Monster Hunter: World is set to receive a number of new updates in the coming weeks, with the upcoming Rise patch set to bring with it a plethora of fixes and tweaks to the game, some of which have been hinted at over the course of the last month.

Monster Hunter: World’s third expansion pack, Rise of the Elder Dragon, launched last month, and while it didn’t add an enormous amount of new content, it did fix a slew of bugs and add a great deal of new content: new monsters, new areas, new weapons, a new quest, new costumes, and more. While there’s no doubt that the expansion is a step up from the previous two, there are still a fair amount of issues that need to be addressed before the game can be considered perfect.

Since its release in March, Monster Hunter Rise has keptSwitch owners on their toes as they gleefully hunted creatures five times their size and smashed them upside the head with a hammer twice their size.

During this time, Capcom has also continuously supported Monster Hunter Rise with various patches and updates. An update 3.1.0 has been released, which fixes some issues and adds new content to the game.

The biggest benefit of this new patch is that it adds event-based tasks that will be available weekly, and Capcom has made a bunch of DLC available for purchase on the eShop.

While the new weekly content is an exciting addition, as it means an incredible amount of new quests for players to dive into regularly, players will likely be just as interested in the bug fixes that the new update will bring.

Capcom lists a total of 75 fixes in the full patch notes, which you can read here, although some are not mentioned, so the actual number may be much higher. Even without these 75 unreleased features, there’s nothing to scoff at, especially since many of them fix problems that otherwise seriously hampered gameplay, from the UI to threading issues.

Earlier this year we gave Monster Hunter Rise a great review, saying that it was perhaps one of the easiest games in the series, but also one of the most flexible, and ultimately satisfying in every way…..

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