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The “striped hide rise” is a type of armor that can be obtained in Monster Hunter: World. To get the striped hide, players will need to complete a quest from one of the three classes.

Monster Hunter Rise: How to Get Striped Hide



Monster Hunter Rise‘s Striped Hide is just one of many elusive crafting materials in Capcom’s action RPG. However, unlike some other items you’ll need for forgin weapons and armor, it’s luckily available in both Low-Rank and High-Rank quests. You’ve just got to know where to look for their locations.

This Monster Hunter Rise guide will tell you exactly where to look and where best to spend your time farming Striped Hide.

Monster Hunter Rise: How to Get Striped Hide

Striped Hide is primarily used to make the Remobra Low- and High-Rank armor sets, though it is used to forge a handful of weapons as well, such as Graceful Death I and Calamitous Portent II. It’s most likely you’re seeking out Striped Hide for the armor, so here’s where to get it.

Only one small monster can be carved for Striped Hide in Monster Hunter Rise, and that is the Remobra. Remobra are sleek flying monsters that are always found in key areas on some maps, and they are never indicated in the “Other Monsters” section when choosing a quest.

You can slay Remobra in either Low-Rank or High-Rank quests and carve them for a chance of receiving a Striped Hide. They can be found in the Shrine Ruins up high in Area 5, in the Frost Islands in Area 7 and Area 10, and in the Sandy Plains in Area 7 and Area 12.

Bringing along a Palico with Pilfer may make it easier to get your hands on Striped Hide from Remobra.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do you get striped hide in Monster Hunter Rise?

Where can I find stripped hide in Monster Hunter?

A: The best place to find stripped hide in Monster Hunter is the Ancient Forest.

How do you get eroded skeleton in MH rise?

A: Gamers usually have a few different ways to obtain the eroded skeleton in Monster Hunter World. The easiest way is through high-rank quests, as youll be given one at the end of your first playthrough. You can also get it from breaking a certain piece of armor or finding an item that has been used by other monsters and then bringing them back for research points.

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