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In a post-game interview Sunday night, ESPN’s Stephen A. Smith announced that “Cowboys fans have the right to be offended,” which led to some Twitter backlash.

Stephen A. Smith has a shocking message for Dallas Cowboys fans. The host of First Take ,and ESPN spokesman shared the good news with Dallas fans, but then explained why it was actually bad news. He also delivered this message with the kind of schadenfreude and invective that Cowboys fans certainly won’t appreciate.

Stephen A. Smith thinks the Dallas Cowboys will win the NFC

Smith discussed the Dallas Cowboys 2021 in his Get @ Mesegment. I actually think the Cowboys are going to have a really good season, the popular TV host said. He continued: I think they will win the NFC championship. I think they will have an 11-5 record. He later corrected his record to 11-6 in 17 games that season.

If that sounds like a good option for Dallas fans, Smith quickly turned around:

They are definitely going to piss off the disgusting Cowboys fans of the world. … Here’s the thing, you disgusting, disgusting Cowboys fans, whoever you are. I know you all think this is good news. You’ve forgotten who you’re talking to.

Numerous references to obnoxious, disgusting Cowboys fans should lead the listener to believe that Smith will take his opinion of the Cowboys to the extreme. He did so with a certain arrogance, which may have angered Team America fans who expect great things from the boys this season and every season.

Smith tells Cowboys fans it’s actually bad

(From left) Stephen A. Smith, Dallas Cowboys fan | Photo Stacy Revere/Getty Images; Brad Loper/Fort Worth Star-Telegram/Tribune News Service via Getty Images.

An 11-6 record, a playoff appearance and even a playoff win would be a huge accomplishment for most franchises. That’s not the case with Cowboys fans, who expect big things from their team after surviving multiple Super Bowls in the 1970s and 1990s.

It is because of these expectations that Smith takes such pleasure in commenting on the Cowboys and their fans:

The only thing you can do [to get an 11-6 result] is raise the expectations and demands. Just before he hit the ground in a colossal and epic way. And as a result, you’ll be so unhappy, and that’s worth it to me. The higher you get, the more you fall, and if you crash and it really hurts, I wish that on Cowboys fans.

One avid Dallas critic summed it up by saying, 11-6, maybe even win a playoff game, but you’re not going to a damn Super Bowl.

Former First Take co-anchor Skip Bayless thinks Dallas will have a good season too

I think it will help the Cowboys this year because they are built for it. They are so fueled by Hard Knocks that most teams will not be able to withstand the overwhelming expectations that Hard Knocks creates.


– UNDISPUTED (@undisputed) July 8, 2021

When Smith and Skip Bayless were presentingFirst Taketogether, there were certain topics about which they could always make a good argument. One of them was LeBron James. Another team was the Dallas Cowboys.

Bayless made a name for himself at the Dallas Morning News in the ’80s and ’90s. As he became a national media figure, he often praised the team he reported on for nearly two decades. He also thinks the Cowboys will have a good season in 2021.

In their show, Skip and Shannon:. Undisputed, Bayless said he thinks the Cowboys’ 2021 appearance on HBO’sHard Knockswill help that team this year. While Bayless likes this team atHard Knocks and believes it will succeed, he made no predictions about the team’s record or its chances of winning the Super Bowl.

His current co-host, Shannon Sharpe, replied that they always get all the attention until the playoffs begin. It’s telling that the former NFL tight end doesn’t have the same hopes for Dallas as Bayless.

The Cowboys are by far the most talented and experienced team in the NFC East. However, there are still many questions to be answered, including B. how QB Dak Prescott will return from his terrible injury in 2020, whether Mike McCarthy is the right coach for the team and whether Jerry Jones can at least build an average NFL defense.

If the organization answers those questions in the affirmative, Dallas has a real chance to not only qualify for the playoffs, but to make the event and prove that Stephen A. Smith was at least partially wrong. If all goes well for Dallas, there’s no reason why they can’t make it to the Super Bowl in a weaker NFC conference.

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