Here’s a story from The Sports Vision that is guaranteed to put a smile on your face: Peyton Manning once helped Jay Cutler into a pool, before quickly realizing the prank had gone horribly wrong. The legendary quarterback had been unable to find a suitable victim for his next prank, so instead decided to turn to his longtime friend and fellow NFL quarterback Matt Zashin for help.

So, Peyton Manning has quite a history of playing pranks on his younger brother Eli. He once threw him into a pool full of lemons. Then, he put a live chicken into Eli’s car and drove around with it in the back. Now, he’s done it again, just three years later.

Peyton Manning, former QB of the Indianapolis Colts, was a regular Pro Bowl player during his career and was elected to the NFL Hall of Fame 14 times. So when Jay Cutler made his first and only Pro Bowl of the 2008 season, Manning had to welcome the young QB to the big event. However, he did so by overplaying Cutler, which ultimately failed completely.

Peyton Manning and Jay Cutler were Pro Bowl quarterbacks in 2008

Peyton Manning: Professional Cup Trekking

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At the beginning of the 2008 NFL season, Peyton Manning had become one of the best quarterbacks in the NFL for the Indianapolis Colts. That year he was selected in the ninth round of the Pro Bowl and made fourth team All-Pro with 4,002 yards, 27 touchdowns and 12 interceptions.

He led the Colts to a great season, with a 12-4 record but a loss in the Wild Card round against the San Diego Chargers.

Cutler, meanwhile, got his first and only Pro Bowl that year. This was his third season in the league after making the Denver Broncos’ team with the number 11 pick in the 2006 NFL Draft, and only his second as a starter. In 2008, he totaled 4,526 yards, 25 touchdowns and 18 interceptions, helping the Broncos finish 8-8.

Manning and Cutler were both members of the AFC, but they ended up losing 30-21 to the NFC, according to

Peyton Manning’s joke went all wrong

(left to right) Peyton Manning and Jay Cutler. | Jeff Zelevansky/Getty Images; Stacy Revere/Getty Images

According to a 2009 Denver Post article, while some members of the Pro Bowler team were vacationing in beautiful Hawaii, Manning, former New York Jets center Nick Mangold and former Chargers offensive midfielder Chris Dillman played with Cutler.

Manning focused on grabbing Cutler’s phone while Mangold and Dillman pushed him into the pool.

But when they thought they were taking his phone, they forgot that Cutler has type 1 diabetes, which is why the glucometer was in his pocket.

It was.

It was a prank where I thought we were smart enough to take the phone out of his pocket, Dillman said, according to the Denver Post. But then: Oops.

But everything went well. Cutler called several pharmacies and finally found a new one.

It was a poor audition on our part, Manning said, according to the Denver Post. I think we thought about it and tried to get a cell phone. Then we found out the guy was getting insulin injections. We missed it.

Jay Cutler played in the NFL after being diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes


Getting into that pool wasn’t the only challenge Cutler faced in his NFL career.

Cutler was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes in 2008 and quickly realized the lifestyle changes he needed to make while playing football.

Cutler hoped his blood sugar would be in the 80s or 90s during matches, according to a 2017 article in the Palm Beach Post.

Diabetes is about insulin levels, sugar levels and what you put in your body, Cutler said in 2012 on The Jay Cutler Show , as reported by ESPN. The more you feed your body, the more you have to regulate it with insulin. After kickoff, talk about breakfast, lunch and meals before the game. So there are even more foods to watch out for and what you are giving your body. A game in the afternoon, a light breakfast, fruit, insulin and I’m ready to go.

Cutler will also have to have his blood sugar checked every time he steps to the sideline during games.

I always have a Snickers or Milky Way nearby to make up the shortfall, he said in 2017, according to the Palm Beach Post.

Cutler played nine more seasons in the NFL after his initial diagnosis. During his career, he accounted for 35,133 yards, 227 touchdowns and 160 interceptions for the Broncos, Chicago Bears and Miami Dolphins.

Of course, diabetes was a major obstacle Cutler had to overcome to become a successful football player. But he learned to deal with it all and ended up having a good career as an NFL quarterback.

statistics provided by Pro Football Reference

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