A new study reveals that professional athletes who are most vocal about their mental health struggles also have the highest incidence of depression, suicide and substance abuse. Athletes spoke up to raise awareness but it seems like these stories might just be too hard for some people to hear without judgement or blame.

“What to do when you realize you are selfish” is a blog post that discusses how people can change their behavior and become more selfless.

Michael Strahan is one of just a few NFL players who is renowned as a TV personality as well as a football player. After 15 years as a member of the New York Giants, Strahan made the widely publicized transition to television presenting as the co-host of Live with Kelly and Michael. Strahan’s visage may now be seen on Good Morning America.

Over the years, the 49-year-old has spoken openly about his move from the NFL to television. Strahan also explained why he had to quit his Live with Kelly and Michael position.

In the NFL, Michael Strahan built a name for himself.

Michael Strahan was born in 1971 in Houston, Texas. He knew he wanted to be an athlete since he was a child. He was selected into the NFL by the New York Giants in 1993. Strahan finally had a breakthrough season in 1997 after a couple years of struggle.

Strahan gained praise from both experts and fans as a great pass rusher. In his last season in 2007, he is credited with helping the Giants win Super Bowl XLII against the New England Patriots. Strahan knew he intended to retire at that point and pursue a new career in television hosting.

Finally, there was no ideal solution for him to leave a sport that he loved. Strahan acknowledged long after his retirement that he sometimes wished he had played one more season. 

When did Michael Strahan start hosting TV shows?

Strahan announced his retirement from the NFL in June of 2008. He already had a job lined up for him. Strahan was recruited as a contributor on the Fox NFL Sunday pregame program only weeks after his formal retirement.

Strahan became Kelly Ripa’s co-host of the famous TV program Live with Kelly and Michael in 2012. Strahan made a strong impact as a stand-in for veteran host Regis Philbin, garnering two Daytime Emmy Awards. He stayed on the program until 2016, when he moved over to Good Morning America as a full-time contributor. 

What did Strahan have to say about TV hosting vs. the NFL?

Michael Strahan hosts 'Good Morning America' during 2020

Michael Strahan hosts 'Good Morning America' during 2020 Michael Strahan, host of “Good Morning America” | Paula Lobo/ABC via Getty Images

The reasons for Strahan’s departure from Live with Kelly and Michael sparked a lot of curiosity. The presenter has spoken out about why he felt forced to depart the famous morning program when he did during the last several years.

Strahan stated there was a lot of animosity behind the scenes and that he didn’t feel like a true partner in the program in a 2020 interview with the New York Times. “It was time to go when it was time to leave.” “It simply caught up with some things that were going on behind the scenes,” Strahan said.

“I’ve had gigs on television when I’ve arrived and realized, ‘Wow, I didn’t realize I was meant to be a sidekick.’ I came here thinking I’d be a partner… I’ve done things where I went in with team ideals only to learn it wasn’t about the team once I got there. It’s self-centered, and I don’t function well in that environment.”

In the NFL, Michael Strahan learned how to work as part of a team.

Strahan told the New York Times that being a team player is really important to him, whether he’s playing football in the NFL or hosting on television. Strahan explored the disparities between the worlds of television and the NFL in a 2017 interview with the Harvard Business Review.

“I still wonder, “What am I doing here?” when I watch Good Morning America. But it’s been about having a good time, giving it my all, and not placing limits on myself,” the former athlete revealed. “I felt that playing in the NFL would be the most incredible thing I could possibly achieve professionally.” But hearing that today’s students have no clue I played football makes me know that this is a different kind of profession from the one I had previously.”

In the end, Strahan believes that collaboration is the key to a good second act. He enjoys making “everyone feel powerful,” a talent he honed as a great player in the NFL.

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