As you may know, Wyverns are a type of lizards that live in the mountains of Elibe and they have a rare ability to breath fire. They are also very dangerous, but there is a way to kill them.

For a while now I’ve wanted to take on a wyvern for the Wyvern Dagger. We’ve already got the bloodforged helm, so what’s the next thing to kill them with? How about muck? You know, the stuff that’s really thick and sticky. Then again, what does it matter? If you’re going to be killed by a wyvern, you might as well die in a suitably epic fashion, right?

This week, I am taking you through my process of researching and creating a custom muck for the Wyvern Dagger, a weapon that will be included in the next Dragon Age game. I’ll start with my original idea for the series, which is to create a number of maps (called “mucks”) which represent the layout of the area I want to create. This is also known as “mapping”, and it’s a great way to plan out your levels and know how they’ll work.

Combat is a big aspect of Muck, and the Wyvern Dagger is one of the best weapons for it. This knife has the quickest attack speed of any weapon in the game, but it does just mediocre damage, falling between between mithril and adamantite swords in terms of damage.

This tutorial will show you where to acquire the components for the Wyvern Dagger and how to build it.

Muck: How to Get the Wyvern Dagger by Killing Wyverns


One pair of Wyvern Claws and ten pieces of Oak Wood will be required to make the Wyvern Dagger. The 10 oak pieces are the easiest portion. You should have enough of wood at this time, but if not, start cutting. The Wyvern Claws are considerably more difficult to get, since they require you to kill a large number of Wyverns.

Wyverns are night-only flying adversaries that are green and yellow in color. When they die, they have a 1% chance of shedding Wyvern Claws. They aren’t tough to kill, nor are they especially uncommon, but the fact that they only have a 1% chance of dropping the item you need means it will be a slog.

Wyverns will not begin to spawn until Day 7, giving you plenty of time to stock up on weapons and equipment.

A bow is the most effective weapon against them. While you are grounded, melee weapons will not function. You’re probably not going to get much use out of slashing at them unless you have a jetpack. You should choose an oak bow since it is the most powerful of the wood bows.

With their Windball missiles, Wyverns can inflict a lot of damage. They will naturally want to maintain a safe distance from you, but you should do the same. You’ll be shooting ranged strikes at each other, and you’ll need plenty of time to avoid if necessary.

Because its strikes always go in precisely straight lines, you’ll be OK as long as you strafe continuously. Keep an eye out for any additional creatures that may be lurking nearby. The last thing you want is to be killed by a second Wyvern’s surprise assault.

There is a little technique you may utilize to make taking out these opponents a little simpler. When close, Wyverns, like other foes, will attack structure blocks. Workbenches, on the other hand, are now unaffected. This implies that putting a workbench down in the middle of a fight would temporarily “stun” the Wyvern while it attempts and fails to harm it. This may be used to lay down some simple assaults.

How to Make a Wyvern Dagger by Muck

It’s time to start creating after you’ve gotten your hands on some Wyvern Claws.

Take your claws and ten Oak Wood to your Anvil and use them to make the Wyvern Dagger. This is a curved yellow blade with a green grip and amazing attack speed. It may not do as much damage as the other high-end blades in the game, but the speed with which you can strike more than makes up for it.

If you want to win this game, you’ll need to equip your Muck character with weapons and equipment like these. As you work on fixing the engine and ultimately battling Bob the Dragon, make good use of your acquired sword to rip through your enemies at night.

If you like this tutorial, we have a number of more for the game Muck!

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