In the latest installment of Nordic Games’ hit series, players take on the role of a brand new protagonist who has been tasked with entering and exploring Tamriel’s northernmost hold of Skyrim.

Skyrim is a game that can be very difficult to complete without using firewood. The best place to find some is in Whiterun.

Firewood is required for the production of arrows, bolts, and the crossbow, as well as upgrading weapons at grind stones in Skyrim. Getting firewood is difficult, and because you’ll need a lot of it, particularly if you’re using bow and arrows, it might be difficult unless you know where to search.

This article will show you how to get firewood in Skyrim and where to look for it.

In Skyrim, how do you get firewood?

Highpoint Tower and Volkihar Dungeons, situated under Volkihar Castle in Haafingar, provide ready-made firewood.

However, using a woodcutter’s axe on the many wood chopping blocks found around Skyrim is the best method to get firewood.

You may hack wood blocks with the axe once you have it, and each chop will provide 2x Firewood. 3 chops and 6x Firewood are equivalent to one woodcutting session. It takes roughly 30 seconds to complete this operation.

Blocks of Wood for Chopping

Here is a list of all the places in Skyrim where you may find wood chopping blocks:

The Hold Location
Eastmarch Windhelm Uttering Hills Cave Steamscorch Mine Mixwater Mill Darkwater Crossing Traitor’s Post Windhelm Uttering Hills Cave Steamscorch Mine Mixwater Mill Traitor’s Post
Falkreath Dengeir’s Residence Stormcloak Camp in Falkreath Hunter’s Rest is a place where hunters may relax. Half-Moon Mill at the Embershard Mine Bandit Camp: Ilinalta Foothills Dark Brotherhood Sanctuary Pinewatch Lakeview Manor
Haafingar House of the Lylvieves Katla’s Farm Dragon Bridge Lumber Camp Haafingar Broken Oar Grotto Ironback Stormcloak Camp Solitude Hideaway Pinemoon Cave is a cave located in the United States.
Hjaalmarch Stonehills of Morthal
The Pale Dawnstar Anga’s Mill Hall of the Vigilant (Dawnstar Anga’s Mill Hall of the Vigilant)
The Reach Hag Rock Redoubt Reach Imperial Camp Old Hroldan Inn Druadach Redoubt Cave Druadach Redoubt Cave Druadach Redoubt Cave Druadach Redoubt Cave Druadach
The Rift Canyon of Riften Nilheim Dayspring
Whiterun Belethor’s General Store is a store that sells a variety of goods. Riverwood Battle-Born Farm Whiterun River Watch Stream Camp has been halted. The Bannered Mare
Winterhold Slaughterfish Bay Fisherman’s Camp The Inn of the Frozen Hearth
Solstheim Bloodskal Barrow Skaal Village Raven Rock Highpoint Tower Damphall Mine Bujold’s Retreat


Axe of the Woodcutter

A woodcutter’s axe cannot be crafted or purchased, but it may be found and picked up in the following locations:

The Hold Location
Eastmarch Windhelm Mixwater Mill is a mill that mixes water and wind. Mine Goldenrock Ansilvund Burial Chambers Mara’s Eye Den Gallows Rock Hlaalu Farm Windhelm Stables
Falkreath Haemar’s Cavern Falkreath Embershard Mine Lost Knife Cave Pinewatch Prospector’s Shack
Haafingar Northwatch Keep Solitude Katla’s Farm Thalmor Embassy Dainty Sload Volkihar Undercroft Wolfskull Cave, Solitude Sawmill
Hjaalmarch Abandoned Shack in Ustengrav Morthal
The Pale Windpeak Inn Volunruud Anga’s Mill
The Reach Stables Markarth Markarth Fort Sungard, Redoubt of the Lost Valley
The Rift The Stone of Riften Shor Froki’s Shack is a restaurant owned by Froki. Autumnwatch Tower is a watchtower in the city of Faldar’s Tooth Hollow Faldar’s Tooth Black-Briar Lodge at Sarethi Farm Lake Woodcutter’s Camp Geir Boulderfall Cave is a cave in Geir, Iceland.
Whiterun Halted Stream Camp White River Watch White River Cowflop Farmhouse Valtheim Towers Riverwood Belethor’s General Goods Camp Darkshade Silent Moons
Winterhold Yngvild’s Folly Yngvild’s Folly Yngvild’s Folly Yngvild’s Folly Yngvild’s Folly Yngvild’s Folly Yngvild’s Folly Yngvild’s Folly
Solstheim Bloodskal Barrow Raven Rock Skaal Village


Axe of the Poacher


You might also purchase the Poacher’s Axe, which is a one-of-a-kind woodcutter’s axe that can also be used to gather firewood.

It can cut firewood as well as do additional damage to animals thanks to the Huntsman Prowess enchantment.

The Poacher’s Axe may be obtained from one of two locations:

  • Halted Stream Camp
  • Whiterun, Riverwood

Halted Stream Camp is a bandit camp in the Whiterun Hold, northwest of Whitewatch Tower (indicated by the red marker on the map above). The Poacher’s Axe is usually carried by one of the orc bandits beside a grind stone or within the mine. You’ll have little trouble defeating him and seizing the axe.

If you don’t want to deal with the bandits, go to Riverwood, Whiterun, and look for Lucan Valerius, the Riverwood Trader (as shown by the green marker on the map above). For roughly 30 gold coins, he can sell you the Poacher’s Axe.

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That’s all you need to know about utilizing wood chopping blocks and a woodcutter’s axe to obtain firewood in Skyrim. Consider visiting the links above for more Skyrim tips and tricks articles.

The “skyrim riverwood firewood” is a wood that can be collected in Skyrim. It can also be used to make torches and campfires.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the fastest way to get firewood in Skyrim?

A: There are a number of ways to obtain firewood. If you want the quickest route, go with this one as its simple and fast. Start by using your starting power deck ability to turn into an animal (e.g., wolf) and run up behind trees that have fallen over, then use your claw attack on them until they break open and release their logs into the air like fireworks going off in slow motion (the leaves may not fly for some reason). Grab these logs and toss them onto dry grass or snow if there is any around; eventually, you will be able to collect enough wood from them to make multiple fires before you need more material again.

How do I get firewood in Skyrim?

A: You can use the woodcutters axe to chop down nearby trees. It is impossible to harvest firewood in Skyrim without some form of tool, so you cannot do this manually.

How do I get more firewood?

A: The lumberjack in the forest has a large stack of firewood. Take it and hell give you more if you ask nicely.

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