The first game on the market to combine a turn-based strategy with real-time battles, Songs of Conquest is sure to give players who are looking for something new an exciting experience. Check out our review for more information about this promising title!

The “songs of conquest discord” is a strategy game that has been in Early Access for about 2 years now. The game has received a lot of attention and praise from the players.

Songs of Conquest, a strategic turn-based game set in a high fantasy world with enigmatic faey creatures, legions of undead, and strong magic users known as Wielders – of which you are one – offers a lot to lovers of strategic turn-based games in its Early Access release. Songs of Conquest, with a clear (and significant) inspiration from the Heroes of Might and Magic games, evokes the nostalgic ambiance of those early- to mid-90s games while delivering a refined and unique combination of gameplay elements.

While the game’s primary loop is turn-based, Songs of Conquest also includes exploration, town construction, RPG-like character advancement, tactics-based fighting, and more. All of this is accomplished in a smooth way that does not seem clumsy or thrown together. 

Early Access Review of Songs of Conquest: A Breath of Fresh Air for Strategy Games

The setting, which includes the realm, the mythology, and the several factions battling for domination, is one of the most appealing aspects of games like Songs of Conquest. Songs of Conquest brilliantly nails these elements, with narrative discovered throughout gameplay, character dialogue, and a lovely setting to explore. 

When it comes to design, Lavapotion has nailed it with their stunning pixel aesthetic combined with a 2.5D approach. With varied structures, old centers of power, resource locations, and magnificent topographical elements, the global map seems alive.

The four unique playable sides, as well as the dozens of additional foes and animals that populate this cosmos, have stunning character designs. On top of that, there’s an equally fantastic music that adds to the whole atmosphere.


Songs of Conquest has a hybrid mechanical system, but it allows you to go a little more into what I believe distinguishes it from other games in the genre and makes it shine. 

One of the first things I was itching to get started on was settlement construction. Songs of Conquest’s tactics begin with the settlement and building system, which influences a lot of your army makeup. The size of each town varies from tiny to medium to huge, affecting the number of buildable tiles available. You’ll have to choose between numerous structures, each with its own significance and some with synergies. 

Are you planning to construct a castle (a medium-sized structure)? As a necessity, you’ll need a peasants’ cottage (a tiny construction). This, along with the restricted number of construction tiles each settlement, makes decisions more important while also scratching the economy/empire management itch. 

Combat in Songs of Conquest is another topic that has clearly been given a lot of care and consideration. With the inclusion of higher parts of the combat grid, the battle map uses a hex-based structure. These provide soldiers with higher ground advantages and even let distant units to fire farther and more devastatingly.


Combat has significant risks as well. It’s fast, violent, and vicious, particularly when you’re fighting another Wielder. I personally avoid using the auto-resolve option on the battle interface, preferring to handle each encounter individually. That’s after a few early battles in which I suffered big casualties and then had to redo everything manually. While some people may find this monotonous, I don’t mind.

The magic system is the final and most important thing that Songs of Conquest excels at. As a Wielder, you have access to a variety of spells from several “schools” of essence, but that essence is bound to the men under your leadership. There are other ways to make essence, such as via equipable artifacts, but the major source of money is the army composition. 

Because each side has its own unique set of soldiers, you may expect to encounter a variety of strategies and magics throughout the game.


Songs of Conquest is now in Early Access, with two narrative-driven campaigns for two of the four factions accessible. You play as the Arelon in the first campaign, a human side with a particular emphasis on medieval-style forces like knights and swordsmen. This is the initial campaign, which functions as a tutorial. It’s also a primer on the world’s mythology and the people who live in it. 

In the second campaign, you take on the role of the Rana, an anthropomorphic species of amphibious and reptilian animals fighting despotic slavers. As you go through the mission maps, the narration is evocative of the 90s aesthetic that it lovingly imitates, but it has depth and a feeling of pleasure.

Songs of Conquest also includes multiplayer possibilities for both local and online play, enabling you to compete with your friends and the rest of the community. You can also use the scenario and map editor tools to design your own challenges using virtually all of the same tools as the developers.   

With Song of Conquest set to stay in Early Access for the next year, Lavapotion has plenty of time to iron out any kinks in the gameplay cycle. At the time of writing this EA review, I experienced just two issues: a minor audio problem during a victory cinematic transition and audio cutting out halfway, both of which were resolved with a simple save and load. The level of refinement present at this point should serve as a model for future Early Access games. 

The Bottom Line: Songs of Conquest Early Access Review



  • Visually stunning.
  • A one-of-a-kind gaming loop.
  • This is an immersive universe.


  • Combat is quite repetitious.
  • Minor audio problems.
  • There is a little learning curve.

Songs of Conquest offers unique and fun gameplay, as well as gorgeous graphics, sounds, and a world rich with mythology. It’s a must-have Early Access product for everyone who like turn-based strategy games. 

[Note: Songs of Conquest was donated by Lavapotion for this EA review.]

The “songs of conquest system requirements” is a strategy game that has been released in Early Access. The game features a breath of fresh air for the genre, with its unique gameplay and beautiful graphics.

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