Every month, Roblox releases a new update for their Pixel Gun games. In this article, I will present the best weapons in each tier and put it into perspective with my personal opinions.

The “pixel gun tower defense tier list” is a list of the best weapons in the game. The tier list includes all weapons from 1-10, with 10 being the best. The weapons are ranked by their power and effectiveness.



Each of the 19 weapons in Roblox Pixel Gun Tower Defense may be used with any of the game’s 10 characters.

The top weapons in Roblox Pixel Gun Tower Defense are all included in our guide. You will discover which weapons go well with certain characters as well as the significance of these pairings for this specific game.

S-Tier Weapons for Roblox’s Pixel Gun Tower Defense


  • Price: $2,250
  • Species: Shotgun

Every PGTD player is aware of how difficult it can be to breach those unstable matter shields. One of the strongest shield-breaking combinations in the game may be yours if you manage to get Ultimatum and utilize it on Pro.

When you encounter tougher foes with high HP rates, such as Undead Enforcers, Ultimatum’s already very high damage might be raised even more.

However, Exploiter may enhance the weapon’s rate of fire, making it one of the game’s deadliest weapons, therefore Pro is not the only character who is appropriate for it.

Friend in Gold

  • Price: $375
  • Machine gun, type

Friend in Gold is an exceptional weapon for many reasons: it’s super cheap, it has high damage, good range, and short reload time.

Although Noob will make it function if you use it with him, it works best when combined with a Pro or a Kill Stealer.

The Kill Stealer + Friend in Gold combo is currently the most popular one in PGTD, especially with the bonus damage and range buffs.

A-Tier Armor


  • Price: $4,350
  • Sniper rifle, type

In PGTD, all sniper rifles are highly potent, but this one does the most damage of any of them, at around 2,000 points. It’s also one of the game’s priciest weapons.

It has the same power as Ultimatum to breach unstable matter shielding even at great distances.

If you can, combine it with Pro so you may benefit from the added reward of a shortened loading time.

a magnetic cannon

  • Price: $4,650
  • Cannon, type

The a magnetic cannon is the most expensive weapon in the game, and it is no surprise that it is also one of the better weapons in PGTD.

With the continuous chain damage, one blast from this cannon may attack twelve foes at once. Try to preserve it for when you need it since you may not need such a powerful weapon right away.

a magnetic cannon can be well combined with Pro for high mid-game DPS, and P2W for late game when it is fully maxed out.

B-Tier Armor

vicious headhunter

  • Price: $3,350
  • Sniper rifle, type

After Prototype, this sniper rifle is the second finest in the game, and it costs less.

The main difference between the two is the aiming speed, which is slower in vicious headhunter. Prototype doesn’t even need to aim at all, and all its shots go straight to the designated targets.

However, vicious headhunter + Hitman combo is considered to be more efficient against a single target and is brutal against bosses.


  • Price: $1,050
  • Rocket Launcher type

Armageddon does very high damage, but it takes a while for the rockets to get there.

The damage delay won’t be an issue, however, if you team Armageddon with Lag Switcher or any other short range character.

This weapon is equally effective against all waves, but it excels against the mid-waves when the majority of the enemy swarm in large numbers.

Peacemaker on autopilot

  • Price: $1,575
  • Minigun type

Automatic guns may be very effective in the right hands but completely useless in the wrong ones.

If you were able to improve both the character and the weapon to its maximum potential at that time, this tiny pistol is flexible enough to let you go through all the waves and defeat all the final monsters.

Peacemaker on autopilot is capable of getting you through all this, but only in the hands of Pro and Kill Stealer, so don’t expect it to perform too well with the others.

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Those are Roblox Pixel Gun Tower Defense’s top weapons. Visit our dedicated hub page for additional guides and other Roblox-related guides.

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