A large number of people enjoy farming because of the challenges it can provide. Farming can be tedious and boring at times, for some people it is a way to escape reality, but for others it can be a way of life. This is a guide for those who enjoy farming, and for those who would like to try it out, but might not know where to start.

This is a guide on where to find and farm Scarlet Nexus in WildStar on the Nexus. I was originally planning on doing a Scarlet Nexus farm guide for SWTOR, but since I’ve been playing WildStar for a bit now, I’m going to do a Scarlet Nexus farm guide for WildStar instead.

The Nexus Vasepaw is a relatively uncommon species of armadillo found throughout the south-western portion of the continent. Their native habitat is the arid, thorn-laden hills and plains of the southern grasslands, though they have also been spotted in the deep desert of the Great Plains. This creature is a large, decidedly tough and durable armadillo, characterised by a rather pale, yellow and brown coat with darker brown markings. The wide, flat paws, and the oddly shaped head give this species their name, and also the reason for their current high popularity amongst some collectors, as this particular animal is a form of armadillo not otherwise found in the south-western grasslands.

Scarlet Nexus Vase Paws might be some of the most distinctive Others you’ll encounter in the game, but that doesn’t make them easy to find. You’ll need to take some Vase Paws out for the Surprise Test quest.

That might not be the most interesting reason to take out Vase Paws, but there is a better reason to farm these nightmares-in-corsets: Battle Records. Whatever you need them for, here’s where to find Scarlet Nexus’ Vase Paws.

Scarlet Nexus Vase Paws Location

You’ll run across Vase Paws during an early scripted sequence in New Himuka. After that, you can find them wandering in the Upper-Level Construction Site in Kikuchiba. Some say they’ve had luck finding them in the Mid-Level Shopping District.

However, the in-game glossary says the only Vase Paw location is the Upper-Level Construction Site, and I’ve only ever run across Scrummys of various kinds in the Shopping District.

You’ll know the Vase Paws when you see them. They’re a pair of legs in a corset with roses growing out the top.

This specific quest makes you defeat Vase Paws in midair, so you’ll need to use Yuito’s or Kasane’s jump attack to launch them. That’s the “jump” and “basic melee attack” buttons or keys pressed at the same time.

Unless you’ve invested your Brain Points in the mid-air combos, it’ll be easier to launch the Paws when they’re on the verge of defeat. That way, you can finish them off with just an extra hit or two from the basic mid-air combo.

Vase Paw Farming

If you want Battle Records or other Materials for the shop exchange, Vase Paws get you Battle Record A, Paws Suppression materials, plus Other Ecology A and C.

These are all handy if you need to stock up before a mission and don’t feel like spending money on essential items such as Jelly.

That’s everything you need to know about Scarlet Nexus Vase Paws, but be sure to check out our other Scarlet Nexus guides for more tips.Finding and farming Scarlet Nesters is a dream of many Neopets players. Not only do you get to collect an item that can be traded for a lot of Neopoints, but you get to collect some of the rarest items around! But where do you find Scarlet Nesters? And what are they doing? This guide will show you how to find Scarlet Nesters, where to farm them, and how to farm them without getting eaten.. Read more about scarlet nexus base paws and let us know what you think.

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