The Elden Ring in The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt is a large area that’s home to monsters and other dangers, but it’s also a place where you can meet allies and do a bit of exploring. To help players get to know the land, and learn its secrets, developer CD Projekt Red has made extensive use of in-game lore books. This week, game designer Miles Jacobson shared some of the Elden Ring’s secrets, such as how the entire area is built from a single huge tree.

The Elden Ring is a brand new world in The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, the first game in Nintendo’s new 3D Zelda series. The game is set in the same open world as Hyrule, but with a much different feel thanks to the addition of a number of new features.

From Software’s highly anticipated role-playing game, Elden Ring , has finally been revealed for E3 2021. Summer Game Fest has revealed a gameplay trailer showing combat, movement and summoning. Fans even got a glimpse of the game’s plot and story, though there’s still a lot to unpack. Today, new details about the game were announced by creator Hidetaka Miyazaki. In an exclusive interview with IGN, Miyazaki shared new information about the game Elden Ring, including the story, intermediate lands, battles, skills, fast travel, and more.

The story of the Ring of Elden is very heavy, but it should be more accessible

The stories in the Souls series are often strange. While the key moments are presented in traditional ways, much of the deeper and perhaps most interesting history is scattered in hard-to-find places or reflected in the texts. Some fans of the franchise have been committed to the development of the game, and this is a factor that encourages multiple playthroughs of the game. However, Miyazaki told IGN that the storyline of Elden Ringwill be more accessible, at least on some levels, than previous From games, including the Souls series. The story ofElden Ring, written in collaboration with George R.R. Martin, is more character-driven and while it doesn’t give away any deep secrets yet, the team wanted to strike a balance between saying too much at the beginning and not saying too much in the hidden areas. Miyazaki said: We hope that this level of understanding will be easily accessible, but again, the depth will be much greater as [the players] learn. And that depth, again, the idea that you’re gradually revealing the world, picking up the many little pieces, it’s a world with many layers, complex and very intriguing.[/embed]

Intermediate countries are large but connected

FromSoftware has stated that Elden Ring contains the largest map they have ever made. And while it remains to be seen how big it is , Miyazaki has provided a new context for The Lands Between and how they are connected. There are six main areas in Elden Ring, each inhabited by one of the game’s demigod bosses. Players can progress through most sections in any order, although some are naturally locked until certain criteria are met. Miyazaki insisted that Elden Ringhas a main route, but the team did not want to force players to take a specific route. One of the main themes in developing this new world was that we didn’t want players to get lost by the size and sense of scale, and have no idea what to do or where to go. So there is an element of orientation, especially in the beginning. There is a tribal road they can follow, but they are free to leave it and take an unexplored path….. Map Elden Ring also has subareas within these larger general areas. Miyazaki mentioned catacombs, castles and forts as places players can visit, all ready to be explored. Although the game’s trailer shows some of these supposedly small areas near forests, mountains, and swamps, Miyazaki didn’t give more details about the landscapes players can expect in these areas.

There is an intermediate speed and a fast speed

Details on both are still scarce, but Miyazaki has confirmed that the Elden Ring will have a hub similar to the Firelink Sanctuary in Dark Souls . However, it will not be available until the end of the game. He also said that the game will have some sort of quick travel system to help players get from one area to another faster. Players can choose to explore the map on their trusty stallion, as seen in the trailer, but the team wanted to include both options to reinforce the sense of choice and freedom that is central toElden Ring.

You can summon fallen enemies and other players

The gameplay trailer for Elden Ring shows the player summoning the blue spirits and fighting alongside them. Although they appear to be other players, Miyazaki confirmed that these blue ghosts are AI-controlled necromancers that can be summoned offline to help players. This is an advanced system compared to other From games, where you can summon certain NPCs to help you against bosses. These summoners can become companions, but it is not yet known how they will be summoned and how long they will follow the player. And these spirit summons, in our opinion – in addition to their great variety – are a great collectible hidden in the game world that you can discover and equip as you progress through the game. Miyazaki also confirmed that as part of the multiplayer component of Elden Ringtraditionally, Soulsas a challenge for players, but he did not specify the system. word-image-9191

There are many skills and abilities

Dark Souls 3 introduced skills and abilities in the form of weapon arts and was further developed in Sekiro:Shadow which is twice. It seems that a similar system is found in Elden Ring. Miyazaki said that skills and spells, another central pillar of the Souls series, will be acquired and learned from NPCs. But they also said there are other ways to open up the game that are related to the game’s emphasis on freedom and exploration. Many of these secrets can be found by unlocking certain parts of the world, giving the player an excuse to search for secrets off the beaten path. Miyazaki went on to say that there are hundred skills that can be interchanged with many of the weapons in the game. You are of course free to combine different skills with different weapons. You can create your own character and use a variety of weapons and equipment.

Stealth will be optional but is not required

Much of Miyazaki’s interview with IGN focuses on the central point of From Elden Ring’s design: player freedom. As for the battles, the team wanted to give players the chance to approach situations with different tactics. While the battles still feel strategic and heavy compared to Souls , there is also a Sekiroelement that seems to be in the stealth elements. Players have always been able to sneak up on their enemies to deliver a devastating stab in the back, but stealth in Elden Ring is more than that. It seems that the system will be a more useful addition to combat with drawn weapons. We think this is a relatively simple implementation of stealth, but it has a wide range of applications. This also adds to the player’s freedom, in our opinion. For example, you can. B. crouches stealthily and is less easily exposed in the tall grass. You can use it to your advantage to sneak up on your opponent, stab him in the back, or attack him from behind. However, they can also use it to bypass certain areas and assess the situation from a distance.

Endurance and health work differently

Anyone who has played Souls , Bloodborneor Sekiro knows that stamina is an important part of every movement and interaction, whether it’s rolling through toxic swamps or blocking enemy attacks. But it will not bebecauseis important in Elden Ring. Miyazaki didn’t give details, but said it would be a less restrictive option. He also stated that there will be more health items in the game. While Demon’s Souls uses various herbs to heal players, Dark Souls uses Estus vials, Bloodborne uses blood vials, and Sekiro uses gourds, Elden Ring will likely have various items that can restore health. According to Miyazaki, this is because the world map is so large, and from that it can be inferred that there are fewer rest stops and they are further apart than in other From games. — From Airdtree to Tainted and how the team drew inspiration from the game’s enemies and bosses, IGN’s interview is packed with information. Follow the link at the top of this article for more information. Elden Ring will be at 21. January 2022 for PC, PlayStation 4, PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S. Until then, stay tuned. [Source: IGN]

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