, above, and beyond. The characters are sufficiently dynamic to have great personality and emotions. The controls are easy enough for anybody to pick up and start hitting things, but as you play more, you’ll discover greater depth.

Also deserving of particular note is the music. While every voice actor and sound effect is perfect, the 80s-rock score—complete with personalized vocal tracks for different levels—almost compels you to starch your collars and grow big hair on your own. In a nutshell, Shredder’s Revenge is a colossal amount of nostalgia.

Six characters are available when you first start TMNT: the four turtles, Splinter the rat, and April O’Neil. Casey Jones, a fan of sports equipment, may be unlocked by winning the game. The turtles employ their trademark weaponry, including Splinter’s staff, while April is outfitted in robust reporting gear (like a mic and camera for bashing heads). Each character is similarly powerful overall but has a distinct personality and somewhat varied base stats.


Simple controls are used. Our characters leap, dodge, use basic attacks, and use powerful attacks by pressing four buttons. A combo energy bar powers super strikes, which assist clear enemy packs, although the bar is reset if you are struck. Based on directional inputs and other movement inputs, the basic attack button changes the situation. There are a staggering amount of possible moves and combinations. The action is kept interesting and fluid with aerial bashes, sliding attacks, rear strikes, a variety of throws, and clever weapon usage.

There are two game modes—arcade and story—that essentially share the same levels and scenario. The only emphasis of the arcade mode is on vintage constraints. It’s as close to a traditional coin-op experience as you’re going to get with its limited lives, inability to swap characters, and lack of saves. The globe map, undiscovered surprises, little item collecting objectives, and a minimal amount of character growth all help the narrative mode stretch out.

Your fighter will level up in the narrative mode, gaining more hit points and new techniques. In contrast to the arcade mode, progression is preserved, and this mode has a stronger, longer-lasting attraction. Although neither mode is very long or filled with replay depth, that was never the intended outcome of this type of affair. Although details differ depending on the platform, both game types offer drop-in multiplayer for a maximum of six players.

Local play on the PC, Switch, and Xbox versions can accommodate up to six people, while the PlayStation version can accommodate four players per console. All versions can support up to six players online or a mix of local and online play, however the PS4/5 will only support up to four in this case. To maintain a consistent level of activity, the game automatically adjusts the number of adversaries with the number of players. 

Both game types in TMNT include three different degrees of difficulty, so those looking for a challenge comparable to the original may choose the tougher setting while more casual gamers can choose simple. The walking maps should not have been entirely scroll locked since there were moments when we wanted to go back and explore more. 

The Verdict for Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Shredder’s Revenge



  • The forces of Shredder may be fought by up to six players through an absurd variety of environments.
  • Controls have an unassuming look, are responsive, and provide unexpected depth.
  • This sequel is pure nostalgia treasure for TMNT and vintage 1980s action enthusiasts.


  • We’d want greater freedom to travel around the big maps so we can explore more.
  • Even with the bonuses and surprises, there isn’t as much play here as there is in other arcade-style games.

Shredder’s Revenge is an almost flawless tribute to and sequel to one of the finest arcade brawlers from the 1980s and 1990s if you have a soft place for them. There are few things better than this. 

[Note: The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Shredder’s Revenge copy used for this review was donated by Dotemu.]

The “tmnt shredder’s revenge ps5” is a side-scrolling 2D action platformer video game based on the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. It was released for the PlayStation 5 in January 2019.

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