The Shrine of Tribute is a new, hidden location in Sea of Thieves that players can explore to find rare items. This guide will help you find the shrine and the treasures it holds.

The sea of thieves shrine of tribute guide is a guide to help players find all the journals in Sea of Thieves.

Season 4 of Sea of Thieves has arrived, bringing with it a treasure trove of mysteries to discover. The diaries, which are buried inside submerged Siren Shrines, may be the most significant.

There are thirty journals in all, distributed evenly across the six Siren Shires in groups of five. For the time being, we’ll concentrate on the five concealed inside the Shrine of Tribute. 

The Shrine of Tribute is situated in the Ancient Isles, in the Sea of Thieves’ southwestern area. It’s indicated on your map, so it’s simple to find. Dive deep into the water after you’ve sailed your ship to the proper location (as indicated by the telltale light).

Locations of the Sea of Thieves Shrine of Tribute Journal


When you get to the bottom, you’ll see a circular structure sunk into the seabed. A switch on the inside activates a concealed door.

Shrine of Tribute (Journal 1)


You’ll enter a vertical room shortly after swimming through the entrance, plunging further into the shrine.

A painting showing the locations of numerous siren sculptures may be seen towards the bottom. The first diary is immediately across from the mural, perched on some rocks near a big red coral growth. 

2nd Journal: My Pals


As you approach the first diary, turn left down the corridor to find the second journal. Around a central chamber, these passageways create a huge square.

Continue on this route until you reach the square’s first corner, then turn right and continue to the next corner. The diary will be near some glowing coral and an air vent on the ground.  

The Warrior and the Sea Queen (Journal 3)


Continue swimming around the square of passageways on the outside (continuing in the same direction as before). You’ll turn right around a corner and swim past a statue of a siren blowing into a conch shell.

When you reach the next corner, turn right again, and the journal will be on a shelf to your right, just beyond some brilliant yellow coral.  

The Army of the Sea Queen (Journal 4)


Retrace your steps until you approach the statue with the conch once again. Turn left to access the inner room this time. To increase the water level, you must solve the siren statue problem (position their arms to match the mural at the entrance, then strike the statue with the conch). This will unlock a route that will enable you to ascend to the top of the huge statue in the shrine’s center. 

Cross to the opposite side, and you’ll find the fourth journal beside a waterfall.  

Mermaid Gems (Journal No. 5)


After activating three pressure plates, the statue in the middle moves, revealing a secret room, you’ll find the fifth and final diary.

Swim down and all the way to the back of the freshly discovered chamber until you reach a treasure-filled fallen stone platform. The journal is positioned on top, somewhat to the left of the middle.  

That’s all for now; five journals down, twenty-five to go. Keep an eye on our Sea of Thieves Hub for additional Sea of Thieves Guides and the following five diaries. 

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