Riders Republic created a unique new type of multiplayer experience with their first game, Zen Mode. Players can now play as themselves and compete against other players across the world in an intense 1v1 battle. Riders Republic explains what this mode is all about!

Riders Republic is a company that specializes in the sale of dirt bikes and ATVs. The company has recently released a video explaining what Zen Mode is and how it can be used to improve your riding experience.

You may race to your heart’s delight in Riders Republic. In the sandbox campaign, your primary aims are to fly past your opponents, maximize points with stunts, and cross the finish line. There is, however, another setting that you may overlook but should not: Zen Mode.

What exactly is Riders Republic’s Zen Mode, and should you check it out? Everything you need to know is detailed here.

How to Get into Zen Mode

Zen Mode may be accessed from the main menu in Riders Republic. You are not required to unlock it. When you first load in, you’ll notice a few important variations between the campaign and its races and the sandbox campaign.

In Zen Mode, there is no progression.

Zen Mode is essentially a pure exploring mode. Perhaps you wish to visit a certain spot or just go into the unknown. If that’s the case, you should check this mode out!

You’ll be able to visit any area on the globe map by simply pressing a button to execute a helicopter drop (you’ll resurface at the position where the cursor is). You may explore as much as you like or even create your own races.

All unlocked, default vehicles are available.


To get the Wingsuit and Rocketwing in the sandbox campaign, you’ll need to gain 30 stars (Air Races). However, in Zen Mode, these are immediately ready for usage. To view these cars, just click the Up button on the D-pad.

There isn’t a photo mode.


Players who like recording amazing moments in games will appreciate Photo Mode. Activating this mode in the sandbox campaign career mode is only feasible while you’re free-roaming (i.e., not in the middle of a race). This function, however, is fully disabled in Zen Mode.

You may, however, attempt a workaround. Simply press the pause button to access the Options menu. Disable the HUD in the Accessibility tab. This will clear your screen of the majority of the clutter and icons. It’s not quite as nice as using Photo Mode, but it might assist if you absolutely need those screenshots.

In Riders Republic, that’s all there is to know about Zen Mode. It’s a fantastic option for individuals who want to unwind without having to worry about campaign career mode or climbing competitive ladders. Check out our other Riders Republic guides for additional information on Ubisoft’s open world sports game.

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