The only thing left to do now is to find a suitable autograph of Larry Bird. As you can see from these pictures, Larry signed this page at a hastily arranged team autograph signing event for that day. The signing took place at the team’s training facility, and then immediately the players were rushed to the airport to fly to the next game against the Lakers. Larry Bird, autograph signing event For some reason, Larry’s signature turned out to be the only one on the page, and there was no time for the players to exchange their signatures. So, taking advantage of being at the last minute, Larry decided to make up a race. Larry Bird, autograph signing event He told the players to race the autograph signing

Every year just before the NBA’s All-Star weekend, the league’s all-time best players sign a variety of items for their fans, including player jerseys, shoes, game-worn balls and even ring autographs. One sneaker company recently decided to do something new and invited the league’s biggest stars to sit down and sign autographs for these fans across seven cities.

At the height of the Boston Celtics’ dynasty, Larry Bird was the team’s captain, the face of the franchise and one of the finest defensive players in league history. The big, athletic forward was a frequent target of criticism for his lack of offense, but Bird had a gift for defense that went unmatched among his peers. Bird’s status as a sixth man on his team was one of the NBA’s best kept secrets, but he was also an early adopter of the sport and was a vital part of the famous Boston College team that won the national title in 1976.

While all professional athletes compete, Larry Bird has taken it to the next level. Although a quick look at his resume with the Boston Celtics confirms that the forward was both a talented individual player and a proven winner, there was more to Larry Legend’s game than just skill. The striker was also absolutely confident in his ability and could crush his opponent with sharp remarks.

But Byrd’s winning ways weren’t limited to basketball. During his time with the Dream Team, he channeled his competitive spirit into a new arena – speed signing – and unsurprisingly finished in first place.

Larry Bird was neither competitive nor confident


If you ask an NBA fan which player was willing to do anything to win, Michael Jordan is the first person he will name. Larry Legend was not a bad speaker in the trash talk business.

Over the years, many stories have been told about how Byrd combined competitiveness and confidence. Usually the scenario is pretty standard: the attacker explains to the defender how he is going to score a goal and does so on the way to victory. At one point, for example, he told the Phoenix Suns’ bench that he was tired of playing against them before hitting the game-winning three-pointer. On another occasion, the Celtics star even said it was disrespectful to other teams to assign a white man to defend him.

Even as he left the ground, Byrd was confident. For example, after partying all night, he decided not to go to the White House with the Celtics after the championship. If the president wants to see me, he knows where to find me, he told his teammates before heading home.

These anecdotes, combined with his playing life, paint a very accurate picture of Byrd. Not only did the Celtics forward know how to win, but he also had more than enough confidence to do what it took to win first place.

Larry Bird even turned a book signing into a chance to be the best

Larry Bird, legend of the Boston Celtics, signs an autograph in 2001. | Chitose Suzuki/The Boston Globe via Getty Images

When the Dream Team went to the 1992 Olympics, it included some of the best NBA players to ever walk the floor. While this reality has led to unusually intense battles, it has also created a natural opportunity for stars to assert their dominance in various leagues. One of them seems to have been the signing.

In an article in GQ about the Dream Team, Brian McIntyre, the NBA’s vice president of public affairs, told this unique story.

I had about eighty basketballs in my room in Barcelona, and I had to persuade the players to sign them all. Vogel was last, and he asks: Who did it fastest? I replied: Between 8 and 20 minutes. And Vogel said: I’ll be the fastest. It’s time for me.

Brian McIntyre

It’s not surprising that he did, given Bird’s competitive nature. While it probably didn’t lead to the best recruiting, he came out of McIntyre’s room with a Dream Team record.

So he drew them and threw the last one at me, McIntyre went on, Okay, what’s that? Wow, four and a half minutes! And he said: Yes! The game to the end.

Michael Jordan also had competitive moments at the 1992 Olympics


Although the Dream Team didn’t suffer many setbacks on their way to the gold medal, they still found a way to practice their competition muscles off the field. In addition to Bird autographs, Michael Jordan competed at the ping pong table and on the golf course.

As for the first version, the general version is as follows: Christian Laettner defeated MJ, and His Highness is determined to get revenge. A ping pong table was reportedly delivered to his hotel room and he spent two days practicing before beating Duke Blue Devil in a rematch. Although Laettner stated that he could not remember losing in a rematch, it can be assumed that high-stakes matches still took place in table tennis.

When Jordan was in Barcelona, he also lost a game of golf to Chuck Daly. His Highness could not resign himself to defeat and demanded that the coach return to the field as soon as possible; according to Rick Reilly, this meant knocking on the door of Daly’s hotel room at 4am the next morning and refusing to leave until he agreed to return to the field. Jordan won in the second round.

At the height of their careers, Larry Bird and Michael Jordan were two of the most competitive players in the world. Not surprisingly, putting them together in the Dream Team not only earned them a gold medal, but also many high-profile fights.

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