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The “economic stimulation monster hunter rise” is a quest in Monster Hunter: Rise. The quest requires players to complete the quest, which will give them a new weapon and armor set.

Economic Stimulation is the second and final Argosy request in Monster Hunter Rise, and it grants you access to a third submarine as well as the ability to gather three distinct (or three of the same) crafting materials passively. It’s a little more complicated than the last request, Cultural Exchange, and occurs later in the game, but it’s not difficult.

How to Finish Monster Hunter Rise’s Economic Stimulation Quest

Because you’ll require access to all five primary zones, including the Lava Caverns, Economic Stimulation won’t be accessible until later in your Rise adventure. At the Buddy Plaza, you’ll ultimately get the request from Rondine the Trader. This time, she’ll want you to get three items: one King Rhino, three Rock Roses, and three Bismuth Prisms.

In Monster Hunter Rise, where can you locate King Rhino?

To get King Rhino for Economic Stimulation, go to the Flooded Forest zone. You’re on the lookout for the golden Shining Rhino’s one-of-a-kind gathering spots. These seem to be huge golden scarab bugs that are strewn over the level’s ruins and trees.


The nearest one is in the mountains between zones 10, 12, and 13 to the north of the first camp. In zone 11, there’s a Shining Rhino not far from Camp B, and there are a few surrounding the zone 2 enormous ziggurat. For the King Rhino, you only need to collect from one of these places, so leave the area once you have it.


In Monster Hunter Rise, where can you locate Rock Roses?


Rock Roses, another unique treasure found in the Sandy Plains, are obtained at the level’s Desert Rose collection spots. To fulfill this phase of the request, you’ll need three Rock Roses, and although there’s a possibility you’ll get enough at a single collecting site, you may need to seek for more.

Because Desert Roses are the same brown as the sandy Plains’ rock, you’ll have to depend more on your map to discover them. They’re not difficult to see in the surroundings if you know what you’re searching for.

Monster Hunter Rise: Where to Find Bismuth Prisms


Bismuth Prisms, the next item required for Economic Stimulation, are unique to the Lava Caverns and may only be obtained at Iridescent Ore collection spots in both the top and lower halves of the level.

If you’ve unlocked Camp B near the northwest cliffs between zones 6 and 7, remaining on the top level above the caves is your best choice. In the northeastern part of zone 10, there’s also a gathering place at Camp C.


No matter where you acquire the three Bismuth Prisms you need, you’re likely to get them at one Iridescent Ore.

It’s not a guarantee, much as the Desert Roses in the Sandy Plains, so either collect from another Ore or wait the five minutes or so for the nearest one to revive.


Return to Rodine in the Buddy Plaza after you’ve gathered all of the required resources and finish Economic Stimulation. You’ll now have three submarines ready to harvest minerals in a passive manner.

In our Monster Hunter Rise instructions center, we’ve covered everything from where to get materials to how to defeat monsters like Magnamalo and how to use the internet. We’ll have a lot more when the Sunbreak expansion comes out, so stay tuned.

The “monster hunter rise rock roses” is a quest in the game “Monster Hunter: World”. The quest gives players a chance to get some rare items.

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