Rainbow Six: Siege is a multiplayer first-person shooter developed by Ubisoft for Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. The game features six Operators from the Rainbow team with unique abilities and weapon loadouts, each of which has been designed to counter one another.

The “rainbow six siege ak-12 best attachments” is a Rainbow Six Siege weapon that has been used in many different maps. The attachment includes a reflex sight, extended magazine and an M1911 pistol grip.

Rainbow Six Extraction Best Weapons

The best weapons in Rainbow Six Extraction will be your saving grace against some of the more difficult gunfights. The last thing you want is to be caught under-armed for that eventuality.

Rainbow Six Extraction’s Best Weapons

HK 417 


The best way to avoid being overrun in Rainbow Six Extraction is to take out your enemies without being seen. Enter the HK417, a high-powered sniper rifle that can be equipped with high zoom optics, and a suppressor to silence your shots.

The range is long enough to remove aliens beyond their visual range, and the stopping power allows you to quickly fire fatal bullets through thin barriers, eliminating adversaries and nests while staying hidden.  



Light machine guns are great for laying down suppressive fire on enemies. That’s a critical trait to have if your objective in an Incursion involved defending something from an onslaught of enemies.

When you have a 150-round magazine of high-powered bullets, holding a point is a piece of cake. The continuous fire can quickly remove crowds and is excellent at reducing the health of elite foes. 



Among the various shotguns in Rainbow Six Extraction, the M590A1 stands as the best. It has the power to eliminate standard enemies in a single shot. The force of the blow also has the power to stagger elite enemies, making it a great boss slayer.

You may also use the M590A1 to blast holes in specific barriers, allowing you and your crew to explore new territory. It’s a little noisy, but that’s part of the appeal. 



The AK74 is the perfect middle ground gun. It has decent range, damage, and rate of fire. While it doesn’t excel in any one area, the versatility of this weapon means you can bring it on any Incursion and get good results.

For covert approaches, you may toggle various firing rates and add a suppressor. It’s a jack-of-all-trades that rewards dexterity with the gun.

Finding the best guns is just the tip of the iceberg in Rainbow Six Extraction. There are Operators to choose, attachments to select, and more. Check our full array of guides for the best tips, tricks, and loadouts for your next Incursion.  

The “rainbow six siege console attachments” is a list of the best weapons in the game. The attachment can be used on all platforms, and it is possible to find them in-game or through trading with other players.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the strongest weapon in r6?

A: The strongest weapon in r6 is the M60E4.

What gun has the highest DPS in rainbow?

A: The M700 is the best gun to use due to its high DPS.

Is the AK-12 A good gun r6?

A: The AK-12 is a military firearm, and so its up to the user in their skill level on how well they would be able to use one. It does have an auto fire mode for those who are not as skilled with aiming, but I dont recommend trying out this gun unless youre sure of what youre doing.

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