Von Miller has warned teammate Odell Beckham Jr. that he will take a knee to the head if they met in an NFL game, but it backfired on him when his team got shut out by the Rams and put themselves at risk of missing the Super Bowl. The Broncos would have been better off taking their chances with winning against Elway’s old stomping grounds than following Miller’s advice.

The “rams super bowl appearances” is a warning that Odell Beckham Jr. gave to Von Miller, which has paid huge dividends for the Los Angeles Rams and their Super Bowl dreams.

Odell Beckham Jr.’s Warning to Von Miller Paid Huge Dividends for the Los Angeles Rams and Their Super Bowl Dreams

With the Cleveland Browns, Odell Beckham Jr. finds himself in a perilous scenario. The three-time Pro Bowl wide receiver became a free agent after a fight with Baker Mayfield. OBJ ended up joining the Los Angeles Rams with his close buddy Von Miller, and the two are now competing for a chance to play in the Super Bowl together.

Without OBJ’s tough advise to Miller, this once-in-a-lifetime chance would not have been feasible.

Von Miller was advised by Odell Beckham Jr. not to join the Browns.

Rams WR Odell Beckham Jr looks on before a game; Von Miller smiles after win over the Buccaneers

Rams WR Odell Beckham Jr looks on before a game; Von Miller smiles after win over the Buccaneers The Los Angeles Rams’ Odell Beckham Jr. warms up before their game against the Green Bay Packers | Patrick McDermott/Getty Images ; After defeating the Tampa Bay Buccaneers in the Divisional Round, Von Miller celebrates | Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images

When the Cleveland Browns acquired Odell Beckham Jr. from the New York Giants in exchange for Jabrill Peppers, a first-round selection, and a second-round pick, they felt they had struck gold. The NFL world was thrown into a frenzy after the 2019 transaction. Regrettably, the transaction backfired on all parties involved.

Beckham seemed to be a terrific match for the Browns offense, but he ended up being the polar opposite. In his debut season with the club, he was fruitful (74 receptions, 1,035 yards, and four touchdowns). OBJ and Baker Mayfield, on the other hand, were unable to establish a consistent relationship.

The two players fell out of favor with one another, resulting in a high-octane season in 2021. As a consequence, following Week 8, the Browns released Beckham. After clearing waivers, he relocated to Los Angeles to join the Rams.

Players like Von Miller and Jalen Ramsey aided in his recruitment, according to the LSU product. Miller seemed to repay Beckham for a service he had done for him in the past. The eight-time Pro Bowl edge-rusher disclosed that he and OBJ discussed the possibility of playing together in the future. Miller, on the other hand, should not attempt to join the Browns, according to the receiver.

“Don’t come to Cleveland,” Miller said in a statement to Sports Illustrated.

Regardless, fate brought the two Pro Bowlers together.

The #Rams are playing thanks in part to the acquisitions of Von Miller & Odell Beckham Jr, both of whom they’d like back. How could they do it? The salaries of Jared Goff, Todd Gurley, Michael Brockers and DeSean Jackson come off the books for 2022, clearing $39M. It can be done.

— Ian Rapoport (@RapSheet) January 30, 2022

When the Cleveland Browns dismissed Odell Beckham Jr., he became a free agent for the first time. The Green Bay Packers, New Orleans Saints, and Kansas City Chiefs were among the teams interested in him. In the end, the Rams were victorious in the OBJ sweepstakes.

When Beckham landed in LA, Von Miller had just arrived. The Rams traded two 2022 draft selections to the Denver Broncos for the All-Pro outside linebacker.

The Rams, according to the eighth-year wideout, wanted him more than any other club in the market for his services. Not to add that the discussions he had with Miller would be realized.

“Man, it’s time,” Beckham said to Miller. “Now it’s time to put everything together.”

Beckham and Miller both made their Rams debuts in Monday Night Football’s Week 10 defeat to the San Francisco 49ers. Miller had three tackles and one tackle for loss, while OBJ only caught two catches for 18 yards. Both players struggled to adjust to their new club. They are, nevertheless, reaching their stride at the appropriate moment.

For the Rams to make it to the Super Bowl, they’ll need Beckham and Miller to keep rising to the occasion.

Will the Rams be able to profit from their daring bets and win the Super Bowl?

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6z L35n grM

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Les Snead, the general manager of the Los Angeles Rams, opted to go all-in for the 2021 season, and his gamble has paid off thus far.

The deal for Matthew Stafford was the first to fall. For Jared Goff, two first-round selections, and a third-round pick, the Los Angeles Rams acquired the veteran quarterback from the Detroit Lions. Stafford was obtained at a significant cost to the Rams. Clearly, they believed he was the missing link in their quest for a Super Bowl victory.

Stafford has unquestionably outperformed Goff. His performance in the playoffs has been his harshest critic. He has, however, succeeded with a solid team behind him.

With the additions of Odell Beckham Jr. and Von Miller, Sean McVay’s team already had Super Bowl or bust expectations. Bringing in well-known figures attracts a lot of attention. As a result, there is more pressure and expectation.

In the NFC Championship Game, the Rams are aiming to start out on the right foot against the San Francisco 49ers. To beat their arch-rival, they’ll have to demonstrate and prove all three hazardous bets on the big stage.

Super teams are uncommon in the NFL, but they’ve worked for the Rams, who are one victory away from winning the championship.

Pro Football Reference provided all stats.

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