Need a thrill? Check out our list of the Sandrock Hidden Treasure Chest locations! From adrenaline-pumping roller coasters to an underground maze, there are plenty of places where you can find hidden treasure.

“My Time at Sandrock Hidden Treasure Chest Locations” is a game that was released on the Google Play Store. The app allows users to explore and find hidden treasure chests in the desert.

Numerous chests are concealed around the dusty town of Sandrock and in the establishments that call it home. Whether it’s a crafting recipe, a useful piece of equipment, or a few Gols, each one is valuable. It’s not difficult to locate them on your own since there aren’t many of them yet in Early Access. 

In any case, the guide below will show you where every single treasure box is right now during the EA time of My Time at Sandrock. Additionally, it will tell you what is included in each one of them, with the exception of one since I have yet to find out how to access the dang thing. Little Town and Greater Town will be separated.

My Time at Sandrock: Hidden Chest Locations


Little Town


  • Turn right as you enter the railway station.


  • within the Commerce Guild, on the balcony on the second story.


  • near the area of Blue Moon Saloon to the right of the bar.
    • Vinegar and soy sauce twice as a reward.


  • By the western, second-floor door of Blue Moon Saloon (to the left of the main entrance if you’re facing the Saloon).


  • Between Owen’s red home and Pablo’s Parler barbershop on the barbershop’s eastern side.
    • Blessing Pendant is the prize.


  • East of Pablo’s Parler on the catwalk (left of and above the Blessing Pendant chest).
    • Pioneer legend book as a reward.


  • above and behind Pablo’s Parlor barbershop, on the stone stairs.


  • North end of the balcony on the second level of City Hall, above the entrance.


  • On top of the stable next to the General Store (by the stairs); if you’re looking at the front of City Hall, it will be on your left.
    • Bone Necklace (defense +5) as payment.


  • Burgess’ water-selling structure, Water World, is located below ground. To the right of the steps heading up from the town’s main thoroughfare, walk underground.
    • The world in however many days as a reward.


  • On the far-left side of the Miner’s Dorm’s second-story balcony.

Greater Town


  • In opposition to the Church of Light temple’s rear.


  • above Ceramic Gate, on the balcony.
    • Ceramic Plate recipe as reward.


  • across the street from the Research Center, on top of the structure to the west. Rocky’s residence is this.


  • climb the steps on the south side to reach the roof of the Research Center.


  • in the tunnel going from the Research Center to the Ranch and Hammer Time, on the platform above the tunnel.
    • Stone Daggers, multiplied by 1.


  • on the eastern side of the roof, above the Ranch’s barn. Take the western side up.
    • Yakmel Horn Bracelet recipe as a reward.

Unless we overlooked one in someone’s room (finding someone to be your buddy in this game is a job), those are all the chests that are presently available in My Time at Sandrock. Throughout the Early Access duration of the game, there will undoubtedly be modifications to chest placements (or maybe whole new additions), therefore we’ll occasionally update it with fresh information.

The “my time at sandrock” is a game that takes place in a fictional world. The game has many hidden treasure chest locations throughout the world, which can be found by exploring the map.

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