The Los Angeles Dodgers are a team of champions, but this year, their season has been anything but. Since the beginning of the season, the Dodgers have been compiling a historic record: they’re now 51-35, which is also the best record in the National League. They are also tied for the best record in baseball (along with the Cleveland Indians), and they are tied for first place in the NL West (along with the San Francisco Giants). In addition to this, they currently sit in second place in the league’s postseason standings, tied with the Miami Marlins.

The Los Angeles Dodgers have hit a low point. After winning the World Series last season, the team’s best pitcher was traded last week because of sexual assault allegations. The Dodgers did not disclose details of the allegations, but sources told ESPN that Bauer grabbed a woman’s buttocks in the dugout and was accused of groping two other women.

The Los Angeles Dodgers have hit a rough stretch recently, losing five of six games and sinking to 10-14 on the season. With the team just one game under .500, the Dodgers are already one of the worst teams in baseball. Because of that, there are many call for the firing of manager Dave Roberts, and rumors are swirling that manager Dave Roberts will be fired soon. Of course, all of this came to light after a couple of Dodgers players started doing things that are normally reserved for police reports.

Trevor Bauer’s signing with the Los Angeles Dodgers was one of the most talked-about transactions of the 2020-21 MLB offseason, but there’s a chance he won’t be back.

Bauer is currently on administrative leave after a woman in the Los Angeles area said he raped and physically attacked her twice earlier this spring. The accusations have sparked some discontent inside the organization, with former Dodgers stars like Dave Stewart expressing his dissatisfaction with the team’s initial handling of the situation.

Current Dodgers players seem to want the club to completely sever relations with Bauer.

In an ex-parte restraining order hearing, Trevor Bauer was granted a continuance.

The lady who accused Bauer of assault has also requested a restraining order, and the court procedures are scheduled to begin next month.

Bauer’s lawyer, Shawn Holley, claimed the legal team had “insufficient time” to prepare for the medical documents and witnesses given before them on Thursday, according to The Athletic. Bauer was granted a continuance. The hearing has been rescheduled for Aug. 2, Aug. 3, and Aug. 19 in Los Angeles Superior Court.

Holley said that his staff was prepared based on the initial information provided, but requested the extension to examine medical records.

According to The Athletic, Holley stated last week, “We came here ready, but based on what had been given to us.”

Although the woman’s legal team has indicated that Bauer will be called as a witness, Holley has advised her client to plead the Fifth Amendment. The preliminary injunction will be in effect until the judicial procedures are completed.

Bauer is still the subject of a criminal investigation by the Pasadena Police Department, and depending on the outcome of that investigation, he may face charges.

Bauer is disliked by the majority of Dodgers players, who want the club to sever relations with him.

However, the sexual-assault accusations against Trevor Bauer have turned him into a pariah in his own clubhouse, where no teammate has talked publicly about him or defended him, and the majority of players, according to two sources, do not want him back.

July 25, 2021 — Mike DiGiovanna (@MikeDiGiovanna)

Regardless of how Bauer’s legal issue plays out, members of the Dodgers clubhouse have made it plain that they do not want him back on the team.

According to two people with “knowledge of Dodgers clubhouse dynamics,” a “majority of players do not want Bauer back under any circumstances,” according to Mike DiGiovanna of the Los Angeles Times.

Bauer’s return to the Dodgers, if and when his administrative leave expired, remained a mystery. Bauer was not expected to return to the club in 2021, according to manager Dave Roberts. Trevor Bauer Bobblehead Night, which had been planned for Aug. 19, has been canceled by the group.

Bauer may potentially face a ban under MLB’s domestic violence policy, regardless of whether or not he is charged with a felony.

Bauer has a lengthy history of wrongdoing.


Los Angeles Dodgers pitcher Trevor Bauer walks off the mound during a start earlier this season Before joining with the Dodgers, Trevor Bauer had a worrisome history of off-field issues | Getty Images/Meg Oliphant

When the Dodgers signed Bauer, they took on a lot of risk and responsibility.

As DiGiovanna pointed out, the North Hollywood resident has a “history” of online harassment and verbal abuse, particularly towards women. However, Andrew Friedman, the president of baseball operations for the Los Angeles Dodgers, said that the team’s background checks on Bauer were good.

Before the season, Friedman and club president Stan Kasten spoke with Bauer about social media. During his first news conference, Bauer seemed to show a willingness to reform.

According to DiGiovanna, Bauer stated at the time, “Everyone makes errors in the past – I try to learn from them as soon as I possibly can.” “I’ve spent a lot of time talking to individuals to attempt to understand other people’s points of view, and I’m working hard to improve in all aspects of my life. I’m dedicated to improving my social media presence, as well as my performance on the field, in the clubhouse, and in general.”

Yet, only months later, Bauer is facing significant allegations that cast doubt on his integrity and raise questions about whether LA vetted him well enough.

While some Dodgers players were eager to play with Bauer before the season started, the majority do not want to see him in another Dodger jersey.

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