Playing games can be a valuable way to spend time, as well as learn something new. However, there are many activities that don’t have a game counterpart and may not feel like they’re worth your time or money. This article will cover leveling up pets in order to keep them more powerful than their rivals.

Keplerth is a game that lets you level up pets. The “keplerth guide” is a helpful resource for players who are new to the game.

In Keplerth, you’ll want to maintain your pets leveled so they can stay relevant in battle and boost their mobility speed. Unlike copies, who have no level and rely only on their genes and equipment, pets are completely dependent on their level and do not gain from gear upgrades.

Pets do not get new skills as they level up. You may see whether your pet has any unique skills by going to ‘Manage’ and then ‘Information.’ Normal monsters don’t have many talents, but rare pets and monsters may have some useful battle abilities that you’ll want to have on your side.


In Keplerth, how do you level up your pets?

Choose ‘Manage’, then ‘Raise Level’ after right-clicking on a pet.


You’ll see that a Targeted Gene Editing Agent 1-2 is required to go from level one to level two. After that, you’ll need Targeted Gene Editing Agent 2-3, and the pattern continues up to level six.

To make Targeted Gene Editing Agents, you’ll need monster racial workstations. A higher layer of bench is required for each level. You may make the first one with the Goblin Workbench, the second with the Fusion Pool, the third with the Grounder Workbench, and so on. Slaying their respective bosses and unlocking them in Schip’s Lab are the only ways to get these.

The resources for these are always unique to the biome where the monster races live underground, and they’re usually not too tough to get. To remain relevant, you’ll want to keep your pets up to date with your current tech level.

That’s all there is to know about leveling pets in Keplerth, a process that is well worth the effort. On GameSkinny, you may find more Keplerth instructions.

Keplerth is a game that allows players to level up their pets. The “best pet” is the one with the most experience points. Reference: keplerth best pet.

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