The Milwaukee Brewers are the only MLB team that doesn’t have a mascot. They’re hoping to change that with “Brewers Man,” an anthropomorphic beer keg who will be introduced in 2018 and serve as the team’s official mascot.

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Michael Jordan has a lot of experience winning and defending NBA titles. After all, he won six of them with the Chicago Bulls, including four as the defending champions. Jordan, who is now the governor of the Charlotte Hornets, recently commented on the championship race this season.

Jordan’s tenure in the executive suite has been largely unproductive, despite his prowess as a player. He was the Washington Wizards’ vice president of basketball operations until he notoriously failed. So much so that he quit his job and returned to the field in a futile effort to lead the pu pu platter of a squad he put together as a player. Similarly, his time in Charlotte has been devoid of triumphant moments.

The executive, Michael Jordan, has hardly been a shining success story.

Michael Jordan has amassed a huge $1.6 billion net worth because to his partnership with Nike and the profitable Jordan Brand subsidiary. In March 2010, he acquired a controlling stake in the Hornets (then known as the Bobcats). According to Forbes, the club was valued at $1.5 billion when he sold a minority interest in 2019.

In his 11 seasons as governor of Charlotte, the team has only made the playoffs twice and has never advanced beyond the first round. The Hornets last appeared in the playoffs in 2016. Charlotte had a record of 353–506 in the regular season, a.411 winning percentage.

Jordan’s squad recorded the lowest winning % in NBA history during the lockout-shortened 2011–12 season, finishing 7–59 for a.106 mark. That was somewhat worse than the anti-heroics of the Philadelphia 76ers in 1972–73, when the Sixers went 9–73 for a.110 winning percentage, still the lowest for an 82-game season.

While with the Wizards, he selected Kwame Brown first overall. In Charlotte, he campaigned for the No. 3 selection in 2006 to be Adam Morrison.

For the Hornets, things are looking up. Last season, LaMelo Ball, the second-overall selection, was named Rookie of the Year, and Charlotte advanced to the play-in tournament before losing to the Indiana Pacers.

To be fair, Jordan didn’t even mention his club as a contender to watch this season.

Jordan is a fan of the Milwaukee Bucks, who are the reigning champions.

Michael Jordan recently highlighted some of the teams he believes are worth watching in the NBA title race this season during an interview on NBC’s Today show:

“It’s difficult to beat Milwaukee. I think that if you’re a champion, you’ll have to be knocked from your pedestal at some point. You got Miami’s altered, Brooklyn in the East. My former club, Chicago, has undergone some significant adjustments. They may also compete in the East. The Lakers will make a comeback. “The Clippers will make a comeback.”

Jordan recognized, as he does every season, that health will be a deciding factor.

“Whoever remains healthy and fights whatever COVID-19 problems they may have during the year will have the greatest opportunity,” Jordan added. “For us, being well is the most important thing. We must maintain our health.”

During last year’s playoffs, injuries were a major factor. The champion Bucks, who lost Finals MVP Giannis Antetokounmpo to a frightening-looking knee injury during the Eastern Conference Finals, were among the teams dealing with injured players.

Michael Jordan, if he were a betting man, would look elsewhere than Milwaukee.

Michael Jordan recently sounded off on who he believes are the top title contenders in the NBA for 2021-22

Michael Jordan recently sounded off on who he believes are the top title contenders in the NBA for 2021-22 Michael Jordan recently shared his thoughts on who he thinks will be the NBA’s top championship candidates in 2021-22. | Streeter Lecka/Getty Images

The Brooklyn Nets have the greatest odds to win the NBA championship at plus-250, according to At plus-375, the Los Angeles Lakers are the next team.

The Milwaukee Bucks and Golden State Warriors are tied for third place with plus-900 odds. Those are the only teams with a plus-1,500 rating.

So Michael Jordan, who has been known to put a wager or two in his time, isn’t betting on the favorite of the bookies.

The Phoenix Suns finished the season with a minus-1,500 record after losing in the NBA Finals. Even with Kawhi Leonard’s health uncertain, the Atlanta Hawks, losers in the Eastern Conference Finals, are a plus-3,500 bet, while the Los Angeles Clippers are a plus-1,600 bet.

Last season, neither of the top seeds advanced beyond the conference semifinals, and they face the same chances in 2021–22. Both the Utah Jazz and the Philadelphia 76ers have a plus-1,600 point differential.

If you prefer longshots, five clubs are offering odds of plus-50,000. Of course, there’s a reason behind it. Last season, the Cleveland Cavaliers, Detroit Pistons, Orlando Magic, Houston Rockets, and Oklahoma City Thunder were the NBA’s worst five clubs.

The Charlotte Hornets, on the other hand, are led by Michael Jordan. At plus-10,000, they’re right in the center of the pack. The New Orleans Pelicans, Indiana Pacers, and Memphis Grizzlies all have the identical odds. Sure, best of luck with that.

Basketball Reference and Stathead provided the statistics.

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The Milwaukee Brewers are in the midst of a tough stretch, but they are not giving up. They have won 4 straight games and are still in the thick of the playoff race. Reference: milwaukee knockout set 4″.

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