What are the locations of Monster Hunter Rise Camp?

The “monster hunter rise shrine ruins sub camp 2” is a location for the Monster Hunter: World game. The camp can be found in the south-west of the map, near a waterfall and some caves.

Monster Hunter Rise Camp Locations

Finding the Monster Hunter Rise camp locations makes your life much easier. These are how you fast travel in Monster Hunter Rise, and they also act as a rest area where you can recover some health and get yourself in order again.

However, there are conditions, since you must accomplish specific duties after discovering the camps.

How to Unlock Monster Hunter Rise’s Fast Travel

In each Monster Hunter Rise map, Sub-Camps are your fast travel destinations, but they do more than simply let you move about quickly via the map menu. These camps, like their major camp counterparts, include supply bins for inventory management and allow you to eat a meal for extra benefits.

The problem is that you must first locate them. When you return to Kamura after finding a camp site, Kagero the merchant offers you a security or materials quest for that area.

Security tasks require you to kill a particular creature or a group of monsters, such as an Izuchi or eight Zamite. Once you’ve accomplished the mission, the sub-camp appears on the map, and you may utilize it whenever you choose.

However, there isn’t much clue on the main map about where to discover these camps. Here’s where you should look.

Location of Monster Hunter Rise Shrine Ruins Sub-Camp


Kagero asks you to hunt eight Izuchi for the Shine Ruins Security quest. These are the normal-sized ones, not the Great Izuchi.

Frost Islands Sub-Camp Locations in Monster Hunter Rise


1st Frost Islands Campsite

The enclosed area with the wooden huts in the northeast section of the map has one sub-camp.

This one unlocks the Frost Islands Sub-Camp Materials quest, where you need to gather two Warm Pelt and four Monster Bone S, but gathering these isn’t limited to the Frost Islands. Head back to Shrine Ruins sector 11 and 13 to find some Kelbi and get Warm Pelt. 

Location 2 of Frost Islands Camp

The second camp is to the southwest and unlocks Frost Islands Security. You’ll slay eight Zamite for this one, which is also a handy way of getting Meaty Hide.

Sandy Plains Sub-Camps in Monster Hunter Rise


Location 1 of Sandy Plains Camp

Sandy Plains’ initial sub-camp is located about northwest of sector 3, amid the ruins.

Kagero gives you Sandy Plains Sub-Camp Security after you find it, where you’ll have to defeat eight Kestodon, the small dinosaur-looking critters that roam the Plains. Check sectors 3 and 5 for these.

Location 2 of Sandy Plains Camp

The second camp is located south of sector 9 near the oasis, and the Sandy Plains Sub-Camp Materials quest that it unlocks is a little more difficult.

This time, you need two Monster Bone M and a Lagombi Pelt. Head back to the Frost Islands and take on the giant snow bunny for this one.

Location of Monster Hunter Rise’s Flooded Forest Sub-Camp


There’s just the one camp in Flooded Forest. Find it near sector 11, then come back once Kagero gives you the Flooded Forest Sub-Camp Security quest and slay eight Wroggi.

Sub-Camps in the Lava Caverns of Monster Hunter Rise


Location 1 of the Lava Caverns Camp

Head to sector 10 of the map, and keep going northeast until you find this camp. You’ll need to slay eight Uroktor for the Lava Caverns Sub-Camp Security quest. These are the long-necked, finned creatures that often lurk by the lava itself.

Location 2 of the Lava Caverns Camp

The second camp is in the ruins between sectors 6 and 7. The Lava Caverns Sub-Camp Materials quest has you present two Monster Bone L and a Tetranadon Hide to Kagero, so get ready to hunt some frog.

That’s all there is to know about Monster Hunter Rise camp sites, however for additional information, see our other Monster Hunter Rise guides.

The “shrine ruins sub-camp security” is a location in the game that players can access. This camp has an abundance of items and monsters to fight.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where are all the sub camps in Monster Hunter rise?

A: The following are the locations of all the sub camps in Monster Hunter World.

How many camps are there in Monster Hunter rise?

A: There are currently 40 camps.

Where is the second camp in Monster Hunter rise?

A: There are no official camps in Monster Hunter, but it is possible to make a camp of your own.

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