The Packers haven’t been the same since the injury to Aaron Rodgers , and the offensive woes are now affecting the entire team. Green Bay’s pass-rush and run-game have been decimated both by injuries and by substandard play by the Packers’ starting quarterback. It’s no secret the Packers have been searching for a quarterback to replace Aaron Rodgers since the 2012 season, and they finally seem to have their answer in former BYU quarterback Sean McMillan. McMillan has been training with the Packers for months, and after a brief preseason audition, his performance has been solid enough to earn him a spot on the 53-man roster.

Jordan Love is not your typical backup quarterback. He’s not old (24 years old), he’s not injury prone (he only suffered his first concussion in the preseason), and he’s not a small, finesse quarterback. No, Love is 6’5, 230 lbs of bone, muscle and heart, and he’s a Stanford graduate who’s taken his school quite seriously. Love doesn’t have any NFL experience, but he does have a very impressive NFL-esque resume.

When he was drafted by the NFL, few knew that Jordan Love was going to make history in the NFL. The former BYU Cougar was selected in the 4th round of the 2018 draft, with the 112th overall pick in the first round. He was picked to be the heir apparent to the Packers starting QB position, and would fill in just in case Aaron Rodgers got injured.

When it comes down to it, Green Bay Packers quarterback Jordan Love’s greatest achievement in the NFL may have nothing to do with touchdowns or playoff games.

Obviously, Packers fans do not want to hear that right now. They want assurances that Love, a first-round pick in 2020, will perform well as the team’s starting quarterback this season if he takes over for Aaron Rodgers. Love, though, helped establish an amazing precedent for the next generation of athletes well before he ever prepared to throw his first NFL ball.

When Jordan Love signed his rookie deal in 2020, he created history.

Green Bay Packers quarterback Jordan Love in 2021.

Green Bay Packers quarterback Jordan Love in 2021. When Green Bay Packers quarterback Jordan Love signed his rookie deal in 2020, he made NFL history | Stacy Revere/Getty Images

For a moment, let’s travel back to the summer of 2011, when Love was just 12 years old. Teams may no longer sign first-round selections to huge salaries as part of the NFL’s new collective bargaining agreement. Instead, each selection had a salary that was set and allocated.

Take a look forward to the summer of 2020. Love, who was drafted 26th overall in the NFL Draft in 2021, was ready to sign his rookie contract. Although athletes who sign that late receive a four-year contract with a fifth-year option, the contract is seldom completely guaranteed.

That’s where David Dunn, Love’s agent, comes in. Dunn secured a fully-guaranteed deal for the Packers’ first-round selection in 2020, who also represents Rodgers.

According to CBS Sports, Love is the first athlete to earn a fully-guaranteed deal after being selected 26th overall. At first look, it may not seem to be the most spectacular achievement, but you can’t blame an NFL player for wanting to make as much money as possible.

Love and Dunn have already established a crucial precedent.

Picks 25-32 all received substantially more guaranteed money than those in prior years, led by the contracts negotiated for #Dolphins CB Noah Igbinoghene (who went early) and #Packers QB Jordan Love (who got 100 percent guaranteed). All of them received agreements that were completely assured in excess of 90%.

August 3, 2020 — Ian Rapoport (@RapSheet)

The market is constantly monitored by players and their representatives. Quarterback B and his agency will want $32 million per year if Quarterback A gets a deal for $30 million per season.

After the 2020 NFL Draft, thanks to Love, a similar strategy was used. Despite the fact that the contracts were pre-determined, players and their representatives followed Dunn’s lead and attempted to obtain as much guaranteed money as possible.

All seven first-round selections that went after Love in 2020, according to NFL Network’s Ian Rapoport, received contracts with “much more guaranteed money.” Each of the seven signed agreements guarantees at least 90% of the money.

Dunn and Love have established a significant precedent for the future. Players and their representatives have greater ammo to pursue the guaranteed money. Why shouldn’t another agent’s client get a fully guaranteed contract if Love got one at 26th overall?

Love’s approach may have already succeeded, according to Greg Newsome, the 26th overall selection in the 2021 NFL Draft. The Cleveland Browns signed the rookie cornerback to a four-year, $12.75 million fully guaranteed deal. He was also given a signing bonus of $6.63 million.

Another good example is Buffalo Bills rookie defensive end Gregory Rousseau, the 30th overall selection in the 2021 NFL Draft. The former Miami Hurricanes pass rusher agreed to a four-year deal for $11.6 million, with $11.37 million guaranteed.

Love may get a chance to show that he’s worth every penny shortly.

Jordan Love was asked by @KyleMalzhan whether he was ready to start in Week 1: “It’s 100 percent.”

“I was selected here to play quarterback, so I’ll be ready to go in Week 1.”

He’s also receiving important 1st-team repetitions that he wouldn’t have received otherwise.

June 9, 2021 — Dov Kleiman (@NFL DovKleiman)

At this point, the only way to end the Packers’ quarterback crisis is for a meteor to strike Earth… Even then, the survivors may gather around the fire to debate whether Rodgers should have been traded by the Packers.

We’ll have to listen to Stephen A. Smith and other analysts rehash the Packers’ predicament on a daily basis if the meteor doesn’t appear. Rodgers has not said whether he will go to training camp or stay away from the squad as of publishing. The Packers have not said that they are willing to trade the reigning NFL MVP.

If Rodgers isn’t the Packers’ starting quarterback this season, Love is likely to take his spot. The second-year quarterback would have plenty of chances to show that he is really worth the guaranteed money the Packers gave him.

Let’s hope there’s an explanation soon, for everyone’s sake and sanity’s sake. Despite the continuing turmoil, Love’s bank account is likely to be healthy and happy right now.

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