Robert Williams has been a Boston Celtics fan favorite since exploding on the scene. Although he had a few glaring rookie mistakes in the playoffs, he is showing he is going to be a force. He had 24 points, 11 rebounds and 4 blocks in 32 minutes during the Celtics victory against the Miami Heat on January 21st.

“I’m not sure what anyone else thinks but I’m really confident in myself. I always put pressure on myself. Every game I try to be as competitive as I can be, ’cause I know I can be a really good player. The thing is I can be a really good player, but I’m trying to be a great player.” Robert Williams said those words just weeks ago after a historic performance in a Celtics loss. Despite the defeat, both Williams and the fans were on the same page.

Robert Williams has become a Boston Celtics fan favorite with his blunt message after his historic performance against the Philadelphia 76ers for the NBA G League. Robert Williams has now become a Boston Celtics fan favorite with his blunt message after his historic performance against the Philadelphia 76ers for the NBA G League. Since becoming a Boston Celtics fan favorite, Robert Williams has recorded two straight double-doubles and is averaging an impressive 18.7 points and 12.7 rebounds over his last five games.

Robert Williams made history in 22 minutes. He didn’t care because his Boston Celtics lost. The energetic center came off the bench to make an impact in Saturday’s playoff game, which the Brooklyn Nets won 104-93. Williams stands up and struggles to control the turf on his leg. The Celtics’ big man has quickly become a fan favorite with his performances and post-game comments.

Robert Williams played against the Nets

word-image-9756 word-image-9757 Robert Williams III #44 of the Boston Celtics attempts a pass against the Denver Nuggets in the second half at TD Garden on the 17th. February 2021 in Boston, Massachusetts. (Photo: Maddie Meyer/Getty Images) COMPARED TO: The Boston Celtics have a secret weapon on the bench that they are just beginning to discover Williams has always been a very energetic guy. He shows his raw talent and enthusiasm at a high level every game, but has been hampered by injuries this season. He played Saturday with turf on his foot, but that didn’t stop him from being the defender he can be. The Nets, who were scoring a lot of points, were forced to constantly switch shots because of his lob defense, which led to their poor scoring ability. Brooklyn shot 41.7% from the floor. The Nets scored just 16 points in the first quarter. We’ll just be more aware for the second game. It changes every time we run a game, Kyrie Irving said, according to the New York Daily News. So we just have to be a little smarter. But his timing is incredible. It’s great to see a great active participant in our game and challenge you every time on the boards. So it will be a test of our IQ for the remaining games and we just need to make the right play. He contested everything, whether it was from the edge or the perimeter, James Harden said. He’s one of the reasons we didn’t shoot that well.

Williams made history and became the favorite of Celtics fans

. COMPARED TO: Celtics have a starter not named Jason Tatum or Jaylen Brown Williams played less than half of Saturday’s game, but he was the best player on the court for the Celtics. He made history by becoming the first NBA player to come off the bench and record nine blocks. It only took him 22 minutes. He was just great. He made big plays, both with and without the ball, and used his length and athletic ability, Nets coach Steve Nash said. But today we were a bit naive at times by unnecessarily putting ourselves in the wrong positions. Williams also converted five of his eight shots from the floor. He finished with 11 points and nine rebounds and had nine blocks. He single-handedly kept the Celtics in the game. None of this mattered to him. He received a lot of respect from the Nets and his teammates after the game. Boston fans loved him too, both in his play and in his post-game comments. It means nothing if we lose, Williams said.

A bright future for Williams

Williams is a lottery level player, a player with tremendous talent. If he can show commitment in a close game, he could be a stolen first round pick. ESPN’s @Mike_Schmitz compares him to another 27th pick: Clint Capela. – Adrian Wojnarowski (@wojespn) June 22, 2018 COMPARED TO: Danny Ainge explains why the Boston Celtics waived Giannis Antetokounmpo Things didn’t start out so well for Williams when he joined the Celtics. He was immediately labeled immature when he missed a media conference call the morning after his 2018 draft. The reason for the missed call? He slept too long. The next month he missed his plane and could not come to the training. He did not make the 2018 NBA Draft, likely because his commitment was questioned. noted Adrian Wojnarowski of ESPN. Williams is a lottery-level talent, a player with a lot of talent, Woj tweeted in June 2018. If he can show his commitment in a close game, he can steal a first round. The Celtics clearly have a lot of appreciation for Williams. During the season, they traded center Daniel Tice to give Williams more time. He’s doing his best for now.It wasn’t the most efficient night for the Boston Celtics, but Robert Williams was a huge reason why Boston came away with a victory over the Hornets. (A victory that was huge in terms of playoff positioning, no doubt.) Williams scored 14 points with 11 rebounds in just 25 minutes, and he did so in an unorthodox way: he actively called out his opponents, and showed no remorse for doing so. He also showed no remorse for the way he has been playing thus far, which has been awful; the Celtics are clearly trying to work with him and teach him the importance of effort and consistency, but Williams has been struggling with that learning curve.. Read more about robert williams football trinity and let us know what you think.

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