Last year, Lamar Jackson became the first player in NFL history to win the Heisman Trophy while playing for both the University of Louisville and the Baltimore Ravens. But after Jackson struggled in the preseason, the Ravens traded him to the Arizona Cardinals in September. Jackson is recovering from a knee injury that kept him out of the Cardinals’ Week 1 game.

There are several reasons why Lamar Jackson could have a negative impact on his rookie contract with the Baltimore Ravens. First, the Ravens are a team that values a premium for their rookie contracts. Second, the team is expecting Jackson to make a lot of plays, which means taking a lot of hits. Third, the team is expecting his contract structure to be similar to the one used by Joe Flacco. Fourth, Baltimore drafted Jackson because they believe he can play well. Fifth, the team is expecting him to have a big role in the offense.

Lamar Jackson’s rookie season with the Baltimore Ravens was an overall disappointment. The former Heisman winner started the year off with a bang, leading a first-round upset win against the Pittsburgh Steelers, but then regressed significantly over the second half of the season. His numbers were so bad that he threw himself under the bus, stating he couldn’t help but fall short of his expectations.

While he may not be to everyone’s taste, Lamar Jackson has already proven that he is a uniquely talented quarterback. With his running and throwing abilities, the Baltimore Ravens quarterback is poised to become a very rich man. But when it comes to negotiating a contract extension, there’s a catch.

Unlike most players in the league, Jackson does not use an agent. Instead, he and his mother will negotiate the deal. As you can imagine, this adds to the pressure because one wrong move could cost the quarterback millions of dollars or ruin his relationship with Ravens management.

Lamar Jackson and the Baltimore Ravens are ready to discuss a contract extension


Since coming to the NFL in the 2018 season, Jackson has received one of the most lucrative contracts in the entire league. However, this era is coming to an end.

The 30th. On April 20, 2021, the Ravens announced they would exercise the fifth-year option on Jackson’s contract. While that promises a nice pay raise and keeps the quarterback in town until the 2022 campaign, it’s not a long enough guarantee. As to be expected, Baltimore is willing to do whatever it takes to keep their star player for the next few years.

Jackson told reporters that he would like to stay in Baltimore permanently, but that he’s not too worried about the business side of things. Apart from this public relations response, it seems that both parties have gone into business. According to Mike Garafolo (H/T, the Ravens consider his extension their top priority and hope to have things settled before training camp begins.

However, regardless of when the agreement is reached, the number of participants should be quite large. Even if you want to find a few holes in Jackson’s game, he’s worth paying for in the top tier of quarterbacks, and he should have no problem making around $40 million a year.

Quartermaster Voronov faces difficultnegotiation process

The Baltimore Ravens’ quarterback throws a pass during the team’s offseason workout. | Scott Taetsch/Getty Images

Needless to say, the negotiation of multi-million dollar contracts is a very difficult process. However, Lamar Jackson will face additional challenges when he sits down to exchange the dollars and cents.

Instead of hiring an agent for himself, Jackson and his mother would handle the matter themselves. While this gives them more direct control over the situation and eliminates the middleman, it puts the quarterback at risk of getting into bad situations.

First, the negotiation process cannot be described as amicable, and there is always the possibility that one party, be it Jackson or the Ravens, will feel aggrieved, undervalued or otherwise slighted. While everyone understands that pro football is a business, it’s not ideal to have a situation where a star quarterback feels like the general manager is doubting him.

If you’re negotiating a contract with your starting quarterback, … Agents in many cases act as buffers, Ian Rapoport explained on The Pat McAfee Show. So if you’re really mad about a counteroffer, you yell at the agent, you tell him why you want to bankrupt him or whatever you want to say, and the player usually has no idea, and we have a good relationship. Lamar Jackson is a little different, because his mother acts as his business partner, as a business manager.

In addition to this personal relationship, Jackson is also under pressure to make a business decision that requires a lot of money. Without an agent, this is someone who can cost themselves millions of dollars with one wrong move.

That’s a lot of pressure. It’s incredibly difficult, Rapoport continued. The stakes are incredibly high, because if you make an unprofitable deal, you could lose tens of millions of dollars.

In the end Lamar Jackson has at least one decisive advantage


With Lamar Jackson and his mother facing tough negotiations this summer, it’s good to remember that they’ve done this before. They took care of the rookie quarterback’s contract and, despite the fact that these types of deals are pretty complicated, they got it all done. Besides this experience, there is another decisive advantage in their favour.

While some old school purists may not like it, the modern NFL is a quarterback-centric league. Jackson, with all his faults, is one of the best broadcasters in the world. While this doesn’t exactly give him a clean slate to throw on the negotiating table, it does give him some security. No. 8 can reasonably expect the Ravens to pay him somewhere in the vicinity of Patrick Mahomes and Dak Prescott, and if they don’t, another team in the league will be happy to do so. Even if he doesn’t want to leave town, this lever can help him with the little things.

It should also be noted that negotiating your own extension can lead to a positive outcome. DeAndre Hopkins is also an auto agent and not only has a record-breaking contract in 2020, but he also saved a ton of money on agent fees.

After all, as an NFL quarterback, Jackson is no stranger to high-risk, high-reward situations, especially if he likes to run. Negotiating a new contract with his mother will somehow be mundane.

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