The NFL trade deadline is coming up, and the Seahawks are reportedly interested in trading Russell Wilson to open a spot for Jimmy Garoppolo. Despite not having any leverage in negotiations with the Patriots, Seattle still has some bargaining chips because of their quarterback situation. With both teams at different stages of rebuilding, anything could happen when it comes down to finalizing this deal.

The “jimmy garoppolo age” is a quarterback who has been traded for Russell Wilson. This is a story that has created chaos in the NFL’s trade market.

Russell Wilson and Jimmy Garoppolo Throw Chaos Into Quarterback Trade Market

The NFL is demonstrating that sports are a reflection of society this week.

While a supply chain issue has bedeviled America’s economy for months, it has now reached the quarterback market in the NFL. A once-vibrant group of potential trade prospects, which included some of the sport’s greatest players, has been whittled down for one reason or another.

Russell Wilson, are you listening? This item is not available.

Rodgers, Aaron? There is no one phoning.

Jimmy Garoppolo, anyone? Surgery.

Is there any interest in the offseason? Mitchell Trubisky, anyone?

The news coming out of the NFL Combine has been disappointing for fans looking for major headlines and clubs looking for a game-changing deal. The abrupt pullback of the top names, though, has possibly opened the path for two quarterbacks.

Wilson is the most recent hot trade possibility to go cold.

Jimmy Garoppolo and Russell Wilson news has upended the quarterback trade market

Jimmy Garoppolo and Russell Wilson news has upended the quarterback trade market Russell Wilson and Jimmy Garoppolo | Abbie Parr/Getty Images

Pete Carroll, the Seahawks’ head coach, poured cold water on any and all Wilson trade speculations on Wednesday, saying the organization had “no intention” of selling the 33-year-old quarterback.

“At this time of year, there are talks about everyone,” Carroll said Wednesday. “It’s usual for us to have conversations with clubs about all of the guys, especially prominent players.” “We have no plans to make a relocation there.” But the dialogues are something [general manager] John [Schneider] has to deal with on a regular basis. “However, nothing particular.”

This comes just one day after the San Francisco 49ers announced that quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo, who the team had indicated was firmly on the trading block in January – with Garoppolo himself bidding the Bay Area farewell in an emotional press conference – would have surgery on his right shoulder and would be out for four months.

When you combine that with reports out of Green Bay that clubs haven’t approached the Packers about trading volatile quarterback Aaron Rodgers, the once-crowded signal-caller market is all but down to the legally challenged Deshaun Watson and potentially… Mitchell Trubisky?

Although the Bills’ much-maligned backup quarterback may have a chance to redeem himself, there are two greater winners in this abrupt shift in the quarterback market.

Deshaun Watson’s trade stock has never been stronger, despite his baggage.

“The reality is, the Houston Texans don’t have an offer out there on the table right now to accept for Deshaun Watson.”@jjones9 on the Deshaun Watson trade situation heading into free agency.

— CBS Sports HQ (@CBSSportsHQ) February 25, 2022

Last October, the most prominent quarterback name on the market was also the league’s most volatile trade candidate: Deshaun Watson. Teams have been hesitant to engage with the Houston Texans regarding a trade since 22 civil claims against Watson are still outstanding.

The Miami Dolphins were the closest to negotiating a deal for Watson last season, but they pulled out late in the process and removed their name from consideration completely this week.

But it doesn’t rule out the possibility of Watson’s legal issues being settled by the beginning of April, as his lawyer, Rusty Hardin, thinks is conceivable. Without the other major names now off the table, teams like the Pittsburgh Steelers, Washington Commanders, and Tampa Bay Buccaneers would likely leap at the opportunity to sign Watson.

Jameis Winston is almost expected to land in free agency.

However, if Watson’s legal concerns are not handled or result in a long-term league ban, the clubs stated above may take a closer look at the available free-agent quarterbacks. With free agency only two weeks away, Jameis Winston is quickly rising to the top of the list.

Winston’s surgically repaired knee seems to be getting stronger with each video shared on social media. With his performance for the New Orleans Saints through seven weeks before injuring his ACL on Oct. 31, Winston was well on his way to being considered for the 2021 Comeback Player of the Year honor.

Now that Winston is recovered, he’ll likely attract a slew of suitors who were unable to entice Wilson away from Seattle or were frightened away by Garoppolo’s injury. Teams used to be scared of Winston’s proclivity for interceptions, but now time is crucial.

Pro Football Reference provided the statistics.

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