When the Pittsburgh Steelers’ playoff run for the 2015 season came to an end on January 4, they were still in control of their own destiny to make the Super Bowl. Pittsburgh was in the drivers seat to make a trip to the big dance, but faltered against the New York Jets, and ultimately lost the game. Following the game, Steelers’ head coach Mike Tomlin was constantly bombarded with questions about whether or not he would be the one to replace Tony Romo as the face of the Cowboys. Despite the fact that Tomlin said that he doesn’t even know who the Cowboys quarterback is, the media has run with the story.

Tomlin’s new contract with the Steelers was big news across the sports world this week, and it’s a contract that likely won’t be the last. Tomlin has been one of the NFL’s best coaches for the past decade, leading the Steelers to four Super Bowls and a win in one of them, so it’s no surprise that the league is interested in him as a head coach. The problem is, Tomlin is also one of its best quarterbacks. Current NFL commissioner Roger Goodell said last week that Tomlin is the best quarterback he has ever seen, which suggests that he’s one of the best quarterbacks Goodell has also seen.

An interesting wrinkle has emerged within the sports media industry this year, as NBC Sports has been aggressively pursuing the hiring of Mike Tomlin as a studio analyst. Tomlin’s name has been floated by the network as a potential replacement for Tony Romo, who is set to leave the booth to take a broadcasting job with CBS next year.

Pittsburgh Steelers head coach Mike Tomlin could be the future ofSunday Night Footballin more than just the role of head coach.

Tomlin turned 49 in March and has yet to express any desire to retire or retire from the coaching profession. But when the time comes, NBC Sports is ready to make an offer the Super Bowl-winning coach might not be able to refuse.

NBC Sports is interested in hiring Mike Tomlin

NBC Sports manager Fred Gaudelli wants to hire Pittsburgh Steelers coach Mike Tomlin. Todd Olszewski/Getty Images

Forget that Al Michaels and Chris Collinsworth present Sunday Night Football all year long. You could focus on Mike Tirico, Drew Brees… and Tomlin?

Fred Gaudelli of NBC Sports told The Athletic that he is already interested in hiring Tomlin when the time comes. Gaudelli said he has eight names on file that are labeled as potential talent, and Tomlin is at the top of that list.

It has its own language that everyone understands. He has a very expressive personality. We would love to see him in the studio to learn more about him, but I think he would be just as good in the game. If you told me you could take someone out of the league right now, it wouldn’t even be a hard decision. That’s Mike Tomlin.

The bad news for Gaudelli is that Tomlin is still with the Pittsburgh Steelers as of the 2021 season. The longtime head coach has also not indicated that he will continue his career as an announcer after retirement.

If Tomlin ever becomes a studio reporter for NBC, he could replace Tony Dungy as coach on set. Dungy, who was Tomlin’s mentor with the Bakkanirs, will turn 66 in October.

John Harbaugh and Sean McVay are also on NBC

#LARams Head Coach Sean McVay is known for his photographic memory of football….. But does that also apply to his @MaristSchool days? The head coach of his school gave us three old games to test McVay’s ridiculous memory. Spoiler alert: He did well. Very good. pic.twitter.com/P7NL99QU0R

– Justin Felder (@Justin_FOX5) January 29, 2019

Of the eight names on Gaudelli’s list, all are named after famous NFL players, and some even have Super Bowl rings.

Tomlin, who led the Steelers to a Super Bowl victory in 1943, is one of those figures. Ravens coach John Harbaugh, who won the Big Game four years later, is also on Gaudelli’s list. Harbaugh previously served as a guest analyst on the 2018 Super Bowl 52 coverage.

Los Angeles Rams head coach Sean McVay sometimes becomes a viral figure because of his memory and ability to analyze play. These skills, Gaudelli said, would serve him well as an announcer.

I just think McVay has a great way of communicating, Gaudelli said. He has a lot of energy and really loves football.

It is not known if any current players are on Gaudelli’s list. However, ESPN’s vice president of production Seth Markman shared some of the names on his list with The Athletic. Current players on Markman’s roster are Cam Newton, Richard Sherman and Russell Wilson.

Tomlin may need a good 2021 season to keep his job

If Tomlin wants to continue coaching and not wear a suit and tie on Sunday, he needs to finally play a good season with the Steelers.

That comment may seem outrageous after the Steelers started last season with 11 wins in a row. However, the team has lost four of its last five games and suffered a humiliating 48-37 defeat against Baker Mayfield and the Browns in the AFC Wild Card round.

The Steelers have been in the game since the 15th. January 2017, they didn’t win in the playoffs. Five years without a win in the postseason, even in the competitive AFC North, is unacceptable for a talented Steelers team.

The Steelers have backed Tomlin so far, and many won’t disagree with that decision. But if this series makes it to the six, which is entirely possible given the danger of the Browns and Ravens, Tomlin might want to start communicating with Gaudelli.

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