The “stephen silas height” is a question that has been asked for years. Stephen Silas, the Houston Rockets coach and son of legendary NBA coach George Silas, is making a serious run at his dad’s record for futility.

Houston Rockets coach Stephen Silas has made a serious run at his dad’s record for futility. He’s gone just 27-103 in three seasons since he took over coaching duties after retiring from the NBA. What are some of the factors that have contributed to his struggles?

Stephen Silas, the coach of the Houston Rockets, has had an exciting year. In that time, there haven’t been many excellent events. Silas has presided over two of the franchise’s five longest losing streaks since being recruited on Oct. 31, 2020. For just 89 games in the big chair, that’s a remarkable body of work.

The Rockets lost their 15th game in a row on Nov. 22, marking the third-longest losing streak in franchise history, falling to the Boston Celtics 108–90. Houston’s most recent victory came on Oct. 22. It’s also their lone victory of the season. Silas’ name has risen to the top of the “who will be fired next” lists that were certain to emerge after the Sacramento Kings took Luke Walton out of his office on Nov. 21. However, if Silas makes it through the season, he’ll have a chance to beat a record established by his father. It’s not a great album, but it’s a record nevertheless.

The Houston Rockets are on a roll again thanks to Stephen Silas.

From February 6 through March 21, the Houston Rockets established a club record by dropping 20 straight games. That shattered a record set during the club’s expansion season in San Diego, when the faltering Rockets went on a 17-game losing streak in January and February 1968.

Before the 2020–21 season, coach Stephen Silas took over for Mike D’Antoni, inheriting a team that had made eight straight playoff trips and had the best record in the NBA as recently as 2017–18.

Someone yanked Silas’ chair out from beneath him before he could finish packing his belongings into D’Antoni’s old desk. James Harden, the NBA’s most valuable player, wanted a trade, claimed to be out of shape, and was gone by mid-January. Houston went from winning three consecutive Southwest Division championships to having the poorest record in the NBA, with a 17–55 record.

Of course, the Rockets lost the draft lottery to the Detroit Pistons because of Silas’ good fortune. With the second overall selection, they chose Jalen Green of the G League Ignite. John Wall, the league’s second-highest paid point guard, will not be wearing a Rockets jersey this season.

The inexperienced team is turning the ball over 18.2 times per 100 possessions, which is the league’s lowest rate. At the very least, the youngsters are playing at the quickest speed in the NBA, giving opponents greater chances to convert the gifts from Houston ballhandlers.

Stephen Silas is on the verge of breaking his father’s questionable NBA record.

Paul Silas coached the 2011-12 Charlotte Bobcats to the worst record in NBA history. Son Stephen Silas has the Houston Rockets on pace to beat it.

Paul Silas coached the 2011-12 Charlotte Bobcats to the worst record in NBA history. Son Stephen Silas has the Houston Rockets on pace to beat it. The 2011-12 Charlotte Bobcats had the poorest record in NBA history under Paul Silas’ guidance. The Houston Rockets, led by Stephen Silas, are on track to defeat it. | Getty Images/Streeter Lecka Getty Images/Ronald Martinez

The 2011–12 Charlotte Bobcats have the lowest winning % in NBA history. They concluded the lockout-shortened season with seven victories in 66 games, a winning percentage of.106, which was just ahead of the famed Philadelphia 76ers’ figure of.110 following their 9–73 disaster in 1972–73.

Coach of the infamously forgettable Bobcats team? Paul Silas, a three-time champion as a player who, may we say, had a less successful coaching career.

In two stints in Charlotte, a year in New Orleans, stops with the old San Diego Clippers, and the first two seasons(ish) of LeBron James’ Cleveland Cavaliers days, he has a career record of 387–488. He did, however, twice get the Hornets version 1.0 to the second round of the playoffs. So there you have it.

The Houston Rockets, led by Stephen Silas, are 1–16 with a.059 winning %. As a result, the Rockets are on track to finish 5–77. They’d see a modest increase in their winning percentage, which would jump to.061.

To avoid overtaking the 2011–12 Bobcats as the NBA’s futility monarchs, Houston must win eight of its last 65 games. It’s easy to blame the Rockets’ struggles on their inexperience. Green, who is 19 years old, and Kevin Porter Jr., who is 21 years old, are the starters (currently out with a thigh injury).

The other starts, on the other hand, are not children. Christian Wood, Jae’Sean Tate, and Daniel Theis are all 26 years old. Eric Gordon, the sixth man, is 33 years old and has been with the team for 14 years. They shouldn’t be as horrible as they are.

The 1982–83 Houston Rockets were the poorest squad in franchise history.

In 1982, the Houston Rockets began a rebuilding process. The contract of reigning MVP Moses Malone was about to expire. Before dealing him to the Philadelphia 76ers and tanking for a berth in the coin flip, the team decided to re-sign him.

Houston won the coin toss and chose Ralph Sampson after posting a 14–68 record, one game lower than San Diego’s first-year team in 1967–68. After a disappointing season the following year, they were forced to revert to the coin flip. They won the toss this time and selected Hakeem Olajuwon. The days of tanking had come to an end. In 1985, the lottery took up the position of the coin flip.

If the Rockets keep playing at their current pace (17–55,.236) for the remainder of the season, they’ll finish 15–50. Houston would end 16–66, failing to establish a team record and preventing Silas from removing his father’s name from history.

The Rockets are battling for lottery odds less than a month into the season. To escape being the worst team in NBA history, they’ll have to improve to just bad. Since taking over the Houston Rockets, Stephen Silas has had a string of bad luck. Will he be there for what may be a savage conclusion?

Basketball Reference and Stathead provided the statistics.

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