It’s the time of year when NBA fans are obsessing over their favorite players as they prepare for the upcoming season. With it, comes a ton of questions: which teams are going to make the playoffs? Which players are going to be traded? What are the odds of winning the championship? And how do you win the lottery? This past week, Larry Bird had an interesting experience when he was shopping for his brother Eddie. Eddie has been battling stage 4 cancer since 2010, and through his treatment, has gained a lot of weight. As a result, Larry Bird, the legendary former Boston Celtics star who played from 1979 to 1996, decided to buy his brother Eddie a gift. “He used to be very skinny,” Larry

Larry Bird once bought his brother, Eddie, an expensive gift. It’s not hard to see why this story is so funny — the gift was a major letdown. Larry was the best player in the world at one point and had a $32 million contract on his way to being the first player to have his jersey retired by the Boston Celtics . Eddie is a musician and writer, but he’s not a huge basketball fan…and is definitely not a fan of Larry.

Larry Bird once bought his brother Eddie an expensive gift but snagged it right back. Bird, now known as “Larry Legend”, was just starting his career in the NBA and wanted to give his brother an engraved watch as a one-year anniversary present. Bird bought it for $60 and was excited to surprise his brother on the night he was to give it to him. However, the surprise was ruined when Bird found the watch in his own closet. Why? Well, he was in debt to purchase the watch, so he snagged it from his brother’s closet before giving it back to him.

Larry Bird is one of the most difficult men to decipher. He was an introvert, but he was also honest, according to the Boston Celtics great. Those who were close to him knew he was on their side.

Bird was unaffected by wealth or celebrity. During his NBA career, he bought a Jeep for his brother Eddie at one point. However, it wasn’t long before he returned it.

On and off the court, Larry Bird improved everyone around him.


Larry-Bird-bench-1-1024x708 In the fourth quarter of Game 6 of the NBA Championship playoffs at Boston Garden, Larry Bird applauds his teammates from the bench after the Celtics beat the Lakers 148-114. (Photo credit: Getty Images)

When a basketball player is described as someone who improves his teammates, it sounds clichéd. That was true in Bird’s instance. Bob Woolf, Bird’s former agent, once remarked that as excellent as Bird was at making the players around him better on the court, he was just as brilliant at making the people around him better off it.

In 1988, Woolf told Sports Illustrated, “Larry has a way of making everyone he comes into touch with a better person.” “If you think Larry Bird has character and is selfless on the floor, wait till you see him off the court.” 

Bird, according to Mel Daniels, an assistant coach at Indiana State, “distributed the riches” on the floor. He said, “It’s like a piece of Larry goes to each player via the things he does.”

According to Tony Clark, who grew up with Bird, he was sincere and a real buddy off the court.

“Larry is the definition of a friend,” Clark added.

Larry Bird was a kind man who was also harsh – just ask his brother Eddie Bird.

Bird wasn’t exactly the most extroverted person on the planet. He was, in reality, the polar opposite. Bird, like his father, despised being the center of attention and disliked being around big gatherings of people.

Bill Hodges, the coach who assisted in Bird’s recruitment at Indiana State, described him as “the most timid and introverted person I’d ever met.”

Bird would wait until his brother Mark’s last varsity game in high school to see him play basketball. Joe, Bird’s father, was in the same boat.

Bird stated in 1988, “My father was proud of us, but he wouldn’t go watch us play.” “Dad was the same way with crowds.”

If you were close to Bird as a child, he looked after you, but if you let him down, he would let you know. Eddie was one of those people.

Larry bought Eddie a Jeep since he was the greatest player on the Indiana State basketball team. That was short-lived. Eddie had a ‘D’ in one of his courses at school, so Larry immediately towed the car away.

Max Gibson, Larry’s father figure after his father died, remarked, “It’s darned inconvenient for Eddie, but Larry won’t budge until he gets rid of that D.”

Bird was constantly concerned about the well-being of others.

There wasn’t a single selfish bone in Bird’s body. He just cared about one thing: winning a title.

“But Larry is so sensitive to what his teammates need that he adjusts his game to suit them,” Jimmy Rodgers, the Celtics’ assistant at the time, remarked. “Isn’t it a unique kind of personal constancy, focusing on the needs of others?”

The better he could make those around him, the greater his team’s chances of victory. During his career, he won three titles.

Bird remarked of the titles, “That’s why I play.” “I’m simply a glutton for punishment. Winning the title – I’ve never felt that way before, regardless of how important a game was. I recall the first time we were victorious, versus Houston (in 1981). We were well up at the end, so I came off with three minutes to go, and my heart was beating so hard on the bench that it seemed like it was going to leap out of my chest. Do you have any idea how you feel? You simply want everything to come to a halt and remain that way for the rest of your life.”

Larry Bird’s Strong Dislike for Bill Laimbeer Still Exists Off the Court

It’s a little known fact that Larry Bird once bought his brother Eddie a $900 watch as a gift. Not only that, but Larry and Eddie Bird still have the watch today. Eddie passed away in 2007, but the watch is a treasured possession in the family. Eddie’s son, Brian, has It’s a little known fact that Larry Bird once bought his brother Eddie a $900 watch as a gift. Not only that, but Larry and Eddie Bird still have the watch today. Eddie passed away in 2007, but the watch is a treasured possession in the family. Eddie’s son, Brian, has been trying to sell the watch for years through various high-end auctions. But as a security measure, he’ll only let the. Read more about larry bird brother andy and let us know what you think.

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