Julio Jones, the superstar wide receiver for the Atlanta Falcons, has essentially become the odds-on favorite to win Super Bowl 56. This is because of the NFL’s new rule which allows for the New Orleans Saints to have a player return a kickoff for a touchdown. This rule was initially thought to be one that would only allow New Orleans to score a touchdown one time. However, after the teams picked who would return the kick for a touchdown, it was revealed that if the returning team scores a touchdown, the returner (whether it be New Orleans or whoever) will get a touchdown as well, which brings the total score to 7.

Julio Jones is the best wide receiver in the NFL, but he’s also the best risk-reward fantasy football player. The Atlanta Falcons’ WR1 leads the league in receiving yards (1,444), but he’s also the most injury-prone player in the league. He’s missed three full games this season (Chicago, LA, and Detroit) with a hamstring injury, and he also missed a game this season with a concussion. While he hasn’t missed any time this season with any other injuries, a hamstring injury is a major concern for him this season, given his history. And since this is a risk-reward scenario, it makes sense to limit your exposure to him in the fantasy

In case you haven’t heard: Julio Jones was traded from the Atlanta Falcons to the Tennessee Titans over the weekend. It gives Tennessee another weapon in an already potent offense that ranked in the top five in yards per game and scoring ability in 2020. The move also improved the Titans’ chances of winning the Super Bowl, the AFC Championship and the AFC South Championship.

Julio Jones only bolsters the Titans’ already strongoffense.

word-image-3460 word-image-3461 Julio Jones during the Falcons’ game against the Jaguars in December 2019 | Carmen Mandato/Getty Images When the first rumors surfaced that Jones was for sale, Tennessee was not mentioned as a possible landing spot. Many thought the Patriots and Broncos were first-round picks, possibly including the Ravens, but the Titans were able to seal the deal and didn’t give up much for the winner of seven Pro Bowlers, losing only a second-round pick in 2022 and a fourth-round pick in 2023. Tennessee also received a 2023 sixth-round pick from the Falcons. Jones joins a Titans offense that ranked fourth in the NFL last season in scoring (30.7 points per game) and second in yards per game (396.4). Of course, Tennessee lost Corey Davis (65 catches, 984 yards, five touchdowns) and Jonna Smith (41 catches, 448 yards, eight touchdowns) in free agency. But they signed Josh Reynolds (52 catches, 618 yards, two touchdowns) to a one-year contract and then used their fourth-round pick to select Dez Fitzpatrick, who caught 154 passes for 2,589 yards and 21 touchdowns in four years at Louisville. And of course, they still have A.J. Brown, who gained over 1,000 yards in each of his first two seasons. The addition of Jones gives quarterback Ryan Tannehill, who is having the best season of his career, an extra weapon and will force opponents’ defenses to focus even more on the Titans’ passing game, creating more holes for two-time NFL rushing champion Derrick Henry.

The Titans’ chances of winning the Super Bowl have increased significantly

. Before the Titans traded Jones, their odds of winning Super Bowl 56 were +4000, 17th all-time. Place of correspondence. Their odds of winning the AFC were +1800, 10th place, and their odds of winning the AFC South championship again were +130, 2nd place behind the Colts. Now that the deal between Tennessee and Atlanta has been confirmed, the Titans’ chances of winning the Super Bowl are now +2500, tied for ninth place, and their chances of winning the AFC are now +1200, tied with the Colts and Broncos, behind the Chiefs, Bills, Ravens and Browns. Currently, their chances of winning the AFC South championship are +110 and they are tied with Indianapolis. It’s a big step for Tennessee to contract a 32-year-old receiver who played in just nine games last season. But if Jones can stay healthy, he has proven that he is still one of the best receivers in the NFL.

Jones remains one of the best players in the NFL when healthy

. As noted, Jones played just nine games for the Falcons in 2020 due to a hamstring injury. Still, the five-time All-Pro caught 51 passes for 777 yards and three touchdowns. And just one season separates him from his 2019 campaign, in which he caught 99 passes for 1,394 yards and six touchdowns. Can he get back to that level? Maybe. Maybe not. But since the Titans already have all the other offensive weapons, he doesn’t even need them. Just the presence of Julio Jones on the field opens up all kinds of possibilities for Tennessee, which will be a better team with him than without him. All we have to do now is wait and see how everything turns out. stats courtesy of Sports Reference, odds courtesy of DraftKings. COMPARED TO: Tennessee Titans running back Derrick Henry has joined an exclusive club made up of a trio of prominent

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