Saints Row is a satirical action-adventure video game series about the adventures of player character Daley Thompson through life as an undercover agent for the Saints, fighting crime and ridding his city of gangs. The first installment was released on August 14th, 2003.
Upon release Saints Row quickly became popular in North America and Europe as well as Australia becoming one of THQ’s best selling games in 2004 eventually selling over 5 million copies worldwide with sequels following shortly after into 2005. It was followed by two expansion packs titled “The Trouble With Clones” and “Enter the Dominatrix”. In 2006 THQ began to license out their titles to other publishers such as Electronic Arts who would go on to release adaptations including sports games NBA Street Vol 2 which uses elements from both franchises while also continuing them separately simultaneously; this led many fans believing that it might be possible that they are all canonically related

The “saints row 2022 character creation” is a game that allows players to create their own unique characters. The customization system in the game is bonkers, and there are some really cool options.

Saints Row Deep Dive Highlights Bonkers Customization System

Customization has always been a big part of the Saints Row series, and it’s only gotten better with each new iteration. It’s no wonder, therefore, that Volition has prioritized character, vehicle, and weapon customization in its next remake, living true to its “Self Made” motto. 

Volition has offered fans a preview of the massive personalization system they’ve designed for Saints Row, which is due to release on August 23 with a 15-minute-plus presentation and accompanying video. Almost every aspect of the game may be customized to your preferences, including the appearance of your boss, gang members, and hideaway, as well as your weapons and vehicles. It’s “Over-the-Top” carried to potentially joyful lengths. 

Your Boss may be customized in every way. Eye color and skin tone may be changed, but everything is done with Saints Row’s zaniness in mind. For example, there are choices for snake eyes and starry eyes, the latter of which replaces pupils with stars similar to those on Captain America’s shield and costume. You may choose from kaleidoscopic skin, metal wood, jade, or stone, as well as canine teeth, meth teeth, hockey teeth, and Candy Corn teeth, among other alternatives.

Customizing face structure, physique type, and voice is easier with more detailed possibilities. The option to build asymmetrical faces, where you may tweak characteristics on either side of your Boss’ face independently of the other, is possibly the most intriguing feature. Eyes of various sizes, cheekbones of various heights, and lips of various shapes are all possible. 


Clothing – or lack thereof, since this is Saints Row – goes a long way in distinguishing your Boss and group, in addition to physical attributes. With ensembles and a la carte pieces, there are thousands of alternatives to pick from, as seen in the personalization clip.

Individual items such as T-shirts, vests, and coats may be layered neatly to create your own style. These aren’t your typical combination pieces where you just swap out a couple colors. You can, in a sense, design your own clothes. You may even take over Santo Ileso in your birthday suit, selecting whether or not to adorn your underwear with stickers and emoticons. If you’re a puritan or just don’t want to see peens out and about, there will be options to restrict or prohibit nudity. 

Tattoos are also prominent. You may customize your Boss’s face, head, arms, neck, torso, back, and legs using a number of choices for the face, head, arms, neck, torso, back, and legs. Arm and leg prostheses provide a layer of personalization and are available in a range of settings, however it’s unclear if the designs and color palettes of these presets may be tweaked further. 


Weapons and vehicles have comparable customization choices; even though there aren’t as many, there’s still a lot that can be done. Each component of a weapon may be aesthetically changed with standard or custom colors, stickers, and skins. Metal kinds and finishes may also be changed and modified.

Some weapons may even turn into wholly other items, such as an RPG that can transform into a guitar case or an assault rifle that can transform into an umbrella. However, it seems that these one-of-a-kind alternatives are restricted to certain weapons. In the clip, for example, it didn’t seem like the RPG could be used as an umbrella, so we’ll have to wait and see how extensive these choices are. 


Automobiles are an expression of your own style. Aside from their own numbers and attributes, all of them — even tanks, it seems — have a variety of options to create distinctive styles and designs. The variety of choices is vast, ranging from simple color and finish changes to hood decorations and side skirts. Wheel height and depth may be adjusted independently, and rim types can be changed per wheel. You’ll also be able to change the sound effects and horn sounds for gearboxes and engines.

Ejector seats, kneecappers, wrecking balls, and tow cables are just a few of the upgrades that may be added to automobiles. These seem to be obtained by leveling upgrade kits, and the team has said that there are more modifications to unlock throughout the game than were revealed. In the future, further information regarding the various customization possibilities will be released. 

Boats, helicopters, aircraft, hoverboards, and motorbikes are among the numerous vehicles available in Saints Row. 


One area we didn’t receive a lot of information on was how the Saints HQ handles personalization. The church will clearly serve as a hub, with a wardrobe, garage, and armory where you can store outfits, vehicles, and weapons, as well as further customize them outside of the style app (clothes) or at Jim Rob’s garage. 

The presentation demonstrates how certain items may be purchased and set on pedestals spread over the grounds of the church headquarters, allowing you to spice up the surroundings. However, we’ll have to wait and watch how the HQ evolves over time and how much power you’ll have over other, more detailed decorating choices. 

Outside the headquarters, brick-and-mortar boutiques reappear, offering anything from wacky cowboy boots to goth stylings and everything in between. There will, of course, be weapons stores to visit, but it is uncertain how diversified they will be or what they will offer. 

There’s a lot more to discover about Saints Row in the months leading up to its August 23, 2022 release on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Series X|S, including Criminal Ventures, which was mentioned briefly at the conclusion of the presentation. Keep an eye out for updates. 

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