The Seattle Seahawks have lost Super Bowl 49 to the New England Patriots, and Marshawn Lynch has been widely criticized for not scoring on a goal line play. The running back admitted he did laugh in coach Pete Carroll’s face after bouncing off defenders into the end zone but that wasn’t his intention.

Marshawn Lynch admitted to “laughing” in Pete Carroll’s face after being snubbed on the goal line in Super Bowl 49. Read more in detail here: pete carroll.

Lynch, Marshawn has been rejected on the goal line in Super Bowl 49 for more than seven years. But, no matter how long the five-time Pro Bowler is in the spotlight, that fateful night in Arizona will always be remembered. At the very least, Lynch seems to be amusing about it.

A year after the Seattle Seahawks mauled the Denver Broncos and Peyton Manning in Super Bowl 48 by a score of 43-8, Pete Carroll & Co. were back in the title game once again. But this time, they squared off with the New England Patriots and Tom Brady, who, at that time, had won only three Super Bowls. Yes, that word was italicized for a reason. Like it’s a bad thing to have only won three titles instead of the seven he has now. But I digress.

Let’s return to Lynch, Marshawn now.

At the conclusion of Super Bowl 49, Lynch, Marshawn said he laughed at Pete Carroll for not handing him the ball on the goal line.

Lynch, Marshawn at halftime of Super Bowl 49 between the Seahawks and Patriots

Lynch, Marshawn at halftime of Super Bowl 49 between the Seahawks and Patriots On February 1, 2015, Seattle Seahawks running back Lynch, Marshawn walks off the field at halftime during Super Bowl 49 at University of Phoenix Stadium | Christian Petersen/Getty Images

The Seahawks were behind 28-24 with less than 30 seconds left in Super Bowl 49, but they were almost certain to score on the 1-yard line. Lynch, who led the NFL in running touchdowns with 13 and had already scored early in the game, was a foregone conclusion. On the NBC broadcast, Al Michaels and Cris Collinsworth even addressed New England allowing Seattle to score solely to get the ball back in Brady’s hands.

Then something occurred.

Lynch lined up on Russell Wilson’s left, but he didn’t catch the ball when it was snapped. He was simply a decoy and ran off for the left pylon on a passing route, rather than going into “Beast Mode.” Wilson threw a ball to Ricardo Lockette on a failed pick play. Lockette had caught only 17 receptions all season, 11 in the regular season and six in the playoffs.

Malcolm Butler, on the other hand, thwarted Seattle’s efforts by intercepting the ball and sealing the win for New England. The Seahawks’ choice to throw rather than hand the ball to Lynch is still one of the most questioned decisions in NFL history.

While one would expect Lynch to be furious and yell at Carroll and offensive coordinator Darrell Bevell, the two-time All-Pro recently told Kevin Hart on his Cold as Balls program that it was the exact opposite.

“Blasé, blasé, blasé, blasé, blasé, blasé, blasé, blasé, bla You know what I’m talking about. Damn.

“I get off the bench, and my mind is jumbled.” And when I pass Pete, I’m just laughing at him, like, ‘Bro, what the…?’

Lynch, Marshawn

At the very least, Lynch is amusing about it. Because you can bet there were plenty of Seahawks supporters and Patriots detractors who weren’t laughing that night.

Pro Football Reference provided the statistics.

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