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‘Not Pressed for a Conversation’

With so much on the line, the Los Angeles Rams and San Francisco 49ers will meet for the second time in the 2021 NFL season. The Niners are battling for a postseason berth, while the Rams are attempting to clinch the NFC West crown. This will be one of the finest Week 18 matches, with plenty of tension on both sides. Deebo Samuel and Aaron Donald have been at odds for some time. Samuel’s most recent remarks just added fuel to the flames.

Deebo Samuel is adamant about not speaking with Aaron Donald.

49ers WR Deebo Samuel in action against the Bengals; Rams DT Aaron Donald looks on during a game

49ers WR Deebo Samuel in action against the Bengals; Rams DT Aaron Donald looks on during a game Aaron Donald of the Los Angeles Rams in action against the Jacksonville Jaguars | Brian Rothmuller/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images; Deebo Samuel of the San Francisco 49ers runs the ball against the Cincinnati Bengals | Justin Casterline/Getty Images; Deebo Samuel of the San Francisco 49ers in action against the Cincinnati Bengals | Justin Casterline/Getty Images

Deebo Samuel will never forget how Aaron Donald betrayed him.

After the Rams’ defeat against the 49ers in 2020, media questioned the defensive lineman about Samuel’s effect on the game. Donald’s remark ruffled a few people’s feathers.

“Who? “Who is that?” Donald inquired. It’s unclear if the 6-time All-Pro understood who the Niners wideout was at the time. Samuel claims that if he didn’t know Donald before, he now does.

In San Francisco’s Week 10 triumph on Monday Night Football, the South Carolina product had a big night against the Rams. He has five receptions for 97 yards and a score. On the ground, Samuel gained 36 yards and a touchdown.

Reporters asked Samuel if he wanted to talk about his problems with Donald at a news conference coming up to the Week 18 rematch. The 49ers’ top player reacted just as you’d expect him to.

According to NBC Sports Bay Area, Samuel answered, “No, I’m not pressured for a dialogue.” “I’m not familiar with him.” He obviously has no idea who I am, despite the fact that he should. I’m not sure. I don’t simply approach someone and say, “Hey, how are you doing?” ‘My name is Deebo.’ I’m not that sort of man or whatever you want to call it. I’m not sure why I’d want to have a chat with him since he’s an opponent.”

Going into the 2021 season finale, the Pro Bowl wide receiver is all business.

Do the 49ers know what the Rams’ phone number is?

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In his career, Deebo Samuel is 5-0 versus Aaron Donald and the Los Angeles Rams. In Week 18, with an NFC wild-card place on the line, he’ll try to keep the streak alive.

Recently, the San Francisco 49ers seem to have the Los Angeles Rams’ number. Kyle Shanahan has beaten Sean McVay in five consecutive games, including a 31-10 thrashing earlier in the 2021 season.

In the first game between the NFC West rivals, the Niners upset the Rams. San Francisco had a 3-5 record going into the game. LA was 7-2, and Von Miller and Odell Beckham Jr. had lately been added to the mix.

On paper, the Rams were the better football club, but the 49ers came in with a superb game plan and executed it well.

The Niners ran for 156 yards, relieving Jimmy Garoppolo of a significant amount of pressure. From 39:03 to 20:57, they controlled the time of possession fight.

On the opposite side of the ball, the 49ers restricted the Rams’ passing attack’s efficiency. Defensive coordinator DeMeco Ryans’ squad had one of its better performances of the season, with two interceptions on Matthew Stafford.

The 49ers are pushing for a postseason place, but they have a good matchup with the Rams, which might help them in Week 18.

The 49ers need a big performance from the Pro Bowl receiver.

In the 2021 season finale, each of these clubs have something to play for. The stakes for the San Francisco 49ers, on the other hand, could not be greater.

To win the season series, the Niners will need another outstanding performance from Deebo Samuel. The 25-year-old wideout is having his most productive season in the NFL thus far.

Samuel has 73 catches for 1,310 yards and six touchdowns on the season. On 51 carries, he has 320 yards and seven touchdowns. Against the Rams, expect Kyle Shanahan to incorporate the first-time Pro Bowler early and frequently.

Samuel might possibly cross paths with Aaron Donald as he becomes more active in the running game. That encounter would be entertaining to see.

When playing against NFC West competitors, Deebo Samuel, according to tight end George Kittle, “takes his game to another level.”

“When Deebo plays the Rams, I believe he’s a different player,” Kittle said. “There’s a smidgeon of disdain there.” Deebo is a fantastic football player, and I believe that everyone should know who he is and what his name is. I’m not sure whether he goes above and above in these games versus the Rams or anything, but you can certainly sense his passion. “I’m looking forward to witnessing a fiery Deebo,” says the author.

The 49ers’ Swiss army knife has game-breaking potential, and the team should give him every chance to remind Aaron Donald who he is.

Pro Football Reference provided all statistics.

In Week 18, here’s how the San Francisco 49ers may clinch the last NFC Wild Card berth.

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