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'It's Hard to Be That Bad.'

During his 13 NBA seasons, Channing Frye watched a lot of poor basketball while playing for the New York Knicks, Portland Trail Blazers, Phoenix Suns, Orlando Magic, Cleveland Cavaliers (twice), and Los Angeles Lakers. So when Frye was reviewing the Lakers-Denver Nuggets game on NBA TV on Saturday night, he knew precisely what he saw.

Frye’s diagnosis of the sleep-walking, checked-out Lakers began long before he appeared in front of the TV cameras on Saturday night, according to NBA TV program presenter Nabil Karim.

“I’m going to give Channing some respect because you were like, ‘This may be a blowout,’ and you were correct,” Karim replied incredulously.

Frye pointed out that it didn’t take a Hall of Fame commentator on the level of the late John Madden to see that the Lakers and superstar player LeBron James paid little attention — and maybe even less energy — to Saturday’s 136-96 thrashing by Nikola Jokic and the Nuggets.

“You could see it early,” Frye said of the Lakers’ inability to concentrate and execute. “It’s difficult to be that awful.” What’s the score? They should have been defeated by a factor of 50.”

The Los Angeles Lakers’ 136-96 defeat on Saturday was just another disgrace.


Los-Angeles-Lakers-LeBron-James-1024x704 During a recent game against the Sacramento Kings, LeBron James of the Los Angeles Lakers uses his jersey to wipe perspiration off his face. Getty Images/Thearon W. Henderson

How awful was it for the Lakers on Saturday? They were so bad on defense that Bones Hyland, a rookie, scored 27 points against them. Hyland, whose name seems more like a character from a Dungeons and Dragons game than an NBA player, scored more points against the Lakers than he had in the previous three games.

The Lakers were so poor that Denver slashed them for 51.6 percent shooting, and Jokic had a triple-double in only 28 minutes. LA’s defense was so weak that Jeff Green hit 10 of his 14 shots, including seven dunks, according to Frye.

“I’ve seen some horrible basketball,” Frye remarked on NBA TV, “and this was definitely one of the worst games I’ve seen from a team with excellent guys.” “The body language was horrible, and the communication was poor.”

The most damning aspect for the Lakers is that they had only played one game in the previous five days, thus exhaustion should not have been an excuse. Furthermore, with 25 home games under their belt, the Lakers have essentially completed the easier part of their schedule, with the marathon-like season ahead of them.

When it came to their lack of defense against Denver, the LA Lakers were downright attacking.

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The Los Angeles Lakers were so out of it defensively that they didn’t even identify strong Nuggets coverage when they saw it. When Aaron Gordon blocked Russell Westbrook’s repeated bully-ball techniques to get to the rim, the Lakers’ point guard sprang to his feet and attacked the Denver defensive ace.

The Lakers would only put up that much resistance the rest of the night. It was the latest in a string of misbehavior that has some Lakers fans questioning whether they should cut their losses and move the former MVP.

During his postgame press conference, Westbrook remarked, “We just have to make a choice that we’re going to play hard.” “Sometimes it doesn’t matter what strategies you use or how you play. You simply have to work hard every now and again. It’s as simple as that. Teams are playing tougher than us.”

The problem is the Lakers’ refusal to play consistent defense, even with past defensive standouts Dwight Howard, Avery Bradley, and LeBron James on the court. They entered Monday’s game in Utah ranked 27th in the league in points allowed (113.3), 15th in field goal percentage allowed (45.2%), and 15th in 3-point shooting allowed (3.0%). (34.7 percent ). The only things the Lakers seem to be leading the league in right now are team meetings and look-in-the-mirror orders.

In his postgame press conference, Lakers coach Frank Vogel remarked, “We’ve got to go back to the drawing board and get our defense right.” “On that side of the ball, we haven’t done well enough in the previous two games.”

With this Lakers roster’s flaws, LeBron James looks to be approaching a breaking point.

The 37-point loss on Saturday was the second-largest in LeBron James’ career, trailing only a 42-point thrashing by the Indiana Pacers in 2019. Also, James must be irritated by the following statistic: With a 21-22 start to the season, the Los Angeles Lakers became the first LeBron James team to fall under.500 after 43 games since his debut season in 2003-04.

On Saturday, things were so terrible that James not only declined to talk to the media after the defeat, but also issued an apology on Twitter a day later.

James wrote, “I apologize and I swear we’ll be better.”

James, like Vogel, Westbrook, and even Channing Frye, understands the Lakers’ inability to compete for a title. Sure, Anthony Davis’ impending return will benefit the squad on both sides of the court. Los Angeles, on the other hand, lacks the agility, defensive tenacity, and young enthusiasm needed to contend in the tough Western Conference. GM Rob Pelinka misjudged terribly in dealing for the contentious Westbrook and collecting too many older players at the end of their careers, much as the Lakers miscalculated in James’ first season in LA and didn’t have enough shooting around him.

Saturday’s blowout defeat raised way too many warning lights about this Lakers squad, according to Frye, who believes they will continue to be a problem. On both sides of the ball, the Lakers have more issues than answers right now, and they may be fortunate to reach the playoffs this spring.

“The Lakers were so irresponsible in this (Denver) game and this game alone,” Frye said. “They were double-teaming for no reason, they weren’t rotating, the men weren’t communicating, and they made bad mistakes.”

“As a basketball player, I find it distressing that the Lakers showed no enthusiasm or fire in this game, since this was a chance to improve and compete.”

ESPN.com provided the statistics.

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